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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Entry

Notice anything new with my Wishlist? Yep, the entry "new shoes" has been deleted!

I finally have new shoes!! Took me long enough to buy..hmm.This picture was taken by my officemate, Zehan. Excuse the blurriness..hehe. She was like "do you have to pose like that?" But, of course!! Like my jeans? Yeah, Bandung mari...hehe. The guys commented my shoes look very Lady Gaga-ish. Ye ke? Muahahaha...I guess that's why hubby approved of them. He's really into Lady Gaga nowadays. ps: I'm in frantic need of a pedicure...urgh.
I arrived at the office today and found this nice hamper on my table. Thank you Vendor H. Eventhough we make each other's life miserable. Huhuhu
Daria is growing at the speed of light!! This is her on Hasif's plastic car. Her 1st time on it and she was zooming all over the place. Please do not comment on her hair. The last time hubby shaved her head was only 3 months ago. Her hair is like a weed!!

This is Bibik's attempt in making Daria look more girlish. A damn good attempt, if you ask me. Tak sia2 aku belikan klip pink bagak tu. Hehehehe. Bibik was like "If anyone calls Daria a "handsome boy" anymore...!!"


Aunt Juicebox said...

Oh she's just so cute. I can't believe she's sitting on that little riding toy and could just zip off any second!! I object to how fast she's growing!

Huda Ahsin said...

Kenapa cukur lagi rambut. Kesian dia. Girl kan, biarlah rambut panjang sikit. Boleh pakaikan klip ke, ribbon ke, ikat ponjot pokok kelapa ke... Barulah comel & girly...

hinorei said...

pheewwitttt 4 the shoes ;)

Along said...

AJB: I second that objection!! It's amazing the new things she comes up with everyday. Sigh...

Huda: Hubby cukur sebab tak tahan tengok anak dia berlengas dek peluh manjang. But I've already told more shaving Daria's hair!! Yes, after this, ikat pokok kelapa la manjang..hehe.

Hinorei: Fuyo...tq, tq.

fizi said...

comelnya! mata besor, rambut lebat...!

raggedyanne said...

omigosh, is she that big already?

hehe, bibik pun terasa ke? i remember nunu masa dulu takde rambut pun org ingat boy. ni daria rambut lebat pun org ingat boy jugak. What's wrong with you ppl ah, she's wearing a dress la woi (emo skejap terkenang memori lama)

Along said...

Fizi: Comel macam ibu dia kan? Hehehe..

RA: I know!! I can't believe she's 9 months + already either. People think Daria's a boy because of her hair that's all sticking up. Now ni, bibik always put hairclip...hehehehe..bagi turun sket rambut dia.

Asz said...

aww ... Daria is so cute! geram tgk pipi yg chubby tuh!