Friday, February 26, 2010


Wallawei....depa nak tayangkan balik cite ni esok. Fuyoo, ternostalgia aku kejap. Kalau dek kerana aku terpaksa keje esok, mau dah angkat kaki pi layan ni.

Time tayang cite ni dulu, aku darjah 3 kot. Masa tu, si Azmil Mustapha ni agak laku jugak la. Muahahaha...lawak je. Tapi cite ni memang best, kalau ada tayang kat TV, memang aku bleh layan banyak2 kali. Apesal sekarang punya cite melayu tak macam ni? Evergreen...tak jemu tengok banyak2 kali. Ni tak...asyik2 tayang muka2 yang gedik, yang takde talent berlakon langsung. Asal dahi licin sket, masuk jadi pelakon. Padahal dia punya berlakon tu, batang mop lagi ada feeling!

Cite ni aku suka sebab jalan cite dia sempoi je. Lawak dia pun mengena, tanpa perlu buat reaksi2 bodoh. Lawak selamba. Dek dulu selalu layan cite ni, ada la gak aku hafal sket2 dialog dia.

"Ni aku ambik khas untuk you...well done."
"I tak suka yang well done."

"Wuuuu...tiada maaf bagimu (sambil gelak2)"

"Huh..?? mana..? mana katak..?"
"Tidak Puan.. tadi ada satu ekor katak besar.. masuk puan.."
(semua gelak ramai2)

"ALI SETAN anak berok.. anak monyet.. aku menyampah... anak iblis... kau sakitkan hati aku.."

"Semakin As membenci Ali, Semakin As menyanyanginya kak....huk huk."

"Jangan main tudoh-tudoh!"

Dan yang paling fofular.....

"Tipah tertipu bang...Tipah tertipu!!"

Wahhhh...kalau benda macam ni, 50 tahun pun aku ingat. Coba soh baca surah yassin...takyah semua, page pertama pun aku antara hafal ke tak...gulp!!
Editted: Yek enehhh!! Awat aku bleh pi layan cite ni kat Utube sampai kul 1pagi? Bukan esok aku nak kena pi keje ke? Tido la wei...TIDO!!! Kalau nasib baik, bleh mimpi ko berchenta ngan Ali....muahahahahahaa...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crunch Time!

So it's official. I have to freaking bloody work this public holiday plus the whole weekend.


It's not like I have a choice. The launch date of the PROJECT is like 4 weeks away and there are numerous things still pending. I'm part of the Test Committee and there's like 200 test cases that need to be conducted, analyzed and compiled within the next 3 weeks.

Plus, I'm not the only one that has to sacrifice. It's a whole team of people. Fortunately we all get along great so it's not going to be so bad, having to stay back late and spend weekends at the office.

Who am I kidding? It's gonna suck!!


Dinner Date With Hubby

Yesterday hubby's meeting ran late and it was already 8pm when we headed out from the office. Since our day date the previous day was such a bust, I suggested we head out for a rare dinner together at one of the nearby restaurants.

I had googled for some romantic restaurants near the Bangsar area but nothing caught my interest. In the end, I took hubby to Basil Thai over at Bangsar Village.

(Maarof, jenuh je ko sms bagi cadangan tempat makan. Nanti aku bayar balik duit sms ko 16 sen tu yer...hehehe)

I had been to this restaurant many times before with Liza and Lin. Usually I get the rice but this time I decided to go wild. Hah!

Stir fried Spaghetti with Hot Basil (RM13.50). Taste wise, it was ok. Spicy enough for my taste buds. The quantity was sufficient too and I like that they weren't stingy with the shrimp or vegetables.
Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawns (RM13.50). Yawnnnn!! I know, how unadventurous was En Rashid? But it was nice, though a bit too sweet in my opinion.
For drinks, hubby choose mixed fruit juice. It was a mixture of 3 fruits, though one of them was actually carrots so technically it was 2 fruits plus a vegetable. Hah! Cost = RM8.90. Taste wise, hubby liked it but for me, the carrot taste was really prominent.
I drank chocolate ice blended, eventhough I have the beginnings of a sore throat. It was really cold, I was shivering for 20 minutes AFTER I had finished the drink. It was nice but not chocolaty enough for me. Cost = RM8.50.

Oya, for starters, we had mango sticky rice (RM9.50). Now that I think about it, that should have been dessert. Oh well, it all gets mixed up in the stomach regardless of the how it went down.

All in all, it wasn't a bad dinner date. Hubby and I had some laughs over stuff that happened at work plus I got a 10% discount on the bill for using my J Card. Sweet!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nothing Interesting

I had to work on the weekends!!

Plus, my day date yesterday was a bust!! We ended up shopping for groceries at Carre4!! How uninspiring.

Also, I seem to have misplaced my Metr0Jaya vouchers. That's RM300 worth of vouchers gone...don't know where.

On a happy note, it's a short week this week thanks to Friday being a public holiday. Hmm..maybe not so happy for me since there's a chance I have to come for work. Sob!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Entry

Notice anything new with my Wishlist? Yep, the entry "new shoes" has been deleted!

I finally have new shoes!! Took me long enough to buy..hmm.This picture was taken by my officemate, Zehan. Excuse the blurriness..hehe. She was like "do you have to pose like that?" But, of course!! Like my jeans? Yeah, Bandung mari...hehe. The guys commented my shoes look very Lady Gaga-ish. Ye ke? Muahahaha...I guess that's why hubby approved of them. He's really into Lady Gaga nowadays. ps: I'm in frantic need of a pedicure...urgh.
I arrived at the office today and found this nice hamper on my table. Thank you Vendor H. Eventhough we make each other's life miserable. Huhuhu
Daria is growing at the speed of light!! This is her on Hasif's plastic car. Her 1st time on it and she was zooming all over the place. Please do not comment on her hair. The last time hubby shaved her head was only 3 months ago. Her hair is like a weed!!

This is Bibik's attempt in making Daria look more girlish. A damn good attempt, if you ask me. Tak sia2 aku belikan klip pink bagak tu. Hehehehe. Bibik was like "If anyone calls Daria a "handsome boy" anymore...!!"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Medela Harmony For Sale

I'm letting go of my Medela Harmony breast pump. While it has been a delight to use, I find that it does not suit the pace of my work.

I initially opted for a manual pump because I had issues with battery operated or electrical breast pumps. First, they hurt my breast and more often than not, my nipples feel like they are about to fall off after a pumping session. With the MH, I hardly feel any pain and it's a relaxing event.

Secondly, I hate the noise made by battery/electrical breast pump. Satu ofis bleh dengar!! With the MH, it's quiet and I can actually hear myself think.

However, since my work life is so hectic nowadays, it's becoming harder and harder for me to find the time to pump. For one thing, my letdown period takes about 5-6 minutes, then only my milk starts flowing. It can be a bit strenuous on my hands but once the milk starts coming, I'm ok.

I find I need at least 30 minutes for a good pumping session, where I can get at least 3-4 oz (I know, it's not a lot...but I'm slowly building up again.) 30 minutes of peace and quiet to pump is such a luxury nowadays that sometimes I find myself pumping only at the end of the work day. I feel that I need a battery operated or electrical breast pump so that I can keep my hands free to do some work during the time I pump.

Therefore, I relented and bought a simple Pureen breast pump. I was eyeing the Medela Single Deluxe breast pump but it costs over RM400. Arghh..if I didn't have the burst water pipe to think about, I might have bought that but nevermind.

So, in conclusion, I'm selling off my Medela Harmony for a pre-loved price of RM175 (selling price is RM269). I'll also throw in a set of unused Moms Precious Breastmilk Storage Set (6 pack) for free. COD for Bangi or Bangsar area. Postage is additional RM10. Contact me at for more details.

Nuffnang Charity Project - Baby Ammar

I know a lot of people have already blogged about this but I figured one more person blogging about it, may help the odds of Baby Ammar getting the help he needs for his operation. This shall remain a sticky post until 18th February when the charity drive ends.

2-year-old Ammar Danish has suffered from Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) since birth. He has a hole in his heart which results in oxygenated blood and non-oxygenated blood mixing together, which in turn puts a lot of strain on his heart and lung arteries. In some cases, the hole eventually seals itself up after some time, but during a routine checkup on 11 January 2010, it was clear that that wasn’t the case with Baby Ammar and doctors pronounced surgery as being necessary to prevent the situation from growing worse.

Baby Ammar’s mother is Nuffnanger Azmaniza bt Mohamad Kamal, who blogs at When this misfortune was brought to our attention by some concerned Nuffnangers, we immediately felt compelled to do something to help a member of our community. The deposit for the surgery to close the PDA will cost RM12,000 and is a tremendous burden for Azmaniza, a full-time working mom with five children to feed.

There are a few ways you can help Baby Ammar get the surgery that he needs; we’re sure everyone would be able to contribute through one of the ways as mentioned below:

1. Enable ‘Show Charity Ads’ in your Blog Manager preferences for the duration of this fundraiser. You will not be paid for displaying the ads, but the ads will greatly help to promote this cause to more people who might be willing to do something for Baby Ammar. ~done~

2. Blog about Baby Ammar’s condition, and include a link to this Nuffnang blog post so that your readers will know where to go for more information. Again, this will also do a great service to Baby Ammar by spreading the word about his condition. ~done~

3. Make a donation to Azmaniza Mohamad Kamal – 514093114912 (Maybank). Every little bit helps, so please do contribute any amount you can. ~done~

Baby Ammar’s surgery is scheduled for 22 February 2010, and the fund-raising effort will end on midnight at 17 February 2010. It is indeed a short period of time, but let us all rise to the occasion and prove to everyone the strength of a blogging community like ours.


I'm pleading to everyone who reads this post, please take the time to view the link above and see the cute photos of Baby Ammar. Such a beautiful boy who needs our help. To all those who have contributed, may Allah bless you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Water Everywhere!!

It's been a hectic week. We went to Melaka for CNY holidays and when we came back, the water pipes from above (don't know where exactly) had apparently burst and caused a flooding on our stairway and hall. Argghhh!! Hubby was frantic seeing his beloved wood flooring all covered in water.

We mopped and wiped the floor as best as we could. Then hubby proceeded to find the tap to the main pipe. One would think it was the one outside the house but apparently ours was placed somewhere else. Don't ask me where coz I was passed out on the kitchen floor, looking up at my beautiful plaster ceiling all molding and going black.
We called our contractor but apparently he's on leave until Chap Goh May!! So in the meantime, hubby has switched off the water supply to the upstairs bathrooms (thank god the water stopped dripping!!) and we all have to take turns using the one downstairs bathroom.

As it is, our HK trip may be postponed to another time. I have no idea how much the damage is going to cost us but as a backup plan, hubby has suggested to go to Singapore instead for the holidays. Closer and much cheaper than HK.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blog Tag On My Spouse

Walaupun hari ni Sabtu, tapi sebagai pekerja yang dedicated nak mampos, aku kena pi keje. Sib baik kat ofis Cyber, takde la jauh sangat. Sementara aku tunggu bebudak technical ni sampai siap pasangkan benda2 yang nak soh aku testing (kata nak start kul dah kul berapa?!! Aku hempuk kepala sekor2 kang...sia2 aku bangun awal!!), aku layan blog tag dari kak Dila ni kejap.

Ahhhh..mesti korang tau aku nak buat blog tag sebab berbahasa ibunda kan? OK, kita mulakan sekarang.

Kejap..baca balik soklan2 dia. Kejap...nak copy paste sket.

Ok, sekarang kita mula balik.

1. Where did you first meet your hubby/other half and when was it?
Masa tu kita orang tengah English course kat UiTM KL. Tahun 1994. En Rashid ni join scholar group kitaorg lambat. Agaknya dia dapat masuk sebab ada orang lain reject scholarship Kompeni kot. Muahahaha, cam bagus je aku bleh kutuk dia. Padahal result SPM dia lagi perfect dari aku.

2. Was it love at first sight?
Muahahahahaaa. Keji tak cara aku gelak? Bukan apa, aku dok terkenang la hubby masa kitaorg baru2 jumpa dulu. Langsung aku tak berkenan ngan dia. Pada aku time tu, dia sungguh the budak kampung. Cakap English pun broken nak mampos. Lagipun En Rashid, dia jenis tak geng budak pompuan. Konon macam jual mahal la tu, terlalu macho. Piiirraaahhh!!

3. Who was he/she when you met him/her for the very first time?
Scholarmate. Setakat itu saja perhubungan kami. Bleh kata for the 1st year kitaorg kenal, tak pernah bertegur sapa. Tak sama klik la katakan.

4. How long did it take him/her to ask you out on a date?
Time belajar A level kat Malaysia, bleh katakan aku ngan En Rashid takde la interaction sangat. Kitaorang dah pi US baru start kenal. Kalau pikir2kan balik, aku pun tak ingat sapa yang approach sapa. Alih2 je kitaorang asyik berkepit pi mana2. Time tu ambik summer classes, satu je pun kelasnya. Jadi banyak masa la nak pi tengok wayang la, merewang pi factory outlets la.

5. The venue of your first date?
Oooo...Knoxville, kalau tak silap. Yang pasti kat situ tempat En Rashid ajak aku steady. Oh, kalau nak aku cite balik camne dia berpuisi, berpantun, berpidato mengajak aku menjadi teman wanitanya (muahahahah), itu dah jadi satu blog post yang lain dah.

6. How did he/she proposed?
Arghhh...kalau aku ingat balik cara En Rashid ajak aku kawin, mau aku nangis sepuloh baldi. Korang nak tau camne dia ajak aku kawin?!! His exact words..."Fine!! Kalau susah sangat, kita kawin je lah!!!"
Yerrr, tuan2 dan puan2. Dia ajak aku kawin time kitaorg tengah gaduh besar!! Takde flowers, takde "go down on one knee", takde candlelight dinner...yang ada bertekak, bergaduh dalam kete...last2 dia hantar aku balik, aku terus bagitau ibu aku...Rashid dah ajak kawin!!

7. Recollect a Special Date with your hubby/other half.
Oooo, dah couple since 1996, banyak sangat la special datesnya. But I think yang aku paling suka dan teruja kalau ingat balik, ialah trip kitaorang pi Paris dulu. Sangat2 best dan romantik. Nak pergi lagiiii!!!

8. Any changes that he/she asked you to make?
Jangan suka sangat merajuk. Tapi dah nama pun pompuan, tak sempurna la kalau tak merajuk sekali sekala. Tapi En Rashid tak suka sebab dia tak reti pujuk. Jadi bleh la jadi perang dingin berhari2 lamanya kalau aku merajuk dan mamat ni buat derrrkkkk jer.

9. What is it about him/her that you love so much?
Disebabkan En Rashid ni tak reti langsung nak tunjukkan PDA, bila sekali sekala dia sneek a kiss or belai aku in public, aku rasa terawang2 jer. See, bukan susah nak make aku happy, ok?? Aku bukan mintak berlian pelbagai. Tapi ngan anak2, En Rashid memang affectionate habis. Tak habis2 peluk, cium...aku suka tengok.

10. What would you like to change about him/her?
Bleh tak belajar bersin dengan perlahan sket?!! Bingit telinga orang tau bila En Rashid ni bersin, satu taman terkejut.

11. You will lose your mind and crack your head when he/she.....
tinggalkan baju kotor merata dalam rumah. Berapa kali nak cakap..letak dalam bakul, letak dalam bakul, letak dalam bakul!! Kekadang tu dia letak ATAS bakul. Sabarrrr je lah.

12. You will smile through your eyes the whole day when he/she..
hantar sms yang lovey dovey. Selalu dapat bila aku atau En Rashid la..jauh di mata, dekat di hati. Hehehe..tapi kena selalu outstation ke macam ni?

13.Complete this sentence, "My love towards my hubby/other half is as big as
gabungkan semua planet, bintang, bulan kat dunia ni pun tak bleh nak samakan ngan cintaku pada En Rashid. Cewah..sendiri terasa mau muntah baca statement tu...tapi itulah kenyataannya actually.

Friday, February 12, 2010

You're Supposed To Yell FORE!!!

My dad got hit on the head with a golf ball two days ago.

Yeah, sounds funny, right? I admit when my mom first called me with the news, I chuckled and almost gagged on my own saliva, choking back a "WTF?!" expression.

However, my amusement quickly turned into horror when my mom told me the full details.

It was a stoopid k.o.r.e.a.n golfer who had no golf etiquette.

My dad was wearing a cap and when he took it off to examine his head, blood flowed like crazy.

4 stitches on his head (or is it more?).

Persistent headaches (but of course!!).

I've been calling my mom with updates on my dad since that day. So far, he seems to be doing ok, no more headaches. He's going to the doctor to check his stitches tomorrow. The best thing is, right after the doctor's appointment, he already has plans to play golf with his friends.

Tak serik la orang tua ni!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Launch date of the PROJECT has been pushed forward 2 days.

PM tak available lak on Monday...kena sacrifice Saturday to come for the launch.

Eleh, macam tak biasa. :P

Nowadays it's meetings, meetings, meetings everyday, usually 2-3 meetings at the same time. How? Get David Copperfield to divide my body into 3...hehehe..

Come on!! You can do it!! Support each other!!


Monday, February 08, 2010

The Cows, The Witch and The Dressing Table

Since Saturday was spent entertaining my mom (Hi mom, love you!!), Sunday was supposed to be the day I bought my new shoes.

Hubby decided to take us all out after lunch. Initially we headed to the Pyramids but parking was horrendous!! Even the valet parking was full and since we had bought Daria, there was no way we were parking too far from the mall.

In the end, I suggested heading to Tropicana City. We had passed the mall several times but never been.

It was smooth traffic all the way there, surprisingly. Parking also was a breeze.

Finding my shoes was another issue.

That shopping mall sucks!! Hardly any shops around. I don't know what their theme is. Nak kata high end pun bukan, nak kata low end pun bukan. Even Dania was like "Ibu, ini je ke kedai dia?"

In the end, we headed to Carre4 for some bread and sit for a while to enjoy the sausage buns. Daria was an angel throughout, eating her biscuits and grinning at everyone who passes by.

In the end, we went home. Seriously, who knew shoes shopping would be so stressful.
On the way back, we passed by the UPM fields and saw some cows. Hubby stopped by the side of the road and we entered the road beside the fields.

The girls were very excited to see the cows. Even Daria was fascinated by them especially when they started mooing. Moooo!!! Heee..

We arrived home around 6pm so I dragged hubby out again after Asar to look for a dressing table. I cannot believe I've been searching for one for nearly a year!!

We headed to the nearest Courts Mammoth but the after finally finding one that fitted my criteria, we found out that they only sold it in a complete set. We headed to the Bangi furniture store and still no luck. Grrrr...

So, I'm still shoeless and dressing table-less. Better luck next weekend.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Curtains, Hair Cut and Some Really Good Food

So yesterday I was suppose to go buy some new shoes, right? That was the plan before my mom called.

"Pssstt, ada plan. Ibu tengah boring la."

When my mom is bored, it's my responsibility to come up with some activities for us to do. Cancel the shoe shopping. What say you we go to Nilai 3 for some new curtains?

My mom and her maid came over after lunch. Since it was "curtain shopping", I told the girls to stay home. I did however drag hubby, since I wanted his opinion on which pattern to buy.

Mom took us to her usual tailor. After circling the shop several times, hubby selected this flower pattern for the curtains.

Hubby...and flower patterns??!!

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. The 1st patterns he choose, I rejected straight away. It looked like curtains for a kindergarten!! The 2nd one was slightly better but I had my eyes set on a more exclusive pattern.

Hubby wouldn't budge. In fact, he decided the whole house should get the same pattern.

Grrrrr...ok la. Demi hubby tersayang, berbunga la rumah kita lepas ni.

The funny thing is, when it was time to pay the deposit, I pulled out my credit card. Why the hell did I do that? Bang, minta balik duit RM400..terasa nak beli SK-II la. Heeee...

When we got home, I took the girls out for a haircut. My last haircut was 5 months ago (I think) so my hair was a mess! Since I wasn't sure what the current hair trend was (Lady Gaga?!), I just told the hairdresser to shorten the back and thin out the back a bit. For the girls, I gave them their usual "helmet" haircut. Muahahaha...

I had instructured my maid not to cook dinner as my mom was itching for some good Tomyam. We decided to take her to this restaurant we've passed by a couple of times (but never been) called Village View Restaurant. Sapa dok Bangi tau la restaurant ni, but we went to the one on the way to the UKM train station.

When we got there, the parking was rather packed. However, getting a place to sit was no problem as the place was huge!! I don't know if you can see from the photos (using my handphone) but the place had some really nice decor.

We ordered white rice, Tomyam campur, kangkung masak belacan, fried mushrooms, Kerapu masak pedas (spicy grouper) and some kerabu mangga.
Oya, we also ordered soursop juice for drinks. The waiter warned us since we had ordered fish, it would be at least 15-20 minutes until our food arrived.

As we waited, we watched the local drama showing on the big screen projector. Sapa yang tengok Cerekarama yang Ummi Aida lakon tu, apa ending cite tu? Tak sempat tengok habis.

Anyway, once our food arrived, we were amazed at the quantity. Even more so at the taste!

The tomyam to say...tomyammy. Not like some places, where it tastes like watered down ketchup. The tanginest was just right and they weren't stingy with the ingredients. Tons of squid, prawns, chicken and meat bits inside. Very nice!

The fish was heavenly too. The sauce was what made it a hit, just spicy enough. You could tell the fish was really fresh.
The veges were remarkable too, not only for their taste but also their quantity.
We had ordered the tomyam for 2 people but everything else was for one. Still, it was a lot.
I loved the kerabu mangga. Unlike other places, they had less peanuts and more mango. For once, I had to force myself to finish that dish. Usually I'm wrestling with my mom for that dish but this time it was more than enough.

When it came time to pay, the bill was surprisingly low. For all that food, it only cost us RM73. The fish was slightly pricey because they calculated it by every 100 grams but it was worth it.

All in all, I give this place 4 1/2 stars out of 5. 1/2 star taken away just because they don't accept credit cards. But in terms of food and hospitality, I'll be coming to Village View Restaurant again and again.

ps: My mom was very happy and said we should bring my dad here to eat next time. Hubby was happy too and from the picture above, he was very, very, very full. Heeee.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Heel of a Time

Yesterday was tiring. For one thing, Dina threw up the night before and was still very much under the weather that following morning. Hubby had left for work (without telling me!!) but since my meeting didn't start until 10am, I took the time to comfort her and get her to eat something. She threw up some more so I told her to go wash her face and lie down on the couch to watch TV. She was more than happy to oblige though she did show some concern about missing school.

I finally reached work about 10am but there was no available free parking so I made my way to the building beside our office to park there. Even that was almost full. Since the meeting had already started, I walked quickly through the parking lot. As my luck would have it, the heel of my shoe caught in between the cracks of the ramp and broke.


I hobbled to the wall and took off my shoe. The heel was dangling dangerously. I banged the heel to the wall. Looks ok. I put it back on and tried to walk. If I didn't walk fast, the heel would stay put.

The shoe lasted until the end of the day (my last meeting ended at 7.30pm) but it's obvious I need new shoes. Sigh...well, the pair I had was already 2 years old. Plus I wear it almost everyday to work so it's way time for a new pair.

So, that's the agenda for today. Shopping for new shoes. Time to get into my Bradshaw persona.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mau Tutup ke Takmo Tutup

I was reading Metro today and as always, I read the daily sms comments that come in (highly addictive). There were a few that expressed their unhappiness at this particular advertisement.
Apparently they are upset that the model is wearing a head gear and all, but also wearing see-thru outfit. Ketat lagi tu! But then, it is a weight management ad, what do you expect.

Personally I think the model could have shown some courtesy and NOT wear a see-thru outfit. Or, since her "before" picture showed her without any head gear, forgo the head gear in the "after" picture too.

Heeeee....itupun mau kecoh!!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Name: Daria Syazmin

Nickname: Adik, Si Tembam, Si Bulat

Age: 8 months plus

Height: As tall as the kitchen table

Weight: As heavy as a sack of rice

Crime: Refusing to sleep during the night, insisting on having her mother carry her on her shoulders for hours. Climbing the stairs without supervision. Acting cheeky when being scolded. Being too cute for her own good.

Punishment: Big hugs. Tummy tickles. Wet kisses.

Warning: Approach with caution!! Able to melt hearts with a simple smile. Slobbers on people when they least expect it.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

How I Spent Federel Day

Dania's Kafa school fees: RM70

Dina's Smartreader fees: RM290

Apartment's assessment taxes (cukai taksiran): RM380

Apartment's maintenance fees: RM660

Ikea Credit Card bill: RM185

Dania's bus fee: RM35

The fact my wallet now has an echo: Priceless

ps: Sungguh tak romantiknya caraku menghabiskan day date. Muahahaha...

Monday, February 01, 2010

Books and Upin & Ipin

So yesterday we all went back to my mom's house. I had told hubby about the M.P.H book sale and by the way my mouth was salivating over the thought of being in proximity with thousands and thousands of books for sale, hubby knew it would be in his best interest to indulge me. Hehe.

We arrive at Bj around 11am, then after dropping of Daria and Bibik, we headed to Stadium Malawati. Since it was a Sunday, the outdoor market was also taking place so parking was kind of a nightmare. Hubby dropped me and the girls first before trying to find a shady place to park.

I had told the girls about the coloring contest but alas, in our haste to get to the stadium, we had forgotten to bring any coloring pencils. Fortunately the girls were ok and soon they were going through the heaps of books laid out, searching for something to buy.

The book sale was ok, most of the books were 20% off. I would say 70% of the books catered for kids, so I bought a few for Daria (since she only has that one "touch and feel" book) and a few for the Dania and Dina. The Magical Tales and Fairy Tales books were quite cheap, considering they were hard cover and each had like 15 stories in the. Tinkerbell was a compromise between Dania and myself; she wanted to buy this bracelet and bead making set. I told her she could only buy books so she choose this. Flipping through it, I saw that it was exactly the same as the Tinkerbell movie that had been playing on TV (for 10 times already) but it was going cheap so it didn't matter.

There were lots of books catered for babies and toddlers but I pick these two because Dania and Dina could read them to Daria, if they wanted to. Both were hard cover and very colorful. Daria was somewhat interested in the books when I presented them to her. She was more interested in putting them in her mouth, if anything else! Hahaha..

Of course, after buying books for the girls, I had to find some for myself. I was searching for more of The Keeper books by Terry Goodkind, alas none where to be found. So I settled for an old friend instead; John Grisham. I already have most of his books, so it was a task finding ones that I didn't. Being a book sale, most of the books were all over the place, despite numerous M.P.H personnel trying to rearrange the books according to author. I think these books are going to last me a week. I'm already 3 pages through the 1st one.

After paying for the books, we headed to the stage to await the main event; Upin and Ipin appearances. The girls are fans of the cartoon and were very excited.

The girls, while waiting for the mascots to appear.

After 20 minutes waiting, they announced the arrival of Upin and Ipin. As expected, all the kids went crazy and started to rush the stage. Fortunately, crowd control was pretty efficient, if not, matila maskot tu kena serbu. They had a short quiz session and then gave out prizes for the coloring contest. Then it was photo time. I asked the girls to go nearer to the stage so I could take a picture of them with U&I. However, due to the rush from the other kids, posing and taking pictures was just out of the question. So the girls took pictures with Kak Ros instead. Jadi laaaa.....:D.