Monday, January 31, 2011

How To Complete My Assignments....

...when my laptop is being conquered by three fanatic Upin Ipin fans?

Siap naik atas meja, aku tak tahan tu! Sabar je la si kenit tu. Ello...kena bab ngan Wan nanti baru tau..ibu takmo tolong.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bantuan Kepada Yang Memerlukan...

Ni keluar Metro semalam kot. Pilu je hati aku tengok muka comel budak ni...Nazren namanya. Baru umur 7 bulan tapi dah macam2 dugaan dia hadapi. Ada masalah jantung and because of that, the problem has spread to his liver and spleen.

Mak ayah dia memerlukan duit untuk buat pembedahan. Sesiapa yang rasa dapat duit bonus lebih, dari pi beli make up or kasut lagi...apa kata, hulurkan sedikit untuk adik Nazren kita. Insya'allah...semoga Allah membalas budi baik tuan2 dan puan2.

To help: send check to Unit Kebajikan NSTP, The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd, Balai Berita, 31, Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Write "Nazren Hakim Mohd Zawawi" at the back of the check.

ps: Along takde kena mengena dengan keluarga adik Nazren ni cuma jatuh kesian dengan nasib dia. Kekadang ada orang macam ni, sebenarnya peluang kepada kita yang berkemampuan untuk membantu dan mendapat hidayat dari Ilahi.

Let's Get Loud!

So last night, my group presented our OM project to the class. Overall, we did great (the prof’s word) although we did run into some problems into the projector towards the end of the presentation.

Of course, the projector would die down during my part of the presentation *eyes rolling*.

At the end of the class, the prof gave us his evaluation on our presentation.

“Group member 1, you did good..captured the attention of the audience. GM2, excellent, very informative…GM3, very clear, good explanation…Azlina, good presentation but you speak too loud.

Silence fell across the room…and then…everyone laughed!!


Then he continued, “Maybe next time, you can try to speak a bit softly.”

Sir, I’m a mother of 3 very rambunctious daughters therefore speaking softly does not really cater to my style.

In the end I just grinned and honestly it was a good evaluation because then the other classmates did come up to me and comment that I gave the part of the presentation like I was going to eat everyone up!!

Hahaha…ni la balanya dok bagi training kat orang2 yang asyik tak paham2 je. Dok nak makan orang je la kejenya.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Surprise 1: While I was heading out for lunch today, I bumped into my brother. He had just gotten back from a trip to Hawaii (Hawaii!!) with my SIL, who had a conference over there. We got talking about all the baby stuff they bought over there. Then he told me to come up to his office after lunch; got surprise.

*sorry for the picture quality, took it using handphone

Coach some more. Hehehehe...thanks bro, though I'm pretty sure my SIL had more to do with it than he did. So nice of them to think of me and it put me into such a good mood for the rest of the day.

Surprise 2: I came in a bit late for class because I had to pray Asar first. As I walked in, the lecturer was handing back our mid-term answer sheets to go through and check the markings. As she handed me mine, she smiled then said "Azlina got the highest score in the class. 68.5% (out of 80%)."

Walaweiii!! Malu la. But I was so pleasantly surprised, I honestly did not think I did that well since I was pressed for time and my hand was shaking all throughout the exam from writing so fast. However, apparently all that late night studying paid off.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Study Buddy

We may have the next Kieron Williamson in the house. Apparently this one still needs to learn the concept of using the whole page. :D

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dressing Table At Last

While I was taking a breather playing Angry Birds (Die you stupid pigs, DIE!!!!), hubby was doing his Tim Taylor project of the month.

I finally have a dressing table. After nearly 10 years of marriage. Heee. No more having to get dressed in the bathroom.

Bought it at since it was going at half price. Still a little bit out of my range but we saved on delivery charges thanks to The Tank.

See how it fits nicely in our bedroom. Not too big, not too small.The color also matches the cupboard. Initially I wanted to place it near the door, but En Rashid said it would be better in front of the bed.

I guess we finally have our own sex mirror.

Oh come on, like that thought never crossed your mind. Heee.
This was the aftermath though. I spent 30 minutes cutting up the cardboard box into smaller pieces. Then another 30 minutes sweeping up all the dust and mopping the floor.

Not complaining though. At least I have one more thing off my wishlist.


Drowning in a sea of assignments.

Hopefully will be able to come up for air soon. Laterssss!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Many Cents is Your Life Worth?

Seriously?!! What are these dungus doing? How many cents do you have to collect to justify the fact you are a) risking your life b) causing an unnecessary traffic jam c) kutip duit haram weiiiii!!!

Is this a sign that the cost of living has gone up so high that people are scrambling to pick up coins on the side of the highway? Or is it a sign that some people are just greedy assh**e who would do anything for free money?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Down, More To Come

HRM presentation over and done with. I think we did good, but still went over the time limit just a little bit. But I think the prof was pleased, even came up to us afterwards to get more information on what we presented. Bonus marks?!! Hehehehe..

Next up would be our OM presentation next week, which is like...what?!! Me and my groupmates just figured out our topic so we'll be working feverishly this weekend to complete the presentation slides. Luckily, just the presentation, not the written work yet.

Then it's one week off for CNY. Ahhhh...and to think we get another round of forced leave. Nikmatnya dok je kat rumah, kangkang tengok SYTYCD reruns. Heheee.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bye2 Adik Hafis

Jumaat lepas, ada sorang budak ofis aku quit keje. Sebabnya aku kurang tau, nak ke mana lepas ni pun aku kurang tau. Apa aku tau pun, aku tak tau. Haha.

Anyway, adik ni (yer, adik sangat2 la....muda 10 tahun aku rasa) masa memula masuk keje sangat pemalu. Tempat duduk satu row ngan aku tapi jauh sket. Ntah camne, tetiba dia pindah tempat dok sebelah aku lak. Muahahahaa...silap la. Asyik la kena buli ngan aku. Tapi adik ni baik, kalau nak pi carik makanan kat kedai bawah, mesti tanya aku nak tapau apa2 tak. Kalau aku period ke apa, dia pun sesama cuak kalau aku dah nak kehabisan 'pampers'. Hahahaha.

So sedikit sebanyak, bila aku dapat tau dia nak berenti keje, aku sedih gak la. Ye ah...lepas ni sapa nak layan aku kalau tetiba aku haus ke, lapar ke...sapa nak belikan aku makanan?!! Sapa?!!

Eh, emotional lak. Takpe, layan gambar. Ni ambik masa kitaorang buat jamuan makan2 sempena dia nak belah. Part cake tu aku tak tahan, sungguh obscene. Siap tukang buat cake tu bleh betul2kan t*t*k minah tu sebab konon kurang push up. Sabar je la. Tapi sedap kek ni, aku jugak yang tukang pelahap banyak.

Ni gambar aku ngan adik empunya kek. Ni namanya pelukan seorang kakak yer. Takde niat lain. Jangan nak start ngumpat aku lak.

Bye Hafis!! Take care and good luck!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


If I had to choose one word to describe my professors this trimester, that would be it.

1st, our HRM prof gives us only 1 3/4 hours to complete the mid term exam. Everyone was feverishly writing until the very last second.

Then our OM prof gives us mid term questions based on topics he's never even touched in class before. Which, in a way, was expected coz he's never done any actual teaching (yet!) but still!! A lot of the questions, I just used my common sense to answer. Fingers crossed common sense gets me marks. Hah!

Then, this morning for FM, 10 questions in 3 hours. You would think "hey, that's plenty of time". Not when each question has a part a, b, c, d, e, f, g and h to it!! Crazy!! Out of the 5 essays, I managed to remember points for 3 of them. The other 2, I bullshitted my answers. There was one question where I wrote like 3 sentences....and then went blank. So I left it at that, hoping to have enough time to revisit the question after I had done the calculation questions. Na'ahh!!! Plus I nearly broke my calculator and my finger, punching the numbers in, getting different results everytime I did the stupid calculations. Argghhh!!!

And to think, there went my weekend. It's Monday tomorrow?! Crap. HRM presentation on Tuesday. Thank god we have Thursday off for Thaipusam. I need a breather stat!!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Guess which one is mine.

OMG if the opposite of love is indifference, my marriage is in serious trouble. I honestly couldn't give two shits about DH. I don't care if he shows up for dinner, don't care when he shows up at all or where he goes. Nothing. As long as he doesn't fuck other women and bring home an STD or a bastard, I couldn't care less. I almost prefer him to NOT be around. But we don't fight, so I seriously thought this might be normal.

My husband has all the potential and after 11 years he is successful and still makes my stomach do flips when he walks through the door. He is my best friend I love him more than anyone. Sometimes I think he is more important to me than anyone else and it scares the hell out of me.

One reason I would never want to be pregnant. You are basically expected to live in a plastic bubble for 9 months and do NOTHING else. I don't feel like becoming a walking incubator, not allowed to do anything.Thanks.

The more you ignore me, scold the kids for being kids, not take my sexual needs to heart, pull & grab on me when you are ready for sex, etc..., the more attractive this other guy who is interested in me and seems a complete gentleman will be! God, IDK what to do!

I am making changes to improve my life. My DH stays in the same rut day in and day out. I really worry that if he doesn't stop stagnating our relationship will seriously suffer.

DH only touches me when he wants sex. Would it be too much to ask for a hug or kiss even when I'm having my period?

every night I go to bed and wait for my DH to put his arm around me,kiss me,something,anything...and when I hear the snoring start my heart sinks...I don't know how much longer I can do this. I have someone who wants to be my lover!

Taken from

2 Down, 1 More To Go

Yesterday we had our OM mid term. As expected, it was CRAZY!! There were 6 questions and I think I could only answer 2. Seriously, the other 4 have not been taught by the lecturer. Thank god it was an open book exam but still….open book doesn’t help much when you don’t where to start looking for the answer.

I really hope he’s going to be lenient in giving our grades. Urgghh.

He was really excited seeing our shocked faces when he gave out the question sheets. Kept on asking “What do you guys think? Interesting?” Err, yeah…interesting how all of this have never been taught before. Interesting how you actually walked in and switched off the lights when time was up even though most of us were still feverishly writing (Ok, he did it as a joke..but still!!).

Haha..whatever. Just so glad that’s over and done with. Now, just have to get FM mid terms over with this Sunday (Sunday!!) and it’s time to cram for group assignments. Sigh…tell me why I signed up for this again.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Guess what? Yesterday, we were supposed to have our FM mid term...but didn't.

Someone from the office had misplaced the exam questions!!!

Like, WTF??!!

Not that I was 100% prepared for the exam, just that I really wanted to get it over and done with. The bast part of this whole saga is that the exam has now been postponed to this SUNDAY!!

Freaking mid terms on a Sunday morning. Arggghhhh!!!

Anyhow, as I'm determined to see the bright side of all thing that suck this year, at least I got to go home and watch Red Dragon from start to finish (for the 1st time). Ahhhh...nothing beats relaxing on the sofa, watching E.N. do his thing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If I had Balls, They Would Have Shrunk To The Size of Peanuts

Up studying for my FM mid terms. Shit, I'm sooooo gonna flunk this class!! I've been trying to do the calculations since yesterday and I still can't figure out which formula to use when. I am so screwed, if I were a light bulb, I'll be shootingt 100 kilowatt rays out from my behind.

And to think FM isn't even the most scariest subject this trimester. Nooo, that honor would have to go to my OM class. Seriously, the fact the mid term is open book is a warning by itself. Plus the fact the lecturer made a remark "I love seeing the students during open book exams; they spend half the time flipping every page in the book!"

Talk about sadistic!!

We have 10 questions for our FM mid terms; 5 essays and 5 calculations. When asked how many we had to answer, the professor said "choose all!". Hah!! We don't know how many questions we have for our OM paper coz I have a feeling the prof is going to be doing them at the very last minute. Early preparation is not his style. I can't tell you how many times he's walked into class and claim "I'm not prepared for this lecture but let's see what we can learn." One time, he took the whole 3 hours trying to explain a scenario question to us. He's nice and all and loves to talk about real-life experiences which are rather interesting and nice and all if only we didn't have exams and were appraised based on our listening skills and ability to look interested in class.

Last night I slept at 3am, trying to do the FM calculations. As a result, I was super tired at work. Didn't help that my emails wouldn't send out. I can't stay up late tonight, already feel like a migraine on its way.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Mid Terms...*gasp*

Lats night, I had my 1st mid term paper, HRM. Errkkk...a lot of it was last minute studying, what with the case of Daria and then starting work and all the excuses of the world. I wonder if I can blame the floods in Australia for my lack of seriousness this trimester?

Seriously, I haven't been studying as much as last trimester. This time I've been more on a cruising mode throughout. Nah, ambik ko. This month, 3 mid terms, 3 presentations, 3 group work all due!! Time for sleeping? Fuhgetaboutit!!

Luckily I've done the slides for my group presentation due next Tuesday. Plus we have most of the data for our group HRM term paper. I still need to find all the data for our OM case study and help collect data for our FM group assignment. Plus next week, I have 2 more mid terms coming; FM and OM. Both are scary subjects, which is why I should really stop blogging and start studying now!!

Oya, how did I do for my HRM mid term. 1st of all, the lecturer only gave us 1 hr and 45 minutes to complete 4 questions which is CRAZY because it took me 15 minutes to write down all the points before I forgot them. Then there was one question which I just breeeeeezzed through the notes like 10 minutes before entering the exam hall so I know I got one part of the question wrong but the rest should be OK. Overall, I would say I'm confident with 50% of my answers, OK with another 30% and freaked out with the remaining 20% rubbish I wrote down. Like crap, I was writing until the last second!! And my hand was still shaking 5 minutes after we handed in our papers.

Oh well, it's over and done with. Thank god the mid term is only 20%. Must do better for my finals and group work.

Arghhhh...don't be lazy Along!! Kata nak 4 flat lagiiiii!!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Saman..Jangan Tak Saman

Ni nak bagi cadangan kepada sesiapa yang dah terkena ngan Razak Catering ni, bleh pi ke Tribunal Pengguna cawangan Melaka di alamat berikut:


Ketua Seksyen,
Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia,
Pejabat Perdagangan Dalam Negeri,
Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan Melaka,
Aras 6, Wisma Persekutuan,
Jalan MITC, Hang Tuah Jaya,
75450, MELAKA.

TEL: 06-234 5827 / 234 5865

FAX: 06-234 5833


Kalau ada gambar2 or video masa majlis tu lagi bagus. Tak pun bleh sediakan senarai saksi untuk defend case. Result dia - tak tau la kalau si Razak ni bayar balik duit ke tidak....tapi at least takde lagi para pengantin di luar sana yang mengalirkan air mata syahdu or mak ayah pengantin yang lari masuk ke rumah sebab malu.

Kan Aku Dah Kata.... ada silent readers aku bagitau....

Razak Catering sudah kena saman!!!!


Kan aku dah kata...memang akan datang punya hari ini. Punya banyak orang dia tipu macam ni, perghh..akhirnya ada jugak yang saman.

Bagus!! Aku memang tak suka kondem hasil rezeki orang tapi kalau cara ko carik rezeki dengan menipu...memalukan orang lain...sori la!! Memang patut ko terima balasan yang setimpal.

Pada aku, tak cukup la dia setakat bayar ganti rugi makanan tu je. Ganti rugi malu, kecewa, marah...semua patut diambilkira. Ni kenduri kawin wei...bukannya buat setahun sekali. Sekali seumur hidup (insya'allah).

Takpe aku dah sms semua in-laws aku, makteh aku, cousin aku yang aritu kawin, bagitau news ni. Ni ada can makteh aku pun nak bukak chapter saman menyaman.
Oya, since dah bukak story...aku cerita sket la apa yg dah jadi antara makteh aku ngan razak ni. Aritu kan kuncu dia mai rumah makteh aku, minta duit lebih. Makteh aku x layan, soh pi jumpa pakteh aku kat ofis. So satu aritu, si Razak ngan Joe (mamat yg jaga tempat VIP aritu tu) pi la jumpa pakteh aku. Pakteh aku tak banyak soal...dia kluarkan menu makanan yg dia bagi masa buat quotation dulu...soh mama Razak tu baca satu2.

Nasik beriyani - aritu bagi nasi beriyani? bukan kan? nasi putih berapa tong? tak cukup kan? ok next...
Dalca bertulang - aritu dalca ke? bukan kan? ok next...
Paceri nenas - paceri macam tu ke rupa? itu masak!!

Satu2, pakteh aku soh mamat tu baca and explain. Yang bestnya time tu depa tengah kat kopitiam...tengah ramai2 orang tu, mamat tu kena bambu ngan pakteh aku. Dah habis go thru the list, pakteh aku terus angkat kaki, balik ofis. Orang macam tu takyah cakap banyak..nanti lagiiiii banyak alasan dia bagi. Buat sakit telinga je dengar.

Dah lepas dari tu, bini si Razak tu bleh sms makteh aku memacam. "Takyah nak buat baik bagi anak2 yatim makan kalau buat perangai macam ni." "Tak sangka orang berpelajaran, tapi hidup menipu orang".

What the fuck are you talking about, B%#*@??!!

Ko ngan laki ko yang kaki menipu orang, kaki kelentong orang...nak kata makteh pakteh aku yang tipu ko. Lepas tu nak ugut masukkan nama dalam Metro. Sekarang kita tengok, nama sapa yang dah masuk paper.
Yeah...mari kita gelakkan dia reramai!!!!!

Lagipun, masa malam nikah tu...time makteh aku bwk anak2 yatim mai makan, bukan soh si Razak ni yang masak pun. Orang lain yang masak. Kebenda la makcik ni!!

Sedikit sebanyak aku puas hati sebab baca berita ni. Terima kasih silent reader!! Oya, FYI...yang dalam paper tu bukan sedara aku. Tapi dah membuka idea untuk aku soh sedara ngan mak mertua aku buat join saman.

Mari kita bangkrapkan si Razak Catering ni supaya orang lain tak kena tipu dek dia lagi!!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Was One of Those Days

Semalam ari 1st aku start balik keje setelah seminggu lebih bercuti. Cuti paksa, kompeni tadak duit nak bayar duit letrik…bleh? Muahahahaha…jangan buat hal Long, kompeni ni jugak yg tanggung ko belajar pi US semua dulu. Kot bangkrap, ko jugak yg dok rumah tatap siling 24 jam. Heh.

Since aku dah cuti lama, si Daria pun dah macam naik lemak, dah sedap aku ada kat rumah layan dia. Memang sejak dia sakit aritu, aku manjakan dia lebih2. Sikit2 dukung, sikit2 cium. Semua benda dia nak, aku layan. So semalam bila aku nak pi keje, dia dah start enjin nangis sekuat hati. Aku pun dok la kejap layan dia (padahal memang hati tengah berat nak pi keje pun), bawak pi tengok kucing kat belakang rumah, layan playhousedisney kejap, then aku soh maid aku mai ambik dia so aku bleh pi keje. Time aku start enjin kete, aku dah dengar dia menjerit balik. Baru sedar dirinya ditipu agaknya. Alahai, syahdu lak aku tetiba.

Tapi aku rasa agak bala jugak aku dok buat anak aku macam tu sebab 2 kali aku kena patah balik ke rumah lepas tu. 1st, sebab aku tertinggal pastag. 2nd time, aku tertinggal hp lak. Yiiissshhhh!! Aku dah la lambat, lagiiii nak buat2 aku lambat lak. Dah lambat tu, takyah la nak ikut jalan pintas elak tol..harusla kita lalu jalan cepat yang bertol supaya dapat membayar gaji2 manusia2 yg keje tol ni. Dah masuk hiway, tetiba dapat call…dari bank. Alamak, CC dah overdue!! Minah bank tu kata kalau aku bank in duit/cek sebelum kul 9am, depa tak caj late charges.

Berdesap aku pecut pi bank, sib baik la aku dok bawak cek book aku. Kat bank lak, ko paham2 je la…kereta berjuta, parking punya la susah. Dah 2 kali aku round carik parking, last2 aku parking tepi jalan tempat motosikal. Asalkan tak halang jalan…lagi pun nak deposit cek je. Paling lama 10 minit.

Dah nasib aku aritu, tengah2 aku beratur nak deposit cek, mai la satu kereta polis ni, berenti betul2 sebelah kereta aku. Aku dah cuak dah time tu…jangan la ko saman lak kete aku. Aku dah serba salah, nak kluar pi alih kereta dulu ke or tunggu kejap. Apek depan aku ni plak tengah terkial2 tekan no akaun, dari tadi asyik salah je. Aku tawakal, lagipun dah 10 minit aku beratur…belakang aku ada 3 orang lagi. Kot aku pi alih kete, mau dah kul 10am baru aku dapat deposit cek…dah kena caj dah pun. Sambil2 tu, aku dok baca ayat pelembut hati ke arah polis tu…hahaha. Aku tengok sorang polis kluar kereta, sorang lagi dok kat tempat drebar. Yg mamat yg kluar tu, jalan pi tengok kete2 kat depan2 tu dulu. Cepat2 aku depositkan cek lepas tu meluru kluar bank ke kereta. Sungguh tak ayu cara aku berlari ngan baju kurung, tangan terkial2 carik kunci kereta dalam beg..isy.

Yang best tu, aku dah masuk kereta nak belah la kan…si mamat polis dalam kereta tu buat tak tauuuuuu je. Aku beria la signal, reverse kereta, ke depankan kereta, reverse balik, ke depan balik…konon nak selit kluar la belakang kereta polis tu. Sekali tak muat ko, walaupun aku bawak kereta myviku yg dah comel balik. Last2 aku tawakal…aku honkan polis tu. Sajaaaaaa je dia buat tak tau lagi. Aku dah start panas dah…kang kot aku dah kluar kereta, ketuk cermin tingkap polis ni, ada korang baca dalam paper alkisah pompuan mengamuk angkat kereta polis campak masuk longkang (pergh…time2 tu jugak aku jadi Incredible Hulk!!). Aku pun hon la lagi sekali..sambil2 tu, angkat la tangan tanda hormat (konon). Still dia buat tak tau. Aku ingat nak jadi polis kena mata and pendengaran 20/20, rupanya orang buta ngan pekak pun bleh apply yer? Bagus la…lepas tu soh depa bawak kete polis lak.

Last2 aku geram, aku kluarkan hp, ambik gambar kereta polis tu. Apa motif aku pun, aku tak tau…konon nampak ganas la. Tapiiiiii, berjaya ko!! Agak polis tu perasan aku dok snap gambar dia (gambar bontot kereta sebenarnya), dia terus gerakkan kereta dia ke depan sket. Sket je..tapi cukup la untuk aku selit kluar.

Dah habis hal cek ngan polis biol tu, aku pun gerak ke ofis. Dah parking semua, tengah jalan ke ofis, aku rasa macam something x betul.

Lahaulawalakuwataillah…tumit kasut aku lak buat hal!! Dua2 nak tercabut dah. Binawe betul la. Sib baik la sebelah ofis aku ada kedai cobbler, singgah kejap betulkan kasut. Minah kat situ tanya aku, bleh tinggalkan kasut tak, petang nanti ambik balik? Aku cakap, takleh…aku ada sepasang je, camne aku nak menapak pi ofis nanti? Dia offer la aku kasut2 spare yang ada kat sedai dia. Sedih ko…satu2 aku cuba kasut2 tu, yang muat hanya la sepasang capal jantan!! Uwaaaaa…gedabaknya kaki aku!! Last2, nak tak nak, aku kena dok tunggu minah tu betulkan kasut aku. Ada dekat ½ jam jugak la aku dok kat kedai tu, sambil layan siaran radio cina.

Dah betulkan kasut, aku pun terus pi ATM bank Islam, nak kluarkan duit sebab nak kena masukkan ke akaun MBB aku. Cek yang aku deposit tadi cek MBB, kang kalau cek bounce…mampos. Lagi banyak charges aku kena kang. Sib baik deposit cash machine kat ofis aku jalan..selalunya offline. Memula aku tengok ada sorang mamat ni tengah deposit duit, aku pun pi la beratur belakang dia. Tetiba sorang amoi ni mai…rupanya dia sampai dulu, tapi dia lepak duduk kat sofa belakang kejap. Sebab aku ni mulia hati (heh!), aku pun bagi la dia deposit cash dulu. Hambik ko, sampai 20 minit dia bolot mesin tu!!! Aku rasa dia nak deposit duit untuk bayar something kot, sebab bersungguh2 dia dok cuba again and again and again untuk masukkan duit tu. Tapiiiiiii, ko gunala common sense…kalau dah 20 kali ko masukkan duit tu, asyik kena reject je…mesti la duit ko something wrong. Ko bagi la orang belakang ko jalan dulu ke…ko pi guna mesin lain ke…ko pi kluarkan duit lain ke. Ini tak..dia dok cuba again and again and again. Sampai aku dok bagi hint2 kat dia. “Kat KL sentral ada mesin gak.” “Duit tu duit lama kot (sib baik tak cakap palsu..heh).” “Dah 20 minit dah ni” (ini menjawab persoalan mamat yang beratur belakang aku..hahaha). Last2 minah tu pun give up and terus belah camtu. Takde nak cakap sori ke, apa ke…dengan hentak2 kaki, dia belah je. Tapi sempat aku sampaikan ucapan “Idiot!!” ke arah dia…tak tau la dengar ke tidak.

Last2, dah nak kul 1030am, baru aku masuk ofis. Mak ai…sib baik la bos aku still cuti. Aku pun takde meeting. Tapi letih la for the 1st day.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Back at Home Plus 1st Day of School

Yeah, Daria's back at home. Eventhough her cough is still there, the doctor was satisfied enough to allow us to take her back home with a condition, we make sure she finishes all her meds and keep giving her the nebulizer. She gave us this portable type, looks so cute with pictures of little bears on it. The price was a bit of a shock; over RM112 (this wasn't covered by our insurance) but it's small compared to Daria's health and well-being.

One thing I really have to be thankful for is that every cost for Daria's hospital stay was covered by our company's insurance. Overall, the grand total was a little over RM2000, which really would have hit us bad especially so early in the year.

I'm still on leave, seeing how today is the 1st day of school. Oya, before I forget...


Told ya I'm the late type. Anyhow, today is extra special because 2 of my princesses are going to school together. Yep, Dina is finally in Standard 1. Luckily they have a year of going to school together coz next year Dania will be going to primary school in the morning instead of the evening.

Last night my mom came over and together we sewed the badges on the girl's uniform. I know, I know, last minute...but the hospital stay kind of screwed up with all my plans. I still haven't started studying for my Mid-terms (cue soundtrack from Pyscho...eeekk, eeekk, eeekk, eeekk!!) and my 1st paper is this Friday!! that Daria's all better, must start concentrating on my exams. Nak la 4-flat lagi trimester ni...hehehe.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Still At The Hospital

Daria was supposed to be discharged from the hospital today but last night, her fever came back. Plus when the doctor checked her this morning, she said that Daria's phlegm was still bad. So now, they've increased her nebulizer session to every 3 hours instead of every 4.

Every part of me hurts seeing Daria this way. I'm so worried that she won't eat or even drink much. She must be starving!! Today she just had like 4 pieces of honeystar (4!) and a little bit of rice. I had to force her to finish a bottle of warm water. She's even refusing to eat her favorites like jelly or buttermilk bread.

Tonight will be the 4th night Daria and I stay at the hospital. I really hope she'll be much better tomorrow so the doctor will discharge us. I don't mind having to travel to and fro to the hospital for Daria to take her nebulizer. It's only 10 minutes away from the hospital. I just pity her being couped up in the small room, with nothing much to do.
Her hand looks so small like that. Hubby said she cried for like an hour after the doctor entered the drip line. Uhuk...poor baby.

This was taken on the 1st night we stayed at the hospital. Poor baby couldn't sleep the whole night and woke up frequently, tired and disoriented. It was nearly 4am when she finally dozed off.We let her out of the room a couple of times so she could stretch her legs. It was a bit funny seeing her push the drip stand along...from afar, it looked like the drip stand was moving on its own! The nurses were very impressed..."pandai adik Daria tolak sendiri."