Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So What Else is New?

I'm fed up. Fed up of people just using me for work purposes. Fed up of people looking at me as the person to solve all their shit. But when it comes to the good I included? Nada...

Biasa la kan...hal keje, carik la aku. Hal best2, lupakan aku.


Perkara biasa.

ps: Note to self: Jangan merengek Along. You want changes, you have to make the changes yourself.

Friday, November 18, 2011

They're back!!

Yoohoo!! Ibu and ayah coming back from Mekah tonight.

Bak kata Min...ketiak!!!

Will be taking Monday and Tuesday off to manja2 with them. Plus it's school holidays so can dump the kids with them if En Rashid and me want to go on a romatika di amoi trip. Hehehe...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Just For Angah...

A gay couple had a wedding in UK and the marriage officer found it weird to call them husband and wife since they were both male. So after much thought, he decided on the following after the vows were read;

"I now pronounce you MAN-UNITED."

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

True Blood Vs. Twilight...Not Even a Fair Fight!

I know there's a lot of Twilight fans out there and that all of you are eagerly awaiting the "wedding of the year" (commence excessive eye rolling). But seriously, I just can't understand what's the big deal with Bella and Edward and Jacob.

Yes, just because I know their names, doesn't mean I secretly watch the movies. Or read the books. I would rather sit through a root canal. Hahaha..ok, exaggerating but just shows how much of a fan I am not.

Not that I didn't try to watch the movies. I did. I don't remember which one it was but all I can remember was...OH MY GOD!! Stop whining!! Stop yearning!! Stop frowning!!

Whine, whine, whine...look into distance...sit around in the dark, slouching...mumble, mumble, mumble..ignore parents...ignore friends...ignore food...whine some more..


Obviously I'm talking about that chick, Bella. Don't get me started on the vampires. Since when do vampires shimmer? How..ehem, metrosexual is that?

You wanna know what real vampire look like? Wanna know how real vampires should act and behave? Watch True Blood!

*Be warned..True Blood is 18SX rated..but then, vampires do always have all the fun anyway.

Here's a great article on why TB would totally kick Twilight ass.

Sorry Twilight fans. Bill would totally have Edward for dinner. And Sookie would probably be the one cooking.

Picture credits: from Here and Here.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Salam Aidiladha

We're at my in-laws. I'm taking a breather from all that eating because 1) I've ate enough to feed a small country 2) I have tons of homework/reading up to do, so while En Rashid has taken the kids to his aunt's house for more food (seriously?), I'm taking advantage of the peace and quiet to update my blog and hopefully get a bit of studying in.

Oya, mid terms was last week. How was it? Hah!! Monday was supposed to be mid terms for CB. I even took leave because, again, thanks to my excellent time management skills, I hadn't done much studying before the day of the exam. As it turned out, we were told that the exam was postponed to another date 4 HOURS BEFORE THE EXAM WAS SCHEDULED TO TAKE PLACE!! Grrrrr!! I was so frustrated, a huge pimple immediately appeared on my chin.

On Wednesday, we had Marketing Research. I was kind of nervous about this subject because the lecturer had hardly given any hints on what to read, except for which chapters would be in (6 chapters). The exam was 2 hours, where by we had to answer 4 out of 6 questions. Sounds ok, right? Hah!! Turned out each question had a Part A and Part B and each part had subsets of a) - e). Mengigil tangan aku nak menulis!! I don't know what I wrote about but I hope I get marks for it.

For SM, the prof decided not to give a typical mid term exam. Instead, one of our weekly assignments was taken as the mid term and given 20 marks, instead of 10. Of course, that assignment would be the one my group had to present. And of course, it would be the assignment were I messed up all my calculations and theories. Sheesh! Lantak la...I only intend to pass that class anyway.

Oya, our CB mid term is suppose to be tomorrow. BUT!! We received an email yesterday saying that the exam might be postponed again, however class was on as usual. What the hell??!!

Well, at least 2/3 mid terms are over. Plenty of assignments are still pending though. So, until then, I just wanna wish everyone SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA.