Friday, August 29, 2008

Modern Day Scrooge

I'm not really the type to socialise with my neighbors. Most of our daily contact revolves around us saying good morning when I go to work and good evening when I come back. We don't exchange recipes or child rearing tips. Once in a while we would give each other fruits brought back from kampung. But that's it.

I would however like to think my relationship with my neighbors are a bit more friendlier than this guy. I don't think he's into sharing recipes either.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chocolate Makes Everything Seem Better

Hubby is home!! YEAH!!!

Dania got consolation prize for her efforts in the colouring competition. Her teacher said she (Dania) was rather sad. Even more so since her best friend got third place in the reading competition.

But it didn't take much for us to comfort her. Hubby bought lots of chocolate from Switzerland. LOTS!! Me likey!! Especially the dark chocolate...yummy...almost as good as sex. Almost. Heee.

I told hubby about planning for our international trip and he seems to be on board. Good thing Ramadhan is coming up next week, hopefully we can start saving more for the trip. Dania will be trying to fast this year. She seems rather excited.

It seems that our new maid might only arrive after raya. Just what I expected. What to do, thank god ibu has allowed us to borrow her maid for the weekdays. I just hope the wait will be worth while. Letih la asyik kena tipu agen jer..

Tomorrow's Friday. Yeah. I need to remember to submit Dania's registration forms at her school tomorrow. I'm rather excited about moving to the new house, now that it's almost done. I just don't want to think about how much hubby spent for all the renovations. Hmm...moga berbahagia dan bertambah rezeki la di rumah baru nanti. Amiiiiin.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Colour Me Feel Good

Only 9 more hours til hubby is home. Yeah!!

Tomorrow Dania will be representing her school for a colouring contest. Hehe. Her teacher called me yesterday to give the details. Apparently the winner of the competition will be representing the state for the national competition. Wow!! I always knew my girl was destined for big things but I never thought the day would come so soon. Even if she doesn't win, I'm still so proud of her.

I'm trying to plan for a family trip for the year end school holidays. It's been a while since our last international holiday (4 years actually) so I thought maybe this year would be nice to go somewhere far. The girls are at that age where they are pretty much independent and aren't fussy about what to eat. Money is rather tight this year, what with the spa and the house renovations but I think both hubby and I deserve this.

Speaking of house renovation, it's pretty much 80% complete. All the extensions have been completed and the walls have all been painted, just need to call Fl00r Dep0t to install the floor boards and get the contractor to put in all the sink fixtures, lights and aircon. I'm still looking around for the kitchen and bedroom cabinets. We won't be buying anymore furniture, just bring what we have here. We might buy a new dining table though, since they one we have was a gift from our parents and is over 10 years old. Not that it's not nice or anything but I've been eyeing a round dining table with a lazy susan in the middle.

8 hours and 30 minutes until hubby is home. Heeeeeeeee.....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Holiday's Over

Sorry for the hiatus. Been on holiday with the girls since it was the school holidays. I had promised them my full attention so they made me promise "Ibu, no computer ok?!!". Argh...I did suffer from www-withdrawal but it also did feel good not having to think about work for a change.

My parents had invited us to join them for a 5 day stay at the Country Villa Kajang. My first question was, got swimming pool or not? The girls were excited about going swimming and I was excited about being able to sleep in until noon. The apartment my dad got had an extra room so we invited Ida and her family to join us. Initially they were to stay for only one night but the kids had so much fun playing together, that they stayed for 2 nights. We introduced them to the Idris family game of Jinrummy and we also beat their asses at Scrabble. Hahahah...Fakhri (Ida's hubby) was so peeved he asked for a rematch. Only after he had studied the dictionary. Heeee...

On the last day we were there, my mom and I rented some bikes and took a morning ride to see all the banglows there. They were spectacular..worthy of being called mansions. Ok, maybe smaller than the ones you might find in Hollywood but still. Ibu wanted to see as many banglows as possible but after only 20 minutes of riding, dah pancit!! Heeee...

Hubby called once from London. It seems that everyone in his group loves London because you can find halal food everywhere. Hubby is so sick of eating bread and seafood only.

I miss him so much. Only 4 more days to go until he's back.


I have to go back to work tomorrow but not to the office. I have a 2-day course at IOI resort which is FAB because that of course means...FREE LUNCH!! Hahaha...hotel style some more.

Friday, August 15, 2008


6 hours and 11 minutes until hubby comes home from Aussie.

OK, so he'll be here for only 18 hours and 20 minutes until his next trip to Europe but seeing him after 7 days apart even if for only a few hours will be like heaven.

Yes, I miss my husband madly. I mean, what wife (in a normal loving relationship) wouldn't, right?

I've always thought myself as a self sufficient kind of woman. I take pride that I have a good education, have a career, have my own money. I don't need a man to take care of myself financially.

I know how to change a car tyre. I know how to pump petrol into my car. I know when to fill up the tyres with air. I know how to work with a screwdriver. I can do basic maintenance around the house (the fact that I don't have the time is another matter).

I have a great family (well, some of them are ok...the rest, eh...material for another blog entry). I don't have a lot of friends but the ones that I'm close with (real and virtual) are awesome.

Yes, that would mean you...and you.

If push came to shove, I could probably live a good life, just me and the girls.

But it would be lonely. Really lonely.

I wouldn't have someone to discuss the girls with. Someone to help discipline them. Someone to help sooth their tears. Someone to watch them grow up with.

I wouldn't have someone to tell my plans, my goals, my dreams, my fears. Someone to hold when words aren't sufficient or needed. Someone to plan holidays with and someone to blame when things don't go according to plan (heee).

I would still be me, just not so whole.

I'm a "single mother" for only 3 weeks. That's 3 weeks to long for me.

So this post goes out to all the single moms in the world. I salute you for your strength and perseverance.

*Just saw this documentary about this single mom with 4 kids, two of them are mentally disabled and she likes has to work 3 (three!!) jobs just to put food on the table. Meleleh jugak air mata aku menengoknya. Aku Alhamdullilah, anak2 aku semua sihat mental dan fizikal. Itupun kekadang aku pening dan malas jugak nak jaga dan layan. Lepas ni kena taubat, have to be a better mom.

**Why the topic Reflection? Because of what I saw and what I've observed from other people, I always have to pause and reflect on my life...and realise that I have it really good...even, make that, especially when I feel like whining about stupid things.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

She Makes Me Proud

I need to find or buy a new battery charger for my camera because I'm missing out on a lot of photo opportunities.

Take for example, Dania's Sports Day last week. It was hot and humid and everywhere you turned, the smell of twenty sweaty kids packed in a sardine tin tickled your nose.

But it was also a great day for my little (not so anymore) girl.

She got first place in the colouring competition. Her teacher asked whether they could keep the art work to hang it in the classroom. Since my fridge was already plastered with so many handiwork, we gave the winning piece to the teacher to share with her friends.

Dania also got first place in one of the events; I think it was the "Big Shoe" event. Her team got second in all the rest of the events.

But the best thing about the whole deal...the one that made me super proud of being her mom, was hearing her teacher tell me "Dania's such a great sports person. Very dedicated. And she's really good at encouraging her team mates. Even when they don't get 1st place, she rounds up her friends for a group hug. She'll make a fine leader one day."

THAT'S my girl.

*Old photo

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We Are Sick

Hubby is away for 3 weeks.

While he is jetsetting around the world (Australia, London, Italy, France, Switzerland), the girls and myself have been coughing, sniffling and drowning ourselves in all types of medication in a bid to get ourselves out of this sick swamp of phlegm and snot.

Graphic enough for ya?

It's bad enough I caught the flu from the girls but it [the flu bug] seems to be making it rounds in circles and has reattacked Dina. Reattacked? Is that right? I can't think of a better word...actually I can't think at all. The medication has me drowsy which called for a miracle that I could actually drive myself to work this morning, without crashing into anyone or anything. When they say DO NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY WHEN TAKING THIS MEDICINE, they meant small cars too, I suppose. Now how the hell am I suppose to drive myself back later?

I really should have taken today off also (I took MC yesterday....and slept for like 8 hours after taking the's THAT drowsy) but I felt guilty about missing work. That's me, the work douchbag sometimes. Now that I'm here, I realise no one really misses me here. In fact my officemates are probably more irritated that I AM at work, thus spreading my germs with every hacking cough I take.

Sorry guys. But it is my nature to share...:D

So anyway, here's my post...something to put up till I'm more sober and can think straight. I dunno who to blame for all this sickness anymore; Mother Nature? processed food? my parents for not having "Eric Banner-like" genes to withstand all these germs and viruses? Whatever it is, I hope it all goes away soon, especially for the girls' sake. It's not nice cleaning up vomit and phlegm, even when it's coming out of someone as cute as my girls.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Because Spastic Love Knows No Boundaries

Calling Rina Samsudin who has buried herself in Africa!!

Dudette, if you consider yourself a part of the baby seal pact team, you shall rise from the dead and email me!!

The sexy walrus has spoken.

That is all. Carry on.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Concrete Head

"No comment. I am an ordinary person. It's unfair for me to make comments when there is already a minister."


People are asking how come this thing happened AGAIN when the highway was supposed to be repaired during the time YOU were the Works Minister. What the fuck do you mean when you say you have "no comments"? Concrete is falling from the sky onto the roads and people's cars and you just shrug your shoulders and point at someone else?!!!!

Stop hiding and lying, you no-balls, hideous-toupee wearing, bad breath SOB and tell us which of your cronies got this tender and how many percent went into your Bahamas account?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Roller Coaster

You know that wheel of life? It had me going up and down so many times since my last post, that I'm ready to throw up from it all.

Last Thursday, I had a really bad heartburn/gastric attack. I guess all that eating lunch at 4pm and running all around caught up with me. I was suffering the whole morning until I dragged myself to the clinic. The doctor gave me 3 types of pills and some liquids to keep my stomach acid down. Since it was even hard for me to breath, much less function at work, I took MC and spent the day eating and sleeping. Still the pain persisted at times.

Luckily I had Friday off. Girls day out with my pals, Liza, Noresh, Lin, Zai and Akish. Lunch was at Ittallianes, which was marred by "hair in our pizza" incident. Yuck!!

It had been ages since all of us had been together so of course there was a lot of catching up to do. Among the topics discussed/gossiped about:
1. Latest make up trends - again complete with make up sharing session
2. Reminiscing about our "lost" youth and ways to get our groove back.
3. Hairs on various parts of our body - complete with Show n Tell session (heee!) 4. Ways to get rid of the abovementioned hairs - lots of sharing experiences
I'm pretty sure we talked about a whole lot of important issues but I was too drunk from lemon tea to remember. Oya, since I still can't find my camera charger, no pictures either. Girls, email me the pictures. Especially the ones where I look fab!!

My sick. The kicker is...she's been sick for quite some time. Since before she came to our house. Her illness - Hepatitis B!!!
Of course eventhough she's been with us FOR A YEAR now, we only just found out. No point in talking to the agent and trying to get our money back. The only thing to do is to send her back and hope that none of us caught the bloody thing.
So yesterday I had to take a day off and run to the Immigration to cancel her working visa. Then I had to take the kids to do their blood tests. Then we had to send the maid to the airport for her flight home.
So now I'm maidless and angry and tired. Fuck it!!

I found 20 cents on the sidewalk today.