Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'll be Taking Pictures Everyday!!

I have a new digital camera!! I am so happy!! :D

Finally after a month of research, I’ve finally settled on the Panasonic Lumix FX7. It was a little over my budget but I don’t care. I decided against the Canon coz of its shutter lag and the Sony uses memory sticks, which are damn expensive. Anyway, what I liked best about the Lumix is the Optical Image Stabilizer feature. Meaning I can take pictures in jittery conditions and they turn out looking...stabile. Hehehe, so basically pictures of the kids running around is no problem anymore. No more blurred images...hehehe, I LIKE!!!

The only thing that bugs me is the battery, it uses a lithium ion battery which are kind of expensive and not that easily accessible like the AAs. But that’s just a small factor...senang je, get hubby to buy spare battery. Hehehee.


Anonymous said...

optivin.. gud 4 health.. 4 more info, call our mom..
tq. hee..
jus had to put dis one day promo..

lieawulf said...

Hi, Along. How much did you pay for the Camera? 'Tis not a DSLR kan?

azrin said... for more details concerning that camera.

Nonetheless, good buy along!! =) Share la gambar² yg menarik tu with us. Lagi senang nak share photos di

Anonymous said...

tahniah..tahniahh..camne boleh beli camera sebijik macam aku? sikit punye lama ke aku tunggu dia on sale kat msia dulu ..hehe


Along said...

Alia, I bought it at HSL Subang Parade for RM1799. Of course I used Maybank’s 12-month interest free program. I don't have that kind of money to plunk all at one go!!

The price is pretty much the same wherever you go. The difference is the little extras the shop might give you. With this, I managed to get an extra 128 MB SD card (the original package gives you a lousy 16MB) plus the camera case. I tried to lobby for the tripod, but no luck. I guess I’ll just have to have steady hands then. Hehe..

BTW, thanks for leaving a comment. For that, you’ve been added to my list of Bloggers Delight. Very nice to meet you.

Liza, ko pun beli camera yang sama?!! Hehehe..great minds think alike?

Sput, yes, await the wonderful pictures I’m gonna be taking with this camera. I’m gonna be the paparazzi of the family. :D

torqxic inc. said...

congrats...the fx7 is a good P&S class digicam. panasonic produces decent digicams and the battery is not really a problem...though it is useful to hv an extra one - just in case.
am a newbie in dslr-type world myself -> ...built with dmc-fz10-k. with my twins.... i hv exceeded 5000 frames and i carry it to work everyday...

well..happy framing!