Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What Happened Before the Incident

It’s amazing how things can happen in a split second and change your life forever. I'm having a tough time talking about the incident; in fact I'm still pretty traumatised. I'm still having visions; sometimes they come at night when I'm lying in bed, trying to sleep. Sometimes they don;t even wait until night time to haunt me.

To tell you what happened over the weekend, I have to start from the very beginning. Or rather from last Thursday. After taking Tuesday and Wednesday off, I decided to come to work on Thursday. I decided to fast also, seeing how I still owed 6 more days. The fact that I had forgotten to eat dinner the night before and also had overslept, thus had not taken anything for sahur, I was tired to say the least when I got home. During the drive back, I started shaking and my eyes started to well up. Great, I was getting a fever. Thank god I had Friday off until Tuesday, since I had planned with my parents to go to Terengganu for my cousin’s, Aishah, wedding.

Thursday night saw hubby and me sick in bed, both with the fever. It must have been the weather, what with all the rain lately. By Friday morning I was feeling a bit better, but still sore. That’s how I get when I’m sick; I don’t get sick that often but when I do, I feel like I got hit with a freight train.

I spend the whole Friday morning in bed; I even had breakfast in bed, thanks to my maid, Nisa. I finally crawled to the bathroom at around noon to bathe. After prayers, I had lunch (or a snack, seeing how I couldn’t eat more than half a slice of bread) and spent the rest of the day with the kids. Hubby came home at around 6.30pm and I reminded him about an open house invitation we had received from one of my colleague. As much as we both didn’t feel like venturing out, as we were both still not feeling 100% ok, we headed out with the kids after Maghrib.

The initial plan was still in play; since only Dania and I were following my parents to Terengganu, we were to spend the night over at their house. Hubby couldn’t take leave on Monday; furthermore my MIL was in town. However, after coming back from my colleague’s open house, Dania vomited so hubby and I decided that we would all just stay at home and recuperate. I called up my mom to let her know that we wouldn’t be following her to Terengganu after all. I was pretty bummed out coz I had been looking forward to the trip plus I owed it to my cousin to be there. Her father had been one of the witnesses at my wedding so I felt a certain amount of obligation. However hubby argued that making the trip while being sick the whole way wouldn’t do anyone any good, so case closed. Or so I thought.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling surprisingly refreshed. Either it was the heavy dosage of medication that had knocked me out the night before or it was just God’s way with miracles finally giving me a break. I called up my mom and was relieved to find out that my parents had not yet started their journey to Terengganu. After having a quick discussion with hubby, I called back my mom with good news; Dania and I were going to Terengganu after all.

Our trip to Terengganu follows; long and uninteresting. What happened the following day was anything but that.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What Doesn't Break You, Makes You Stronger

Wow. We sure had fun with my last post, didn’t we? To all the Anonymous, thanx ye all for your comments. Very uplifting. Do come again will ya? Next time, sign your name so I may thank you personally.

Yeah, we could go on about this is my blog, and how I have to write about whatever I want, whatever I feel; however childish it may seem to some people but enough of that. I decided not to delete the post or any of the comments because I feel its one of my most honest post yet. I don’t often write so sincerely so to those who “terasa pedas kerana termakan cili”, it wasn’t my intention to cause such an alarm. I just needed an outlet to pour out my feelings.

Do I hate my officemates? About this? No way; this is too trivial a matter for me to hold such a grudge. I’ll get over it in time.

I took EL on Tuesday and Wednesday partly because of this, but mostly because Dina was suffering through a major bout of constipation. Poor girl, we had to administer 2 tubes of that gel stuff into her buttocks to soften her stool. Even then, it took her ½ hour and buckets of tears for her to pass motion.

Staying at home was fun, even if it was to supervise my baby’s butt and her passing huge bricks of poo. Sigh, do I still have to go to work?

Monday, November 20, 2006

It’s My Party and I’ll Sulk If I Want To

I did an open house last Saturday and only 5 people from my office came. 5 People!! I invited 50 and cooked for 100 (to include spouse, kids, maid, etc). Even my boss didn’t come. I think this speaks volumes about how much I’m appreciated here. Granted the weather wasn’t so good in the afternoon, but those who made it were determined enough. Further more, the invitation stated the open house was until 9pm.

What’s worse is coming into the office on Monday and having everyone say thank you for the invitation but sorry I couldn’t come because cat died/kids were sick/got another wedding/tahlil/open house to go to. Whatever. If I have to hear one more excuse, I’ll just scream inside.

Ok, this is the first and the last time I do an open house. Next time, I’ll just invite the 5 that came last Saturday and do a small makan-makan

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Raya Story and Photos...soon

Sorry guys. Been too busy for words. This is what happens when you take more than a week off for work. The amount of cow dung on my table was horrendous, to say the least. Not to mention the number of emails that flooded my inbox.

I have loads of raya stories and photos to share but it will have to wait until the weekend. Until then, stay safe everyone.