Thursday, September 22, 2011

Banished to a Lifetime of Stupidity??

I think everyone’s heard or read about the school in Sarawak that refused 3 of its students to take the UPSR exams, just because it wanted to keep its percentage rate up.
As a mother, I feel outraged that the teachers and the school even thought of such notion. Their excuse that the students were C-average students is not valid whatsoever! If the students are poor in their studies, I’m pretty sure the teachers also are partly responsible.
Plus, without taking the exam, what would happen to these students? Forever be labeled as “stupid” for the rest of their lives? Without a Standard 6 cert, they would not be able to continue to secondary school…and then what? Become a dropout and do what?
Kesian bebdudak tu. Dah la humiliated in front of all their friends, this must have a huge effect on their self esteem and sense of self worth. I hope someone steps in and gives these kids free counseling and tuition. Not every kid has the same learning capability. Some, who excel in primary school, may find secondary school a challenge. Some only start to develop in secondary school. Some may only start to excel in University. Some may never be good at academic level but excel when it comes to application of the knowledge.
Whatever it is, the school is totally in the wrong and I hope the Government will take strict action against the teachers and principal who allowed this to happen.


Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Along,

Saya sokong 100% apa yang Along tulis ni.

Kalau dah golongan pendidik berfikiran macam ni, tak tahu lah apa akan jadi kepada generasi anak2 kita nanti. Harap2nya ini hanyalah spesis terpencil yang tak ada di tempat2 lain.

Jaja® said...

Sah2 cikgu2 ni lg bodo drp budak2 yg derang cap bodo tu. Did they think people wouldnt find out?? Bodo gile la.

Along said...

Ummu: betul apa ummu cakap. semoga kes mcm ni tak berlaku lagi.

Jaja: I know! Sah2 mak ayah bebudak tu mesti buat report punya. isy....geram betul pikirkan.

J.A.D said...

Benda ni dh jadi lama dah. Blame the education system. Asal keluar result je announce sekolah mana terbaik. Semua sekolah berlumba2 nak jadi grade A school sbb peruntukan duit bnyk tetiap thn. Mcm2 blh buat dgn duit tu, upgrade computer lab, tambah buku kt library, upgrade sports hall, etc. Sekolah yg grade B n C ketinggalan. Masalahnya sekolah grade A tu mmg ramai budak pandai dah. Guru besar sekolah grade A pun yg paling senang naik pangkat. So apa jadi dgn budak2 yg duduk kt sekolah yg tk bnyk kemudahan? Patutnya sekolah dinilai dari segi peningkatan dtudent. Sekolah yg paling tinggi peningkatan overall baru la blh bagi reward. Penat cikgu cikgi ajar tap tk ada recognition.

Pastu budak2 yg slalu kena kurung or tak bagi dtg sekolah time exam ni budak2 yg mmg slow n dtg dari family yg susah or parents yg ignorant. Kesian kan dorang.

BTW, kalau tk pass UPSR still blh go to form 1. I think for PMR sekarang pun klu tk pass can still proceed to form 4. And the most suprising news i heard is that sijil SPM only given if u pass all the subjects hat u selected. Lain dah education system skang ni. Tapi still ada discrimination to students who are slow, not too bright and especially to disabled students who are mentally challenged. Mmg backward gila educaion kita ni...