Saturday, November 27, 2004

I'm back!!

I have neglected my blog for over a month now. So many things have happened since my last post. A quick summary of my life since Sept 30th.

1. I finally gave birth. Hehe...had to be induced and the doctor had to break my water bag before she wanted to come out. But I consider myself lucky coz the actual labor only lasted 1 ½ hours. Took the gas when the pain became unbearable..was high the entire day. I LOVE GAS!!! Then, just 2 days before her actual due date, DINA YASMIN came into the world. She now nearly 2 months time flies! She weighed in at 3.49kg (!!), a month later, she was already 4.6kg. Pergh!! I’ve been trying to breastfeed her as much as possible, but we give her the bottle once in while so she’ll get used to it. Can’t believe I’m due back in the office next week. 2 months of maternity leave is not enough!!

2. Raya was a doosy becoz I hadn’t finish pantang at the time. But being the considerate person I am, I agreed to go back to Melaka 2 days before raya. Mom and the gang were spending 1st day of raya in Melaka too, so it just made sense. The kids made a lot of cash, collecting duit raya..hehehe. Over RM700 each..fuyo!!

3. My maid hen she got the, she lost one of her bags. Habis somo milo, raya shoes, raya clothes..all gone. Poor thing!!

4. My house now got Streamyx. makes surfing so much more pleasant.

I’m pretty sure a lot more happened, but those are just the major stuff.


Sheena’s given birth too. Congrats to her and Azlan. Baby girl…Ianna Tan. Nice name.