Friday, September 30, 2011

Because It's Been Such A Sucky Week... you go!! don't you feel all warm and cuddly? I only wish I could take one home...they're so cute!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Bukan sebab semua cadangan hal birthday party tu. Isy..itu Along nak ucap terima kasih la sebab sudi bagi idea. Sampai Dina pun dah tak tau nak pilih mana satu. Hehehehe...

Hal benda lain...takyah nak explain di sini la..simpan je dalam hati...

Thanks again ya to all that gave their ideas for the birthday party. Kalau menjadi (besar betul kalau dia...huhuhu), nanti Along akan update di sini.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Aku Aje la Kan...

...yang asyik pikirkan hati perasaan orang.

...yang make time untuk orang lain, eventhough menyusahkan aku kekadang.

...yang kena pendam perasaan sedih..nanti kena cop drama queen plak. Itu pun nak merajuk ke?? Dah tua sangat ke sampai cepat terasa hati?

Aku je la kan.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sampai kesudah.....

....sorang pun takde.


Kita paham kita ni sapa.

Thanks for confirming what I figured all along.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Banished to a Lifetime of Stupidity??

I think everyone’s heard or read about the school in Sarawak that refused 3 of its students to take the UPSR exams, just because it wanted to keep its percentage rate up.
As a mother, I feel outraged that the teachers and the school even thought of such notion. Their excuse that the students were C-average students is not valid whatsoever! If the students are poor in their studies, I’m pretty sure the teachers also are partly responsible.
Plus, without taking the exam, what would happen to these students? Forever be labeled as “stupid” for the rest of their lives? Without a Standard 6 cert, they would not be able to continue to secondary school…and then what? Become a dropout and do what?
Kesian bebdudak tu. Dah la humiliated in front of all their friends, this must have a huge effect on their self esteem and sense of self worth. I hope someone steps in and gives these kids free counseling and tuition. Not every kid has the same learning capability. Some, who excel in primary school, may find secondary school a challenge. Some only start to develop in secondary school. Some may only start to excel in University. Some may never be good at academic level but excel when it comes to application of the knowledge.
Whatever it is, the school is totally in the wrong and I hope the Government will take strict action against the teachers and principal who allowed this to happen.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ideas for Dina's Birthday Party

I’m trying to find ideas for Dina’s 7th birthday party. I promised her one if she fasted full this year and boy, am I regretting that now. A few reasons: my parents will be going for Haj again this year so I need to do the party either this weekend (too short of a notice) or next weekend. Dina wants a themed birthday party but she hasn’t decided on a theme yet. Actually she did but she came up with a mermaid concept and I was like “I am NOT going to put a swimming pool in front of the house for you and your friends to flop around in.” She doesn’t want a Princess Party just because we already did that for Dania’s birthday 3 years back.
So, I’ve been surfing around and bugging Min for ideas. So far, I have the following options: 1) A Pirate Party 2) A Sports Party 3) A Magic Party (ala Harry Potter). Other ideas that were thrown out were 1) Superheroes Party coz surprisingly there aren’t as many female superheroes as much as male ones, plus the ones I thought of were way too sexy (Catwoman / Wonderwoman) 2)Avatar/Smurfs party because eventhough I love blue, I don’t to have my guests paint themselves blue! Plus Avatar sucks!! That’s right, I went there!! I don’t care if some people think that there are real Navi people out there or that Pandora is real…Avatar is all graphics and no storyline. Eat that, James Cameron!!
OK, anyway, back to the party. So yeah, I have 3 choices which are relatively easy for the guest to dress up for and for me to arrange some simple games and prizes for the kids. I intend to make it small, just have Dina invite her classmates. I have school, people!! Weekends are for catching up on sleep.
I’m still open for ideas on the party if anyone has any, please share!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Last Weekend...

Harini berjaya bangun untuk sahur. Wuuhuu!! Walaupun badan letih sebab aktiviti hujung minggu still ada kesan, tapi digagahkan jugak. Lama aku dok tenung benda dalam food cabinet, last2 capai roti ngan jem jugak. Pelahap 3 keping. Tambah ngan secawan milo, harap2 dapat la bertahan sampai maghrib. Disebabkan hati sukaria sebab berjaya sahur, maka aku pun terus la mandi dan solat subuh dengan niat nak terus pi keje pepagi buta.
Memang pepagi buta aku sampai kat office, takde manusia lagi. Sebab arini aku ada kelas, jadi aku ngan En Rashid naik kete asing2. Aku dah sampai parking, dpt WhatsApp dari En Rashid…paskad dia tertinggal dalam kete aku. Eke ele..terpaksa la aku jadi mak tonggok kejap kat tempat parking, nak tunggu mamat ni sampai. Sib baik kejap je. En Rashid cuba menjadi suami mithali dengan mengajak aku pi breakfast. Malangnya, itu hanya menyerlahkan ketidakprihatinan dia kerana dah 10 kali aku bagitau dia aku posa arini. Yishhh!!
Last weekend, we all went back to my in laws. En Rashid’s cousin was getting married. Ni cousin yang ke126 agaknya. Manjang ada cousin dia yang kawin. Anyway, since Friday was also a holiday (Happy Malaysia Day everyone!), we first went to visit my parents to see my dad who had just had a hernia operation. Ouch!! Good to announce that he’s doing better though slightly sore.
Pi wedding pening kepala aku. Ari Sabtu pi ikut rombongan bertandang kat Merlimau. Cuaca..pergh, bahang!! Aku yang dah punya lama tak migraine terus migraine. Sib baik En Rashid prihatin, pi kedai belikan Actifast untuk aku.
On Sunday was the wedding on our side plak. Pi makan je, then terus cabut balik Bangi. On the way, we saw 6 accidents. Dasat!! Semua accident bangsa 4-5 kereta sekali involved. Agak merangkak sket la nak balik tu, so we stopped at Seremban R&R for prayers. Sampai rumah, sambung tido kejap then pi Econsave beli groceries. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st Day of Class

So yesterday was my 1st day back to class, after a loooonnnngggg break. Eventhough part of me was dreading the work and sleepless nights up ahead, part of me was still excited to come back to school, to see those familiar faces and find out whether my lecturer was an ogre or not.

I was a bit late arriving but since it was the 1st day, a lot of students were still jumping here and there, looking for their classrooms. Some were still contemplating which electives to take.

Unfortunately, the books for my electives had not yet arrived so it was basically just an introductory lecture for the first day. Oya, my lecturer is NOT an ogre (phew!!) but she seems strict. She does seem somewhat organized, which I feel is a trend among the lady lecturers (and the lady ones only!). I have a few friends from last trimester with me in this class, though the majority of my classmates are full-time students. I don't know why we part-timers just dread the full-time students, but it was a hot topic during dinner. Hahahaha. All in all, my class is rather small (only 16 of us), with a few hot Iranian gals thrown into the mix.

Min, you and I would have totally drooled over those gals together!!

I have classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays which seems fine to me. I will find ways to have afternoon meetings in Cyberjaya during those days..hehe. Thank god I don't have classes on Friday (sucks to be you, Min !).

Oya, fasting again today. Only my 2nd day but getting back into gear. Yesterday was "penuh dugaan"...hmmm. But since I woke up for sahur today, hopefully I won't turn into an ogre half way through the day.

ps: Got to work at 7.15am today!! Felt mighty smug but no one else is here yet to hear me brag.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Review of the Weekend

Sorry guys for not updating my blog as much. The internet at home as been like WT%^$#*(@!%. Grrrr..
En Rashid and I finally took last Friday off to “celebrate” our anniversary. In the end, we spent it at the Immigration Office because we realized that our maid’s visa had expired!! Delightful!
On Saturday, we spent the day lounging around the house. Such a luxury nowadays. On Sunday, we took the girls to watch Cars 2. Daria, who was an angel the last time we took her to the movies, turned into the Tasmanian Devil this time. She refused to sit down in her chair and proceeded to turn around and “talk” to the people behind her. Horrors!! In the end, I took her outside and as it turned out, she had peed through her diaper. Great!!  
I start classes today. After 9 weeks of break, the thought of staying up until 3am to complete assignments just doesn’t feel right. Hahaha. Plus, this trimester, we start our electives so most of my classmates will be scattered as some of us will be taking Marketing, Finance, HR, IB or General Management.
Min, we won’t be able to gossip and share titty jokes in class anymore!!! L
Really feeling the Monday Blues today. Plus I’m fasting so can’t use food as my refuge. *Sigh*

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Happy 10th Anniversary


*Mood bengang sebab dah apply cuti tapi En Rashid kena masuk office. So aku pun masuk office. Apa kes sambut anniversary sorang2?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

1st Raya...

Dah start keje dah arini. Tapi malasnya nauzubillah. Nak kata mood raya lagi, dah takde mood raya dah. Raya ke3 aku dah buhsan ngan raya. Bleh? Sedih betul…betul orang kata, raya ni untuk bebudak sebenarnya. Aku rasa kalau family aku jenis yang dok jejauh tu maybe terasa sket feel raya tu kot. Ni tiap2 bulan ngadap muka family aku ngan En Rashid, time raya macam..ek eleh, muka ko lagi?
Niat aku nak soh bebudak buat show sebelum dapat duit raya fail. Aku bukan soh buat benda susah pun, nyanyi la sket…takpun joget cakpung ke. Ni depa bleh stare aku balik, macam..apahal ni, bagi je la angpow tu bleh tak? Epic fail.
Hari Raya 1st, kat rumah parents aku. 1st time buat camtu. Selalu kalau raya 1st day kat KL, mesti pi rumah wan aku kat keramat. Tahun ni, ayah aku dah declare, pagi raya kat rumah dia. Lagipun, dia pun dah bercucu 4 dah. Aku ok je..yang penting adik beradik aku semua ada la. Yang cousin mousin tu petang2 sket jumpa pun takpe.
So pagi raya kat rumah parents aku. Terasa gak kelainan dia sket. More intimate. Time sessi salam2, for the first time, semua orang dok sebut semua kesalahan kesilapan yang pernah buat kat orang lain. An honest and tearful event. Part aku salam ayah, aku takleh nak cakap bebanyak. Aku tengok muka ayah aku pun, dah terasa lump in my throat. Time salam ibu lak, aku membebel selama 5 minit. Semua benda aku minta maaf, cakap thank you sebab jaga aku, tolong jaga anak2 aku, banyak lagi la. Time tu airmata dah berderai. Ibu aku pun dah berair macam baru lepas tengok cite Hindustan. Terus minta kotak tisu soh letak tepi dia. Time salam adik2 aku pun sama….semua aku doakan berjaya, menjadi anak soleh, rajin solat, jangan lupakan ibu ayah. Emotional beb!
Dah habis salam2 tu, kitaorang bergambar sat. Kali ni, anak buah aku si Shayen Iman menjadi tumpuan. Daria agak jeles. Bukan agak…tersangat!! Aku dukung si Iman tu kejap pun, dia dah tarik2 tangan aku soh letak bawah balik. Lepas tu soh dukung dia plak. Kot berat tak macam seguni beras takpe la gak kan. Ni naik patah tangan aku nak dukung dia.
Agak2 lepas zohor, baru kitaorg pi rumah wan aku. Cousin mousin aku semua dah ada. Sessi salam menyalam lagi, Cuma kali ni takde nangis2 ke apa. Gelak2 lagi ada la. Lepas tu sessi melahap. Berapa round aku makan, aku takmo ingat. Kita andaikan 2 pinggan je la yer. Disebabkan asyik melantak, lupa nak ambik gambar bebanyak gan wan aku. Isy..nyesal lak.
Petang tu, balik semula ke rumah parents aku. Sessi tido kejap, lepas tu get ready cousin mousin aku nak mai plak. En Rashid dah gelisah…bila nak start jalan pi rumah mak dia plak ni? Tapi sebab dah janji ngan anak2 aku nak tunggu cousin2 aku mai sebab nak main bunga api sekali, terpaksa la dia pasrah. Akhirnya, kul 930pm baru kitaorg bertolak ke Melaka. Takpela, asalakan 1st raya still dapat kat rumah mak dia. Walaupun tinggal 20 minit lagi nak masuk 2nd raya. Heeee…

*post ni patut ada gambar...tapi internet rumah aku macam cilabeng je..payah nak update...nantila...*