Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What Doesn't Break You, Makes You Stronger

Wow. We sure had fun with my last post, didn’t we? To all the Anonymous, thanx ye all for your comments. Very uplifting. Do come again will ya? Next time, sign your name so I may thank you personally.

Yeah, we could go on about this is my blog, and how I have to write about whatever I want, whatever I feel; however childish it may seem to some people but enough of that. I decided not to delete the post or any of the comments because I feel its one of my most honest post yet. I don’t often write so sincerely so to those who “terasa pedas kerana termakan cili”, it wasn’t my intention to cause such an alarm. I just needed an outlet to pour out my feelings.

Do I hate my officemates? About this? No way; this is too trivial a matter for me to hold such a grudge. I’ll get over it in time.

I took EL on Tuesday and Wednesday partly because of this, but mostly because Dina was suffering through a major bout of constipation. Poor girl, we had to administer 2 tubes of that gel stuff into her buttocks to soften her stool. Even then, it took her ½ hour and buckets of tears for her to pass motion.

Staying at home was fun, even if it was to supervise my baby’s butt and her passing huge bricks of poo. Sigh, do I still have to go to work?


moby said...

Hello Along! I've only recently discovered your blog. Wow! Weather's hot down here the past couple of post eh? Lots of anonymous commenters. Anonymous or "annoying mouse", because keyboards make great hiding places and mice can act like tigers.

Jokes aside, I hope to read more of your honest posts. Thumbs up for telling it like it is!

Hope your little girl feels better.

lin said...

laa..ciannya dina..
dahla masa open house tu tak berapa sihat ya.. hopefully she's ok now
btw,rugila orang2 yang tak datang rumah kau tu.. laksa memang terangkat..
eh bila nak pegi rumah noresh tengok baby? liza sume dah pegi ke.. kalau belum jom la pegi sekali..

kai (ex-vandy) said...

hi along,

terlebih dulu nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya buat anda sekeluarga..... tak sangka pulak boleh terserempak dgn blog engkau nih.... tahniah dah jadik emak kepada dua puteri... anyway send my warmest regard to en rashid yer.... :D

Syikin said...


terkejut gak baca pasal entri sebelum ni..mmg sedihlah sbb kita masak utk celebrate kengkawan, masak banyak pulak tu..tup2 tak ramai datang, bahkan ciput aje yg hadir.

tak pelah, next year buat kecil2 aje ya..atau masak gak banyak tp bukan takat jemput kawan ofis aje, bahkan sedara mara, jadi selamatlah sikit.

harap2 dina dah sembuh sepenuhnya.

bab laksa terangkat yg tak tahan tu. saya ni hantu laksa tau..