Friday, January 28, 2005

Edwin Photos

This was taken during Edwin's farewell lunch. The writing on the cake was my idea, backed up by Maiz, hehehehe (but if you ask Maiz, she'll deny it!). I've uploaded more pictures into my ofoto album. Links are on the right.

Muka nampak gembira tapi hati sebenarnya sedih. Bye bye Edwin. Posted by Hello

Oscar Fever!!

It’s Oscar time again!! And no, I'm not talking about the green livin-in-a-trashcan monster from Sesame Street.

Last year, I hardly went to the movies. However, that isn’t gonna stop me from making some predictions on who I think is gonna go home with the Oscars.

Nominations for Best Actor
Don Cheadlen - Hotel Rwanda
Johnny Depp - Finding Neverland
Leonardo DiCaprio - The Aviator
Clint Eastwood - Million Dollar Baby
Jamie Foxx - Ray

I’ve seen the trailers for these movies. Lame, yes I know. My gut feeling tells me its going to be toss up between Clint Eastwood and Leo. From all the reviews I’ve read about The Aviator, Leo rocks in this one. Personally I think he was snubbed last time when he wasn’t even nominated for his role in Titanic. Clint, as always, is at his best in this movie. But I think the Oscar people would rather give him Best Director than Best Actor. Don Cheadle, Jamie Foxx and Johnny Depp all shine in their respective roles, but I think Leo is overdue for an Oscar. Winning Best Actor in a Drama during the Golden Globes also has raised the stakes in his favor.

Predicted winner: Leonardo DiCaprio

Nominations for Best Actress
Annette Bening - Being Julia
Catalina Sandino Moreno - Maria Full of Grace
Imelda Staunton - Vera Drake
Hilary Swank - Million Dollar Baby
Kate Winslet - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This is a tough one. I looove Hilary Swank, I think she’s a great actress. Both Hilary and Annette won Golden Globes, but I think this year is going to be Hilary’s...again. Personally I would love it if Catalina won; she’s received so many rave reviews for her performance In Maria Full of Grace. Now, that would be the upset of the year.

Predicted winner: Hilary Swank

Nominations for Best Supporting Actor
Alan Alda - The Aviator
Thomas Haden Church - Sideways
Jamie Foxx - Collateral
Morgan Freeman - Million Dollar Baby
Clive Owen - Closer

Can I begin by saying how cute Clive Owen is? Oh man, talk about eye candy. Rumor has it that’s the main reason why he won at the Golden Globes. Do I care? Not really. But for the Oscars, I wouldn’t want the same slip up. Mr. Freeman deserves to win. No ifs, buts or maybes about it. He’s wayyyy overdue for an Oscar. Give it to him.

Predicted winner: Morgan Freeman

Nominations for Best Supporting Actress
Cate Blanchett - The Aviator
Laura Linney - Kinsey
Virginia Madsen - Sideways
Sophie Okonedo - Hotel Rwanda
Natalie Portman - Closer

Again, this is one category the Oscars should not mess up. Do not give it to Natalie. Granted, she was good as a stripper in Closer but Ms Blanchett was FABULOUS in The Aviator. She was robbed of it when Ms. Whiny Palthrow won it last time. Make no mistake; Cate Blanchett deserves this award this year.

Predicted winner: Cate Blanchett

Nominations for Best Picture
The Aviator
Finding Neverland
Million Dollar Baby

This is another toss-up between The Aviator and Million Dollar Baby. The Aviator won the Golden Globes so it’s pretty much the favorite to win at the Oscars too. However people have been putting on the buzz regarding Clint’s film, saying how it’s his best one yet. Pretty hard to predict, but I’ll go with The Aviator seeing how it’s been nominated for 11 awards, just like last years LOTR. LOTR won Best Picture, so maybe history will repeat itself again.

Predicted winner: The Aviator

Nominations for Best Director
Martin Scorsese – The Aviator
Clint Eastwood – Million Dollar Baby
Taylor Hackford – Ray
Alexander Payne – Sideways
Mike Leigh – Vera Drake

Personally I want Scorsese to win but my gut feeling tells me Clint Eastwood is going to get the Oscars to “make his day”.

Predicted winner: Clint Eastwood

So, there you have predictions for the top 6 categories. Give me your predictions and we’ll see who gets it right.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dina Yasmin Makes Her Debut

Below are pictures of my darling daughter, Dina Yasmin. Taken by my darling camera, the Lumix FX7. Hehehe..

These pictures were pretty hard to take because (a) I kept fiddling with the menu (I refused to submit using the Auto option) and (b) my 1st daughter, Dania, kept trying to butt in her face in every frame. I had to trick her into leaving the room before I could take pictures of Dina alone.
Sigh, what a gila glamor queen that one is...

Dina Yasmin, my sleeping angel Posted by Hello

Dina, fresh after her bath Posted by Hello

Dina getting ready for her bath Posted by Hello

Dina Yasmin, with her Makngah Embun, during Raya Qurban 2005. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Another One Leaves the Nest

Yesterday we had farewell party for one of our colleagues. Edwin, who will now be known as “Lucky Bastard” is going to Perth to take his masters in...something to do with Films. Anyway, it sounds like fun unlike what I have....”Electrical and Electronics Engineering plus Mathematics” degree. How geeky can you get?!!

We started the ceremony with some opening remarks from our boss and some slide presentations. Haha, all the blab about revenue targets and activity planning for the year were all actually a smoke screen for the main event....the makan-makan lah!!

We had catered for Nasi Beriyani, which was mighty delicious. Edwin’s mom made her trademark lasagna while I brought jello. Don’t snigger, at least I brought something. UNLIKE THE OTHER 25 FOOD-GRUBBING PEOPLE WHO BROUGHT NOTHING BUT THEIR MASSIVE STOMACHS!!

There, I’m done with my ranting for now.

I was the self-appointed camera lady for the event. Hehehe, I went syok sendiri and appointed myself because I (a) wanted to show off my new digital camera (b) wanted to show off my new, fabulous digital camera (c) wanted to show off my new, fabulous, super-duper, wonderful, magnificent digital camera.

Hold your breath and await the marvelous pictures that will be posted up soon. :D

To Edwin, good luck for the future. Be a good boy over there and don’t you DARE forget us losers here. Sob..sob. Kalau ada rezeki, maybe I’ll come over to visit. Now I have a reason to visit Australia again, must convince hubby to start saving up holiday money again.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'll be Taking Pictures Everyday!!

I have a new digital camera!! I am so happy!! :D

Finally after a month of research, I’ve finally settled on the Panasonic Lumix FX7. It was a little over my budget but I don’t care. I decided against the Canon coz of its shutter lag and the Sony uses memory sticks, which are damn expensive. Anyway, what I liked best about the Lumix is the Optical Image Stabilizer feature. Meaning I can take pictures in jittery conditions and they turn out looking...stabile. Hehehe, so basically pictures of the kids running around is no problem anymore. No more blurred images...hehehe, I LIKE!!!

The only thing that bugs me is the battery, it uses a lithium ion battery which are kind of expensive and not that easily accessible like the AAs. But that’s just a small factor...senang je, get hubby to buy spare battery. Hehehee.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Make Me Understand...

We all started out on equal footing. Bright-eyed and eager, we wanted to conquer the world. Where did you go wrong?

When did your priority of helping out your parents shift? How I pity them now.

We used to be so close. Now you call me only when you need a favor.

We used to talk for hours, about everything and nothing at all. Now when I see you, I can hardly think of a topic to begin conversation.


You had friends, you had a nice job, you had happiness. But you threw it all away.

I believe you chose your own destiny. Why like this, is the question I wanna ask.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Projectile Loving

Dina woke up three times last night. The third time, she greeted me with a nice surprise.


Baby vomit all over my chest and pants, dripping onto the carpet. Hot, sticky, foul smelling vomit. Nice!

I screamed into the baby monitor. Ello, bang. Wake up. Need your help!!

A groggy (silluette? sciluete? selluette? ...arghhh!!) shadow emerges from the bedroom. One look at me and he grunts. Huh.

After cleaning myself up and changing Dina’s clothes, I try to breastfeed her. But now she’s too fussy and refuses to lay still. I give up. I call for hubby again.

Err..bang, can you make her some milk? She won’t breast feed.

The shadow reemerges. I hear him tinkering in the kitchen. He comes back into the room and takes Dina from me. With one eye open and the other one slanting, he gives Dina her bottle.

I go back to our bedroom and lie down on the bed. I listen to the baby monitor. Everything’s quiet.

Dina burps. I hear hubby whispering something.

10 minutes later, hubby comes back to bed.

I give him a hug. He sighs and gives me a rub on my arm.

I have a wonderful hubby. Let me never forget that. :D

Thursday, January 13, 2005

My Back and Alin's Tummy

I don’t believe it. It’s been 4 days and my shoulder blades still hurt. I have tried everything; YokoYoko, koyok, putting my pillow out in the sun, heat pads. Nothing works. Mom said I would just have to wait it out.

I’ve been sleeping on my back, straight as a mummy for 3 nights and I tell you it’s not very comfortable. Usually I sleep on my side, partially on my tummy, with my booster pillow between my legs. One hand would be under my head, another would be on my waist. From an aerial view, I look like I’m dancing the tango. But at least I’m comfortable.


Hubby drove to Melaka today for a morning meeting. Took Dania with him. She was so excited, siap pakai bedak, combed her hair, even though she hadn’t taken her shower yet. Funny little girl.

Dina was asleep when I went to work. This morning she woke up at 5.30am, had her feed but then refused to go to sleep. She instead demanded I stay up with her, discussing the country’s current political state and the tragic news of the Pitts breakup.

Ok, so I made that up. But man, that gal is one talkative chick. Cooing and cooing away, like nobody’s business.

It was kind of cute despite the fact I really wanted to catch a few more minutes of sleep.


Congrats to my colleague, Alin, on getting pregnant. After trying for 2 years plus, all prayers have been finally answered. My piece of advice, get all the rest while you still can. Once the baby is here, say goodbye to 8-hour sleep. You’ll be lucky if you can get 2 hours at one go. Hehehee.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It's the Monkey in my Head Talking

I've changed the color of my template. I may be all woman but I'm not that feminine. I can only hide my disgust for the color pink for so long.


Today had three meetings in a row. Felt super duper busy. I should be done with my meeting quota for this week. Alas, have two more meetings tomorrow and another one on Friday. *sigh*. I should be elected Employee of the Week. Give me a raise, you Mother&^%$#@!!!

Excuse my French, but I just saw my beloved MPV on the road this morning. The fact that I’ll never be able to afford it with my current salary just cuts me. It. Hurts. Bad.

People have been telling me how they've enjoyed reading my blog. Leave a commentlah!! Do you think I do this just for fun? I do it for the sake of being recognized as the mad genius I truly am.

Yes, I am jaded. I need people to tell me I’m fabulous, I’m wonderful, I’m gorgeous, I rock their world!! Don’t tell me you don’t want people to tell you the same thing.

Monday, January 10, 2005

The Weirdest Dream Yet...

Today is not a good day. For one thing, the kids are still sick. Dania has a full blown coughing spell. At least her fever has gone down a bit but she still won’t eat anything. Dina has a bit of the sniffles, and she started coughing this morning. Alahai....

Add to my misery the fact I woke up this morning with a sore neck. I cannot turn my head to the left or up. My shoulder blades are killing me. Brushing my teeth, I had to move my head instead of my arms. I looked ridiculous. But being the whipped employee I am, I still dragged my butt to work.


I had a very strange dream last night. I must type fast coz details of the dream are beginning to get fuzzy. In the beginning of the dream, for some reason I’m living with my x-roomies from university.

And I’m divorced from hubby. For this reason let’s call him Mr. X.

I don’t know the reason for our divorce but apparently we’re still good friends. The kids are staying with him. I get them every weekend. (Is that a sign that he’s a better parent than me?)

Anyhow, apparently I’m now married to Mr. A, which is weird coz for the love of god, I can’t remember his real name. Mr. A was a scholar from my batch. I can see his face but that’s it. I know I was never close to him. Why I should be married to him is a mystery.

But it gets better. Mr. A and I are not living together. In fact, we haven’t been together for a year. That’s right, I’m married but I’m not getting any action. At least not from him.

Maybe that’s the reason I’m getting married to Mr. H. Yes, yes, it’s getting confusing but this is where the dream gets interesting. Mr. H was my junior during University days. He’s nice but definitely not someone I can see myself marrying.

Anyhow, It’s the day of my wedding and for some reason I forgot. Confused? It seems that a few weeks ago, Mr. H and I were talking and I had gotten all sob sob on him, and in my desperate state had asked him to marry me. It was supposed to be a joke but evidently Mr. H took it seriously.

So here I am, on my bed, starring up at my wedding gown that had magically appeared. My roommate comes into my room.

Long, apa tak siap lagi? Kompang dah nak start dah.

I stare at her and think "Crikey!! I really am getting married again. I forgot to tell my mom. No one in my family knows about this!!"

Just then it hits me...I can’t get married to Mr. H. I’m still married to Mr. A!!! I forgot to ask for a divorce!!

Frantic, I search my handphone for Mr. A’s number. Being it a year since we last met, he’s either changed it or is not picking up. I call up Mr. X.

Bang, do you have A’s number tak? I need it now...emergency!!

Why? What happened?

Long story short, I’m getting married to Mr. H today and I need to get Mr. A to divorce me first. I tried calling his old number but he’s not picking up.

Sorry long. Can’t help you there. Try calling someone else. Oh, BTW, congratulations...again.

Ok, thanks for nothing.

I turn around and see my roommate looking at me.

Liza, ko ada nombo Mr. A tak? Kalau kita kena cerai through telepon, still boleh pakaikan? I mean, nowadays people get divorced thru sms lagi..kan?

Liza keeps on starring at me.

You know long, even if you got Mr. A to divorce you thru the phone, you still couldn’t get married today. You have to go thru eddah first lah.

Eh, in my case got no eddah lah. I haven’t had sex with Mr. A for a year!!

At that point, I hear the doorbell. It’s my mom. She comes bearing a makeup kit and my old wedding shoes. For someone whose daughter is about to get married for the third time without her knowledge, she seems utterly calm.

Mr. X called and told me what happened. You’ll need some blush and eye shadow. You look tired.

I begin to panic. I can hear the kompang people gearing up. Did I tell you Mr. H lives just 3 houses away from mine? So no chance of me sneaking out.

Liza, kalau aku hantar sms kat Mr. H, bagitau dia kita kawin lain hari ok tak?

Eh, ko jangan nak pull stunt like Hasmawi tu. Bikin malu member jer.

The doorbell rings again. It’s Mr. H and he’s looking troubled. He sees me and pulls me to the living room.

Blum siap lagi?

Errr...ibu just came with my shoes. I can get ready in like 10 minutes.

I have something to confess. We can’t get married today.

As my head starts spinning, I listen to Mr. H telling me why. It seems that last night Mr. H was out on the town celebrating with some friends. Some kind of ala bachelor party le kot. Anyhow, despite the fact none of them were drinking, they had somehow gotten into an accident. The man they ran over is now in the hospital, in critical condition.

So you see long, I have to take care of this case first, have to go to court and everything. My lawyer says everything should be ok, coz we have eye witnesses who said the man walked in front of our car. But getting married today is not such a good idea.

I stroke Mr. H’s face to comfort him. He is kind of cute so I give him a little kiss. Which then progresses into a hubba-hubba turn-me-on French kiss. OoooKaaayyy, now I see why I’m marrying this guy. I don’t need sex to have an orgasm; he just has to kiss me.

Hahaha..ok, ok. I’m getting a little PG-SX here but at the end of the dream, I find out that the man that got run over was actually Mr. A. And he dies in the end. Mr. H has a breakdown from guilt. Mr. X remarries to a Delta Air stewardess.

So, I’m left all alone. No Mr. X, no Mr. A, no Mr. H. wonder I woke up with a sore neck. Mimpi heavy duty habis!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Malay Movies - Not my Cup of Tea

Apparently there’s a new movie starring Rosyam Nor showing in theatres called Gangster. From my place, I can hear my colleague calling up contest winners to let them know that they’ve won tickets to see it. Some people are so stupid. If you live in JB and the movie is been shown in KL, then don’t waste time entering the contest in the first place! Dah tau takleh pergi!!

Anyhow, M asked me if I wanted tickets coz apparently there’s abundance due to these stupid people.

Ah, sorrylah M. You couldn’t pay me to go and see a Malay movie. Big, painful waste of time.

But Rosyam Nor’s in it. He plays like 3 characters in this movie!!

And that’s supposed to impress me?

I’m not going to apologise for this. I hate Malay movies. I find them stupid, unrealistic and basically syok sendiri. The comedies are just plain stupid while the dramas are pathetic. The thrillers...don;t get me started. If I have to hear about Erra Fazira and her hubby acting in another movie together, I’m gonna puke. Are there no other actresses or actors in Malaysia left? As for comedies, balik2 Apek, Syanie, Lan Pet Pet (whose very name should reflect the wretched state the Malay movie industry is in) ...are we that deprived of good, if not great comedians?

I used to love Malay movies. I can watch any P. Ramlee movie again and again. It’s just the last 10 years, I’ve seen Malay movie degenerate into the same mold; boring and predictable.

Typical Malay love story.

Rich Girl in love with Poor Boy. Rich Girl’s family rejects Poor Boy due to status factor. Usually it’s the mom, a typical datin/puan sri type with big beehive hair and massive gold jewelry, enough to make Mr T from the A-Team jealous. Rich Girl is forced to marry Rich Boy, who is usually a playboy, or worst still a serial rapist. Along the way, Rich Boy’s true colors are brought to light, usually after a fight out with Poor Boy. Rich Girl’s family admits they’re wrong. Rich Girl and Poor Boy marry in an all out extravaganza event, somewhat like the recent Brunei Royal wedding.

Typical Malay Comedy

Three kampong guys have been friends since childhood. They come to the big city a.k.a KL to seek their fortune. Along the way, they meet up with all kind of people and end up in various “funny” scenarios. All their troubles could have been avoided if they had only done their research beforehand and submitted their resume and cover letter appropriately. At the end of the story, one of the guys (usually the most good looking one), gets the girl and the job while his two dungu friends tersengih kat tepi. All’s well ends well.

Typical Malay Drama

Usually about husband and wife fighting. The main reason is usually the husband has a girlfriend a.k.a secretary/personal assistant/weekly call girl. Husband leaves wife and kids to be with girlfriend, who we find out at the end of the movie, only after his money (shocker!!). Husband loses girlfriend, job and family and ends up in an old folk’s home. Ex-wife and kids come for monthly visits. Ex-wife remarries husband’s best friend, who is not only better looking but wealthy and nice. Too good to be true.

Typical Malay Thriller

A bunch of horny teenagers go out into the jungle for a camping trip. It is not noted that they are horny, but you can guess from the enthusiastic looks on their faces and their lack of suitable clothing. Believe me, one girl (usually known as The Slut) will be wearing heels, make up and short shorts during this camping trip. As predicted, all of them get lost, get hit by a storm and end up at spooky looking house. Even with only 4 bedrooms to explore, they end up getting separated. One by one, they get killed. As the heroin is about to confront the demon/ghost/hantu momok, she wakes up suddenly and we find out it was all just a bad nightmare. Fiuh!! Thank goodness!! Now, if only the theatre people would refund my money back.

Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule but even those are just too pitiful to watch. Bad dialogue, wooden expressions, forced emotions are all factors of a bad Malay movie. Example of baaaaaaddd dialogue:

Wife: Abang! Kenapa abang sanggup membuang kami orang dari sisi abang. Abang tak kasihankah dengan anak-anak?Abang dah lupa janji-janji abang untuk bersama selamanya?

Husband: Sudah! Aku dah muak dengar leteran kau. Aku sudah ada kekasih baru, lagi cantik, lagi cun dari kau. Mulai hari ini aku ceraikan ko talak tiga!!

Wife: ABAAAANG!!!..uhuk..uhuk..uhuk....

Cue violins playing softly accompanying shot of wife and kids crying bashfully.

Pleaeeeeeeeeeeese!! No one talks like that in real life. Sheeesh. And if they did, I would bang their heads together coz it’s pretty clear they have bigger problems to face than marital issues.

I rest my case for now. Just nod your head if you agree with what I’ve written. Or feel free to bang me if you’re a malay movie fanatic.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My Mom, the Wonderwoman

Mom has found a new lease in life. Thanks to Pakteh, she’s now known as a businesswoman a.k.a datin with too much time on her hands. The product she’s selling is called Optivin, a supplement on which I’ll story more on next time.

The thing is over the last month, I’ve seen some changes in ibu. Being a housewife is not an easy job, no matter what some people may say. Sure, you have the luxury of sleeping in late and watching telenovas all afternoon, but behind it all you’re actually on call 24-7. The kids are hungry; you have to cook them some food. The toilet needs cleaning; you’re the one on hands and knees scrubbing away the grub. The sink overflows; you’re the one frantically calling every plumber in town. And that doesn’t include all the headaches and heartaches your kids and spouse may give you. Even with a maid to help, the workload doesn’t get any easier, just differs.

Anyhow, ibu has been a housewife for as long as I can remember. She used to work as a secretary, thus her typing skills she put to good use when ayah was taking his doctorate. She still has a few good friends from her work era who she calls up once in awhile. Other than that, her life revolves mostly around her kids (yang actually somo dah besar panjang, so cannot call kids anymore), the house (which explains why it now resembles a museum) and most recently her grandkids. Ayah gets her attention when he’s around and when she’s in the mood.

But that was it for ibu. Luckily for her, she can drive so she isn’t confided to the house all the time. Once in awhile she would go to Auntie S’s house in Melawati and they would go get their hair done (inai) and go window shopping. If she gets really bored, she would drive to my aunt’s house in Melaka and come back the same day.

Ibu sometimes demonstrates the pleasures of being a leisure lady but I know sometimes she just wishes for some quiet time with ayah. Going away with ayah on his frequent business trips is a highlight for her, even if she only gets to spend time with him after his meetings.

Sometimes I don’t know how she does it. On an average day, ayah goes to work at around 7.30am and comes home no earlier than 10pm. Usually ibu is asleep by then. Weekend mornings, ayah spends it at the driving range. Ibu jokes, to get ayah to herself she has to make appointments and take a number.

I’m getting kind of personal here. I know some of my friends out there read my blog and think that they know my mom pretty well, seeing how peramah she can be. The thing I’m trying to say is...being a mom myself, I now understand the meaning of sacrifice. I understand why ibu put her life on hold so she could be there for her husband and kids. I understand even though her kids put her through so much, she always forgives and forgets.

Actually tengah merapu ni. Tengah nostalgia for no particular reason.

I need to call my mom. Later.

Monday, January 03, 2005

A New Beginning

My first post for 2005. What can I say expect...


My throat has been sore for 2 days. Ni somo gara2 pi minum smoothie le ni. I’ve been drinking plain water and hot Milo like there’s no tomorrow. Also, I do believe I have single handedly increased the stock prices for Strepsils.


Breastfeeding a near sleeping baby while trying not to cough is very hard. Most of the time, I end up gagging on my own saliva.