Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Be Right Back!!

I'm still here. Things at work have been hectic (I finally transferred to a different unit) so while I'm still in the same department, my tasks and work deliverables have changed. Overall, it has been a good change for me. I wake up with a purpose going to work. I have To Do Lists. By the end of the week, I can check off things that have been achieved.

Yeah, I'm happier work wise.

So while work has been taking up more of my time, it's been good. But don't worry, I have tons to blog about, especially about the girls. I'll find the time during the weekends.

Take care, peeps!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Two Things

I have work to do so I'll just update with the blog tag I found over at Jali's House.

Two Names You Go By:
1. Along
2. Ibu (what my kids call me)

Two Things You are Wearing Right Now:
1. Bat dress (baju kelawar)
2. Favorite Bra

Two Things You Want in a Relationship:
1. Communication
2. Great Sex

Two of Your Favorite Things to Do:
1. Read
2. Travel

Two Things You Want Very Badly at the Moment:
1. Sleep
2. Have some chocolate

Two Pets You Had/Have:
1. Sinbad - cat
2. Unnamed - hamsters

Two Things You Did Last Night:
1. Went out for sate with hubby and the kids
2. Played chuzzle on M.S.N. (addictive!!)

Two Things You Ate Today:
1. Bihun Soup
2. Cole Slaw

Two Longest Car Rides:
1. Tennessee to Florida (3 times)
2. Tennessee to Ohio

Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Raya
2. Whatever holiday is next on the calender

Two Favorite Beverages:
1. Sweet tea with lemon
2. Toss up between Vanilla Coke and Icecream Soda

I tag...whoever wants to do this tag. Just let me know when you've done it and I'll drop by.

Back to work...bleahh.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Paklah!!

Yesterday, our Prime Minister remarried. The lucky lady was 53 year-old, Jeanne Abdullah. My heart swelled with joy as I watched the news and the clips of the oh-so-simple ceremony today. Many congratulations to the happy couple, may you be happy together till the rest of your days.When the rumours first started about the PM remarrying, he denied it. Turns out the reporters got all their dates wrong. When he finally confirmed the story and announced the date, a lot of unworthy tongues started wagging.

Some say Paklah remarried too soon after the death of his 1st wife, Datin Seri Endon. Tell me, how do you define "too soon"? It's already been more than a year since the beloved Endon passed away due to breast cancer and throughout that lonely period, Paklah has stayed strong. Would people have been happier if he waited for 5 years? 10 years? Why the hell should he? Not a lot of people get a second chance at falling in love, so why should Paklah wait? Who are we to question his motives for remarrying. I, for one, am pleased that he's marrying someone his own age range and standards, and not some anak dara young enough to be his daughter. I can name some ministers and royalties who are like that!

You know the saying, "It's lonely at the top"? I'm pretty sure that rings true with Paklah too. Sure, he's surrounded by his cabinet ministers during the day and I'm sure his children and grandchildren are around him often. But when you've been in a relationship for over 40 years and suddenly lose that person, there's a void in you that craves for companionship. There's that time at night when you're lying in bed and all you want is someone there to hold your hand and hear you tell your day's activities. Someone to joke with and share secret looks. Some one to call you companion.

Companionship. That was the reason given by Paklah for his marriage to Jeanne. And I truly hope that she'll be a great companion for him, just as the Late Endon was.

Some people thought it was scandalous for Paklah to marry the ex-wife of his brother-in-law. First off, Jeanne and her former husband divorced 15 years ago. Secondly, Jeanne was previously the supervisor of the official residence of the deputy prime minister and manager of the Seri Perdana Complex. Who better to marry than someone who knows the demands and ups and downs of being the PM?

Some are bitter because Paklah did not marry a "pure malay". GOOD GRIEF!! Who is a pure Malay nowadays, anyway? And what the hell does her keturunan have to do with being the PM's wife anyway? Whylah these people so dengki?

I don't care. I think it's fab that Paklah remarried and I hope his marriage will make him happier and like he said, do more good work for the people.

My congratulations again to Paklah and his lovely bride. May Allah bless you both and may you both have a happy and prosperous life together. Amin.

Friday, June 08, 2007

A Birthday Note to Dania Jazmin - 5 Years Old

My dearest Dania,

My little girl is not so little anymore. You're 5..FIVE!! How did this happen? It seems like just yesterday you were still nursing and still learning to walk. You used to be scared of thunderstorms but now you relish watching the lightning and listening for the thunder.

I apologize for putting up your birthday note a week late. I apologize for not being able to put on a proper birthday party for you. Not that I didn't want to; I had even done some research on how to put on a princess themed birthday party. But alas, as always, work crawled its way into my schedule and I found myself with no time to buy the princess wings or even create the invitation cards. I promise, next year, we'll make a big deal of you turning 6. We'll invite the queen or Paklah. Heee...or maybe just hit the nearest food court with your school mates. Whichever's cheaper.

I did however have time to get you a cake. Big shout out to Auntie Noresh for making such a nice blueberry cheesecake, complete with a smiling sun and a colorful rainbow. I loved the way your face lit up when you saw it. "Thank you ibu for buying me this cake." Over and over again. Enough with the gratitude, my girl. Ibu feels guilty enough. I can't wait for your sweet 16th birthday to see the look on your face when I buy you that pimped out BMW your abah has been dreaming about. Yeah right, like that's going to happen.

Your Uncle Saiful bought you another cake when we went back to Melaka and your aunts lavished you with presents. Thank you for being such a great big sister and sharing your new colour pencils with your sister. Although I must admit, it would be hard to horde everything for yourself when someone is pulling your hands away from the colouring book and screaming in your ear.

I'll remember to say "please" nicely next time.

I just want to write so much about how much you've grown in a year. You've started pre-school and that's been such an easy major transition that I've been counting my blessings. You love school and all that school can offer, you talk about School with a Capital S. You love everything except for Spelling. Spelling is a pain. Spelling is no fun. I know you know it but you no likey. I admit there have been times where I've gritted my teeth to stop myself from yelling at you for not even trying to learn your spelling. My dear girl, there are times when you just have to do things, no matter how much you don't like it. Like waking up early and going to work. Or bathing. Or breathing, for that matter. Way to much work just to stay alive.

Last week, we took you and your sister on the Komuter to MV. You talked and described to me the things you saw on the way. We all had a great time, eating at Chillies and getting the free balloons. We were all poofed on the ride back home. Luckily we got seats so you sat on my lap and we took in the sights in silence. 10 minutes into the ride, you took my hand and laid it on your chest. You rubbed my fingers with your thumb the exact same way I do yours whenever we're holding hands. It was at that moment I thought, This is the reason I became a Mother!!
My dearest Buttercup,

I just want to tell you again how much I cherish you. How much I love our time together. How much I wish we had more.

I want to thank you for all the laughs and good times together. Thank you for all your funny jokes and antics. Thank you for all your unlimited love.

You are the most beautiful child a mother could ask for. And I hope you know just how much you mean to me.

Happy fifth birthday, Manja.

Love, Ibu.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

And they lure you with an animal balloon

I still owe Dania her birthday note. I've written some of it but have yet to upload the relevant pictures. Will do this soon.


So finally hubby relented. Instead of cutting all our Astr0 mini packages, he only cut out one; the learning channel. No more Paul Sr and the boys. No more Animal Planet. No more construction stories, which surprisingly are very informative and entertaining.


At first hubby wanted to cut out the Variety package but the thoughts of losing Tyra Banks made me a bit jittery. Hahahahaa.




2nd season of Supernatural is getting better and better. The 1st episode was a bit of a downer coz the dad died. What is it with this guy? He dies in Grey's Anatomy, he dies in Supernatural. Can you stop dying already? My tear ducts are all dried up.


Last night's episode was damn spooky. Because it featured.....clowns.

Urghhh...clowns. Bad clowns. Psychotic clowns. Eeeeevvviiiillll clowns.

I don't know why it is that I'm scared of clowns. I've never been chased by them or tormented by one. I was a little spooked by that clown in the horror movie "IT" (what kind of movie title is that, anyway?" but other than that I've never had a personal bad experiences with clowns.

Maybe it's the fact that their face is so painted and made up that you can't really see what they're thinking. Like, they paint a sad, clowny face but all the time they're really smiling inside, thinking of ripping off chicken heads and eating little children.

Whatever, clowns are spooky and they creep me out.

IT. Eeeeeeee.........