Monday, July 09, 2012

Shayen Iman's 1st Birthday

Last weekend my nephew turned ONE. Oh how time flies. He's such a big handsome boy now. My brother and SIL held the small birthday party at their home, inviting family and friends. Enjoy the pictures.

The candy bar!! Seriously, the cause of my kids' hyperness for the rest of the weekend.
Who's moustache is this?
Glamer gal!!
More food!! Tons of jelly, which again my kids loved.
We got lamb!! And lots of mint sauce...I like!!
The birthday boy with his Paklang and friends. Born to be famous!!
The birthday cake, made by Aida. I asked my SIL if there was any theme, she just said anything blue. So I had a baby boy in blue sitting on a football, since my bro is a football fanatic. Sib baik tak dengki soh letak flag Liverpool or Arsenal. Hehehee.
Close up of the candy bar. Tengok pun dah sakit gigi.
We even had an ice cream fridge with lots of topping.
On her 4th bowl of ice cream.
Have we had enough candy yet?