Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chocolate Makes Everything Seem Better

Hubby is home!! YEAH!!!

Dania got consolation prize for her efforts in the colouring competition. Her teacher said she (Dania) was rather sad. Even more so since her best friend got third place in the reading competition.

But it didn't take much for us to comfort her. Hubby bought lots of chocolate from Switzerland. LOTS!! Me likey!! Especially the dark chocolate...yummy...almost as good as sex. Almost. Heee.

I told hubby about planning for our international trip and he seems to be on board. Good thing Ramadhan is coming up next week, hopefully we can start saving more for the trip. Dania will be trying to fast this year. She seems rather excited.

It seems that our new maid might only arrive after raya. Just what I expected. What to do, thank god ibu has allowed us to borrow her maid for the weekdays. I just hope the wait will be worth while. Letih la asyik kena tipu agen jer..

Tomorrow's Friday. Yeah. I need to remember to submit Dania's registration forms at her school tomorrow. I'm rather excited about moving to the new house, now that it's almost done. I just don't want to think about how much hubby spent for all the renovations. Hmm...moga berbahagia dan bertambah rezeki la di rumah baru nanti. Amiiiiin.


famil said...

URgh.. the moving part is the most hated part.

btw, I like milk choc better. Found dark choc too bitter for my taste.

Along said...

I hate moving also actually. The packing. The unpacking. The throwing out junk we accumulated during the years. Such a hassle.

I love dark choco...more bitter, the better.