Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Good Wife

I finally downloaded and watched all the latest episodes of The Good Wife. Thank you En Rashid for showing me how. Too bad for you, because I was busy investing my time, energy and tears watching Alicia and Will go back and forth will their flirtation, we didn't get to flirt as much. Heee...

I must say this is my favourite drama series for now. Don't get me wrong, I still love my L&O series and CSI is always near to my heart....but has Will Gardner. And he's hottttt!!! Sizzling hot!!

I love the fact that it's not all about the dramas in the courthouses but also drama among politicians. And family members. And hot co-workers. Did you know Mr. Big from SATC is in TGW? Double hotness! The supporting acts are also commendable; my favourite would have to be Kalinda. She's hot!! And I suspect a lesbian...if not, a bisexual.

Well, I finished 16 episodes in one day, which would account for my sluggishness today. But it was like an addiction, I just had to see what would happen next because each episode ended with some kind of cliffhanger. And I thought 24 was bad!

I need some sleep. And hopefully dreams of Will Gardner.....heeee..


Anonymous said...

Along, aku pun dok layan kat DIVA cite ni time tgh pantang ni.. tapi byk yg tak sempat tgk. nak copy ko punye leh? -iym-

liza said...

nak copy oit..

Along said...

Iym: Bila lak plak ko beranak ni? Sungguh the produktif...nak copy, anytime..bwk je hard disk ke tmpt aku.

Liza: boleh....2 episode singgit..hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Along, aku tgh pantang anak no 5. baru sebulan. btw aku dok update kat fb, tp ko takde fb eh? nanti aku singgah opi ko. -iym-