Wednesday, August 13, 2008

She Makes Me Proud

I need to find or buy a new battery charger for my camera because I'm missing out on a lot of photo opportunities.

Take for example, Dania's Sports Day last week. It was hot and humid and everywhere you turned, the smell of twenty sweaty kids packed in a sardine tin tickled your nose.

But it was also a great day for my little (not so anymore) girl.

She got first place in the colouring competition. Her teacher asked whether they could keep the art work to hang it in the classroom. Since my fridge was already plastered with so many handiwork, we gave the winning piece to the teacher to share with her friends.

Dania also got first place in one of the events; I think it was the "Big Shoe" event. Her team got second in all the rest of the events.

But the best thing about the whole deal...the one that made me super proud of being her mom, was hearing her teacher tell me "Dania's such a great sports person. Very dedicated. And she's really good at encouraging her team mates. Even when they don't get 1st place, she rounds up her friends for a group hug. She'll make a fine leader one day."

THAT'S my girl.

*Old photo


Heather said...

Very sweet! I wish mine was still litte. Instead she's a big mean teenager.