Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Wanna Go!!!

Tadi pi makan Subway ngan En Rashid. Lalu depan kedai muzik, terpampang poster BESARRRRR mamat ni. Terus aku terasa orgasmic!

Oh Em Jiiii!!! Aku memang suka sangat mamat ni. X-bf aku kat sekolah dulu ada belikan aku kaset dia yang Breathless tu. Sampai putus tape tu aku dok dengar lagu2 dia again and again.

Aku cakap kat En Rashid...bawak la aku pi concert mamat ni. Patutkah dia tergelak besar di situ? Apakah tak munasabah permintaan aku ni? Dah la mai bulan May...birthday aku tu. Tak pernah (ye keee??) aku minta hadiah je la request aku. Uhuk...

Tapi aku tau, kalau aku terus desak En Rashid, mesti dia cakap "Tilawah Al Quran yg masuk free takmo pi, ni concert yang beratus hinggit nak pi."

Isy...mau terkedu terus di situ!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cloud Watching

In the car, on the way to the bird park last weekend.

Dina: Ibu, do you see that cloud? It looks like an elephant.

Me: Really? What else do you see?

Dania: I see a leg wearing a sock!

Dina: I see a bath tub!

Me: Bath tub?!

Dania: I see a teddy bear!

Dina: I see a llama....with big eyes and small face...and looks like a ghost. And beside it, the elephant eating a lollipop.

Everybody: ??????

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Girls' Hair Saloon Trip

Last weekend, I took the girls for their monthly haircut. Seriously, its like they have weeds on their heads. They could get a haircut today and by next week, complain about their hair already in their eyes.

So last week, my brother brought us to his friend's saloon near my mom's house. Dania and Dina went first and were done in no time. Then it was Daria's turn. The last time I took her for a haircut, she freaked out and cried most of the time.

This time was so much different. I guess from watching her sisters, she understood the concept that the hairdresser wasn't going to attack her with the scissors.

Uncle Alex was very good with Daria. When he wanted to cut her fringe, he told her to close her eyes. "Close your eyes, close your eyes adik."
Initially the girls complained that the short haircuts made them look like boys. But now it's kind of growing on them.I like it, especially since I don't have to worry about hair in their eyes anymore.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Trip To KL Bird Park

The last time we went, I was 7 months pregnant with Daria. So, yesterday I told hubby, we should go again. Actually, it was more of my guilty conscious speaking as I had been so busy with work and classes, that I hadn't spent much time with the girls.

We initially planned to head out from home early but since everyone woke up late, we stepped out at around 10.30am. Dania and Dina were excited; they still remembered the last trip fondly. Daria was just happy to go anywhere...hee.

While En Rashid went to park the car, I bought the tickets at the ticket counter. FYI, the ticket prices had doubled since the last time we were there. For MyKad holders, adult tickets cost RM20 while children tickets were RM10. Fortunately they still had the JCard discount, so we saved RM5 there. Also Daria got in for free coz she was under 2 years old.

 One of the many parrots in the park. Most of them eat corn, fruits like papaya and also sunflower seeds.
 Dania and Dina in front of the parakeet enclosure. This was right after we entered the park. Daria was ecstatic but a bit frustrated none of the birds would come to her.
 One of the peacocks cooling its heels in the stream.
 A mummy peacock and her chicks basking in the sun. The chicks were very friendly and would follow people around, I guess hoping someone would throw down sunflower seeds to them.
 Daria being fascinated by the birds. She didn't realize the other birds flocking behind her until...
she turned around and saw that she was being surrounded by many birds. FYI, the guy in yellow was feeding them thus the reason there were so many birds in one place.
Ibu, help me!! I'm being "attacked" by hungry birds!
We passed the hornbill section and headed up to the World of Parrots. The last time we were here, we had a blast feeding the parrots with multiple cups of sunflower seeds. Unfortunately this time, there was no staff to hand out the food when we got there. The girls had to pick up leftover seeds from the floor, in order to get the parrots to come to them.

Monologue for the parrots in the picture:

Parrot 3: I'm sorry honey, for nagging at you. Let's make up.
Parrot 4: No, no, it's my fault. I've been neglecting you. Let me kiss you and make you feel better.
Parrot 2: guys made up!!
Parrot 1: Good god!! Get a room, will ya!

En Rashid and the girls posing with the lorries. Daria was eager to touch them until....
one of the lorries nipped her finger. Dania protested saying that it was En Rashid's fault...hehehe...
It was a good half hour before the bird show, so we entered the waterfall area. The last time we were here, the place was still under renovation so it was a new experience for all of us.
The front view of the waterfall. They had a walkway that went down to the pond below, where you could feed the gazillion of fishes there. Then it went back up to the waterfall where we then made our way to the auditorium for the bird show.

The bird show was somewhat similar to what we had seen last time, but with a few added tricks. The girls still loved it though and even Daria sat still throughout the entire performance. She was very impressed with the eagles, especially when Dania got to volunteer for the meat-on-a-stick trick.

Dania got to do the trick twice since the first time, the eagle just knocked the piece of meat off the stick. I was so excited for her, I forgot to switch the camera mode to video. Bummer!
Success!! And you can see the hawk (named Hunter), flying off with his meal behind them.
For one person, the highlight of the day was getting to play at the children's playground. Heee.
We then headed to the bird gallery and looked at the baby chicks there. They were so cute and cuddly!
Daria, apparently not well versed in the ways of handing a chick. Fortunately for the chick, she let it go rather quickly after feeling its claws on her fingers.

The eggs of an emu, ostrich and cassowary. Can you imagine passing something this big through your ass? Muahahaha.....
After all that walking and feeding the birds, we were getting pretty famished ourselves. We decided to try our the Hornbill Restaurant.
Dania tried the chicken chop. For RM30, it was rather overpriced though the portion was large, the meat itself was rather tough. The potato wedges were nice though. Dina had a kid's spaghetti meal. For a kid's meal, it was overpriced at RM14. I don't know about the taste but Dina finished it, so you can guess that the portion was rather small.
En Rashid had the Triple Decker toast..or something like that. When it arrived, the first thing that came to mind was "wow, RM20 for toast?" I guess it was nice coz he finished the whole meal before I could even ask for a taste. Oya, the coconut drinks were RM12 each. The stall near our house sells fresh coconut for RM3.50. Go figure!
This is what I had; Malaysian fried rice, supposedly a restaurant specialty (RM20). Nothing really special, I had gotten something non-spicy so I could share with Daria. In the end, she ate most of her father's french fries.
After lunch, we went back into the park because the girls wanted to take pictures with all the birds. The last time we were there, we passed up on the family photo because a) En Rashid didn't want to spend RM30 on a photo shoot and b) I was 7 months pregnant at the time so not really looking or feeling all that great. This time however, we decided to have our picture taken. The charge was still RM30 for a digital photo with a KLBP frame but they allowed us to take a few pictures using our own camera for free as well. 
The parrot was surprisingly heavy so after a few shots, my arm was kind of feeling it. Or maybe its just my "muscles" contracting due to not being worked out for so long...muahahah...
After that, we kind of walked around looking at the rest of the birds in the park. Despite the shade, it was getting rather hot and Daria was acting up due to the fact she was tired and wanted to play around with the camera. I finally let her so she instantly became a "bird paparazzi".

The food could have been better and I was dismayed to see some of the tourists there being very aggressive and provoked the birds. Better supervision should be given to discourage such acts. However, it was still a nice family outing. Maybe we'll go there again in a few years time.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Good Wife

I finally downloaded and watched all the latest episodes of The Good Wife. Thank you En Rashid for showing me how. Too bad for you, because I was busy investing my time, energy and tears watching Alicia and Will go back and forth will their flirtation, we didn't get to flirt as much. Heee...

I must say this is my favourite drama series for now. Don't get me wrong, I still love my L&O series and CSI is always near to my heart....but has Will Gardner. And he's hottttt!!! Sizzling hot!!

I love the fact that it's not all about the dramas in the courthouses but also drama among politicians. And family members. And hot co-workers. Did you know Mr. Big from SATC is in TGW? Double hotness! The supporting acts are also commendable; my favourite would have to be Kalinda. She's hot!! And I suspect a lesbian...if not, a bisexual.

Well, I finished 16 episodes in one day, which would account for my sluggishness today. But it was like an addiction, I just had to see what would happen next because each episode ended with some kind of cliffhanger. And I thought 24 was bad!

I need some sleep. And hopefully dreams of Will Gardner.....heeee..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lepas Ni Jangan Ada Yang Mempersoalkan...

..........sapa 1st Lady Malaysia. Dah tertera dalam paper, kita terima je la...

Sekarang kena make sure entourage Cik Puan ambik kisah hal wardrobe dia...kena la as awesome as Michelle Obama. Baru sesuai ngan "title" yang ada...betul tak?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Macam Macam Ada....

Punya la taksub aku dengan apa yang sedang berlaku kat Jepun, sampai Dato' Chong Wei menang All England pun aku terlupa nak tengok. Cis! Dah la kalahkan musuh ketat, Lin Dan dengan straight set lak tu!

Takpe, bleh tengok repeat kat Utube. Cuma tersangat la kurang feelnya sebab dah tau ending.

Kurang bernasib baik kita punya mens double...kalah sket je ngan mamat2 Denmark tu. Dah la rubber set...isy...takpe..olimpik nanti teruskan usaha (eh, olimpik bila plak?)

Hari ni start balik sekolah. Baru 2 minggu cuti semester, dah terasa liat plak time drive ke Uni. Tapi bila dah masuk kelas, tengok balik muka2 familiar, seronok lak. Hari ni kelas Marketing Management. Kelas ni kalau tak score tak tau la. Dah ini jugak la satu per tiga dari keje aku kat ofis. Esok kelas Management Information System. Tadi ambik buku teks, tengok macam belajar hal internet, server2. Lagi satu kelas yang kalau aku tak score, memang wajar campak diri dari tingkap rumah. Sib baik rumah 2 tingkat je, so tak mungkin mati...cuma maybe terseliuh je.

Tadi ibu aku call time aku tengah keje. Maksu ngan cousin2 aku from Johor melepak rumah dia, dok sibuk nak pi shopping kat ik.ea. Mentang2 la semua tu keje cikgu cikgi, cuti sekolah berjalan sakan. Lepas tu call aku tanya tiket masuk aqua.ria berapa hinggit. Lalalalala...aku tengah jenuh buat minit meeting, ko sibuk nak tau aquaria bukak kul berapa. Cet...neik kejap tahap tensen aku. Tapi dek sedara punya pasal, aku bleh bagi cadangan plak..baik pi kl bird park ah tengok burung. Tengok ikan tak best...burung best. Nak2 burung En Rashid....kahkahkahkah...abaikan lawak tak menjadi aku tu.

Dek tadi dok gigih buat minit meeting, aku bleh pi makan lunch kul 4pm. Sib baik En Rashid nak temankan...dapat aku makan spegeti meatballs dengan free. Siap ngan oreo cheesecake lagi. Muahahaha....

Apa aku nak cite tadi yek? Sebenarnya aku nak story hal Jepun lagi, tapi aku rasa korang pun dok tengok berita jugak kan. Oya, adik ipar aku (wife angah) dah scan baby dia...dah tau jantina. Tapi aku takleh cetak sini lagi selagi tuan badan tak bagi permission. Ngah, kalau kamu baca ni, bagitau la kat komens. Lepas tu, buat la apa gaya nak buat pun. Kot tak senonoh, Along tak publish je..hehehe..

OK la, nak tido. Blum mandi lagi ni. Kena mandi, kalau tak nanti En Rashid takmo peluk time tido. Lepas tu dia akan bolot the whole comforter. Terpaksa aku merengot macam udang kena goreng, nak tahan sejuk aircon. En Rashid dah tido, si Daria terjaga tadi, dia terus melompat dari sofa pi tidokan balik. Yang aku ni, tersangat la ibu mithalinya, bleh pi layan Zombieland buat kali kesekian kat bawah, sambil gelak muahahahhaa tengok lawak Woody Harrelson.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Devastating Earthquake, Tsunami Hits Japan

The horribleness of 2006 is happening again. This time, a 8.9 quake hit Japan and triggered a 10 meter tsunami in the Pacific Basin. Tsunami alerts have been raised all the way to San Francisco and Chile as people sit glued to their TV screen, watching Mother Nature plow through buildings, houses, cars, boats and of course people with all her might.
We had our usual operations meeting until 630pm. The quake had happened around 2.30pm local time so after the meeting, all of us huddled in front of the office TV, in awe of what was happening in Japan. Cars looked like small Match.Box toys as they were being swept away by the waves. Building looked like they were made out of cardboard. Big boats were helplessly thrown over by the huge waves. Last I heard, one of the nuclear reactors was in jeopardy because its cooling system was not working.
Japan is known for their earthquakes and I'm pretty sure the destruction due to the earthquake would have been much more devastating if they had not been prepared for such catastrophe. But the tsunami...there's just nothing any country can do to prevent that. How do you protect yourself from waves that are 6-10 meters high and are moving at the speed of a bullet train?
Let's all pray for the people of Japan and help as much as we can. The easiest way would be to donate money to either the Red Cross or Mercy Malaysia.

*images courtesy from Reuters

Friday, March 11, 2011


Alhamdulillah...just checked my 2nd trimester results this morning.


*click for bigger image (cet, macam orang lain heran results aku ni?!)

I sms'ed En Rashid and he replied..."Ok, tomorrow we celebrate, go eat at Saba'".

Cet, balik2 makan nasi arab dia ni. Takde offer pun nak belikan aku apa2. Paling tidak bawak aku berjalan ke Paris. Hehehehe...

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Makhluk Halus....

Korang pernah tengok iklan2 macam ni tak? Kat area rumah aku banyak. Tiap kali lalu, mesti aku terpikir, apa maksud dia "cara halus?" Pakai toyol kah? Ada lagi ye toyol zaman i.Pad dan an.droid ni? Lepas tu, bleh pakai "khidmat" dia untuk hutang juta2 je plak tu. Setau aku, toyol tu kecik je. Camne dia nak angkut duit juta2 kluar rumah, bawak ke rumah tuan dia? Dia ada poket ala seluar kargo ke? Dia pi reramai ke, macam ala aladin & the forty thieves?

Banyak la soalan aku. Bukan pinta nak tengok (BUKAN!!!!), cuma curious je. Tapi takde la sampai tahap nak tengok ngan mata kepala aku sendiri.

Bibik gemuk aku dulu ada cite, kalau kat Indon, ramai orang bela toyol. Kalau jejalan nak pergi pasar ke, pergi shopping ke, kalau nampak orang berjalan sambil letak dua2 tangan kat belakang, jauh2 la sket. Itu tanda dia tengah bawak toyol dia jalan2 atas belakang dia.

Uwaaaa!!! Siap bawak toyol jalan2 tu. Ke time tu mencarik mangsa?

Ingat dulu masa kecik2, tengok filem hantu toyol tu. Time tu, sapa budak laki yang muka penyangak sikit kena panggil Bachuk. Paling takleh lupa time toyol tu dok panggil tuan dia.."Bachuuuuk..mari, Bachuuuuk." Uwaaaaa...mengapakah??!! Camne parents aku bleh bagi aku tengok cite tu kecik2 dulu? Dia punya effect dia sampai sekarang terasa tau. Yish...

Dulu masa aku kecik2, famili aku dok kat rumah arwah atok aku kat Keramat. Rumah atok aku ni ala banglow dibelah 3; ada rumah depan, ada rumah belakang, ada rumah atas. Semua ada entrance, bilik, dapur masing2. Famili aku dok kat rumah atas. Time ni kitaorang baru balik dari UK, ayah aku baru habis buat PhD. Orang baru balik dari England la katakan, cakap melayu pun berterabur la. Tapi time bermain tu, geng je ngan jiran2 sebelah. Antara member2 aku time tu Wan Nor Iza, Ajib ngan Joe. Umur lebih kurang sama. Selalu kitaorang main nyorok2 ataupun baling selipar. Kot time kitaorang tengah benci ngan bebudak lelaki tu, aku ngan Iza main batu seremban. Tak pun main getah.

Bila dah penat bermain, selalu pi rumah salah sorang la..pi songlap air sejuk kat peti ais. Rumah aku payah sket sebab ibu aku yang sangat garang tu asyik ada. So selalu rumah Iza la yang jadi mangsa. Mak dia single mom, so time keje memang free willy la kitaorang nak buat apa kat rumah dia.

Ada satu hari tu, kitaorang dah penat main baling2 selipar, pi la rumah Iza untuk minum. Time tu baru lepas raya, so banyak la air2 gas dalam botol dalam peti ais. Nikmat wa cakap lu...gaya minum macam togak todi! Nak beli sendiri manade duit. Hehehe. Sambil2 layan air gas sejuk tu, tengok2 TV, tetiba Ajib kluar cite hal kecurian yang dok happening kat area rumah kitaorang time tu. Dia cakap dia terdengar nenek dia cite hal toyol. Time tu, sebut je the "T" word, bulu roma, bulu hidung aku semua dah meremang dah. Si Joe ngan Iza ni dok beria2 la, tambah cerita, dengar dari orang sana, dengar cerita dari orang sini. Aku diam je la....baru balik UK maaa...mana aku ada cite nak add in pun...kang aku bukak cite werewolf plak kang.

Tetiba kan, tengah syok dengar diaorang bercerita, aku ternampak something lalu kat depan pintu rumah Iza. Memula aku ingat kucing tapi setau aku kucing Iza warna oren. Benda tadi tu warna hitam. Lepas tu takde pun aku nampak ekor melambai2. Memula aku ingat nak buat tak tau je la, and then aku terpandang muka Ajib. Putih muka mamat tu ko...mata terbeliak lagi pandang kat tingkap belakang TV Iza!!! Aku dah mula panik ah...apesal mamat ni? Aku cuit peha Iza, soh dia tengokkan Ajib tu. Then aku pun pandang la slow2 ke arah mana Ajib tengah pandang.

Sib baik takde apa2! Aku pun tak tau la apa aku nak buat kalau aku nampak apa2. Time tu Ajib pun dah mula ok...tapi dia cepat2 bangun and terus balik rumah dia. Takde cakap bye, takde see you tomorrow. Iza ngan Joe macam blur. Aku antara nak cakap ngan tak nak cakap apa aku nampak tadi. Sebabnya 1) aku pun tak sure sebenarnya apa benda tadi aku nampak 2) aku takut kalau aku cakap nanti, dia tetiba melompat muncul depan aku, macam dipanggil2 lak.

Agak dah lama lepas incident tu, baru la Ajib cerita apa yang dia nampak kat rumah Iza aritu.

Apa dia nampak? Eeeee...aku takmo cite la. Ni pun aku dah start seriau dah ni...benda dah lama terperap dalam long-term memory aku, tetiba jadi fresh lak. Nanti la...kot aku berani time siang2, aku cite balik. Ni dah malam, aku nak pi tidokan anak2 kejap (dan2 time ni nak jadi ibu mithali!).

Monday, March 07, 2011


Yeah, not so much. Sorry, just really pressed for time. Just wanted to drop a line to say "I'm not dead...or in a coma...or forgotten my password...or given on blogging!!"

Just in case you missed me.

ps: Will update (for real!!) really soon. Maybe tonight!! Fingers crossed.

Friday, March 04, 2011

What Our Kids Will Learn In Kindergarden









W: WiFi

X: Xp OR Xbox

Thank God .... A is still Apple