Thursday, September 30, 2004

Another week goes by...

Another week at home, with nothing to show for. Been having mental memo exchanges with baby.

Baby: Dear ibu, have decided to take up permenant residance in here. Feels nice and safe, eventhough getting a little cramped. Been getting regular doses of something sweet, I heard you call it chocolate. Very nice. Have feeling if I get out, won't be having any chocolate for a while.

Me: Dear baby. You cannot stay in there forever. Sooner or later you must come out. Be a good girl and come out today!!

Baby: Dear ibu. Doesn't feel like it's time for me to come out yet. Tommorow's another doctor's checkup, right? Tell her not to scan when I'm sleeping..the light disturbs me.

Me: Dear baby. Ibu is at the end of her wits. Apesal degil sangat? Nak kena bab?!!

Baby: yang lagi takut nak keluar ni? I hear Kak Long Dania always kena bab.

Me: Ok..ok. Ibu won't bab you. Just come out...pleeeezzeeee!!!

Baby: Sorry...getting sleepy. I'll get back to you when I get up.


Anothai is in jail!! Argh...the drama continues...


Have done calculations in my head. Pantang takes 44 days. If I deliver on my due date, then 1st raya will still be during my pantang period. ARGH!! Tak dapat nak bergaya baju baru. Today's actually the cut off date. If I deliver today, then last day of fasting will be the last day of pantang also. Maybe I should walk up and down the stairs some more....


Hubby was fasting today..forgetting it's Nifsu Syaaban. Sheesh...sib baik sekerat hari jer.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Contractions...not contractions?

Somethings happening in my tummy...cannot be because lapar. Had rice, ice cream and dunkin donuts for lunch. Plus 2 teh o limau suam. Feels like contractions (wishful thinking?)...but irregular. Damn!

Hubby won’t be around this weekend. Going to Singapore for training. Tomorrow morning is flying there, won’t be back until Sunday afternoon. Have threatened to name the child either “Dinosaur” or “Doremon” if he’s not gonna be around for the birth. Mom has volunteered to sleep over during hubby’s absence. Jojet nak kemas rumah lak...if not can sleep over.

1 more hour until going home time. Letih lak mai keje...

2 weeks gone by...and nada!!

I’ve been away from the office for nearly 2 weeks now. Finally couldn’t stand it and came to work today. Ofismate somo surprised...why I’m still bloated like a whale?

Why?!..Why, indeed?!!

Last night I got so desperate. Hubby went for futsal match, I couldn’t sleep. Was overexcited over the final outcome of the Amazing Race. Stupid Astro had nothing on, so spent ½hrs going up and down the stairs...trying to induce the baby to come out!! Man, am I getting that desperate?

She’s already at 38 weeks. She has nothing to gain by staying inside me any longer. My doa after every prayer is always...”Ya Allah, percepatkanlah dan permudahkanlah process beranakku”. Sounds weird but I think God gets the message.

My off day at home is usually like this.
- Wake up at 7.00am, thanks to Dania. Her “Good Morning” ritual usually includes stroking me on the face...or if she’s in a bad mood, poking me in the back. Then she’s srcreaming for someone to open the door so she can go downstairs to watch her morning cartoons. That girl ah..I tell demanding one!!

- If feeling energetic, follow Dania downstairs and have breakfast. If lazy, go back to sleep until 11am, then only go get breakfast.

- Have Astro remote permanently glued to my hand as I flick from one channel to another. Usually takes me 3 rounds of going through all the channels, before I can decide on what to watch.

- Have lunch at 3.30, after Thailand telenova. I’m hooked...that Anothai hero is sooo damn cute!!

- Go upstairs to bathe and pray.

- Come back down at 5pm and watch Sesame Street with Dania. I now know all the monsters’ names by heart...go ahead, quiz me!!

- Wait for hubby to come back from work. Have dinner together and watch TV until bedtime. life sucks. I could never function as a fulltime housewife.

Friday, September 10, 2004

To come ...or not to come.

As I write the title above, I noticed that people could mistake the meaning for something else...hehehehe.

What I’m referring to is whether or not to come to work next week. I’ve already been telling people this week would be my last before I go for maternity leave. I’ve even submitted my handover notes to my her much distress. However the prospect of laying at home waiting...and waiting...slowly feeling my brain cells dying one by also not very amusing. Dah le takde DVD baru nak tengok....buhsan!!

We'll see how it goeslah...if rajin, then come to work..if not...sayonara for 2 months.

I'm not fat...I'm big boned!!

For the past week, people have been commenting on two things regarding my appearance.

1. Eh, long..apesal mata ko merah? You got eye infection, is it? ARGH..get away..get away!!! (backing away, while making the sign of the cross with their I’m a vampire or something).
2. Eh..ko bile due ni? Aku tengok sarat je..macam tak larat.

Ahh. Why can’t people greet me with more exciting topics? What happened to lame topics such as the weather...or intelligent ones, such as the upcoming Bajet 2005? To answer these questions once and for all.

1. Yes, I have an eye infection. No, it’s not contagious. I’m already taking eye drips for the redness. You can all start looking me in the eye when you talk to me, instead of my bulging stomach.
2. My estimated due date is 6 October, but I may come early. Dania was 3 weeks early. Let’s all pray that I do come early...for my sake and the sake of mankind.


Because of my eye infection, I spent an hour at the doctor’s and missed Kingdom’s Hospital. But AXN being AXN, I’m sure there’ll be a rerun this weekend. So no worries.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Ahh...surprise, surprise...

Despite being married 3 years and knowing each other 10 years, my hubby never fails to surprise me sometimes. Yesterday was another great example...yesterday being our 3rd year anniversary. He's been so busy lately, I was sure he would forget. The fact he had to be in Ipoh the whole day for a meeting, strengthen my belief. Alas...

10.30pm. Dania and Ani were already asleep. I was watching Next Action Star on Astro (don’t penalize me for this...there was nothing else on).

Hubby (sat down next to me and gave me a hug): Happy Anniversary...(sexy voice).
Myself: Same to you..wish aje?
Hubby: We go out for dinner this weekend ok?
Myself: OK...(stare back at TV)
Hubby: So...emmm...errr...will you marry me? (still sexy voice)
Myself (now starring at hubby and thinking..ah, lawak bodo coming): Oklah, since we dah terlanjur...I also bunting already..I’ll marry you.

Hubby took my hand and put on a ring...a bloody white gold with sparkling diamond ring!! I looked at it, first thinking he had put on my wedding ring on as a symbolic gesture. It looked was an entirely different ring!!

Myself: Errr...OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! 4 X
Hubby (looking mighty smug): Suka tak?
Myself: OH MY GOD!! Bile beli ni?
Hubby: Tadi.
Myself: I only bought you a card!! I thought you forgot!! I’m feeling like such a shmuck for smsing my friends and whining about how after only 3 years of marridge, my hubby dah lupa our anniversary. I’m a shmuck..I’m a shmcuk..I’m a shmuck!! How to make it up to him? Must think of grand place to take him to dinner this weekend...*sigh*


Places to eat to consider (thanks to Joe).
- PJ Hilton (Restoran Paya Seari)
- Chakri Palace
- Hyatt Saujana Hotel
- Outback Steakhouse Bangsar

You see where I'm going with this...I'm thinking big and expensive. Something like the rock that's sitting pretty on my finger right now.


The Star is showing some pictures from the Brunei wedding. Pergh...check out the bracelets on the bride!!! Camne nak angkat tangan tu?!! They've reported the wedding costs RM19 million!! Which I would think is petty cash to the Royal Bruneians..but still...fuh, RM19 million can but a whole lot of much needed clothes and food for the children in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The bride's 17 years old. 17!! When I was 17, I didn't even have a steady boyfriend, much less have any serious thought about getting married. When you're 17, you're supposed to be thinking about what college or university you're going to...what color lipstick matches your to ask father for money for more shoes. I wish the couple the best of luck though...getting married is no joke, getting married into a royal family is an even bigger burden.


Ayah's coming back from Japan today. Mom has called twice today to update me on her recent purchases. Why that woman needs a hat rack is beyond one in the family wears a hat!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Need a serious headcheck...

ARGHHHH!!! Checking my calender...and guess what's written under 8th September 2004. MY ANNIVERSARY!!!

Ok, let's analyze the situation so far. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and can hardly walk. Forget abt dashing to the nearest supermarket to buy something for hubby. 1st thing, have no clue what he wants. 2nd, I already have that RM4 card I bought at MPH in case of an emergency. I think this constitutes as an emergency. Furthermore, I doubt hubby realises what tomorrow is anyway. Plan to give him the card in the morning before he leaves for his meeting in Ipoh. He can simmer in his guilt during the drive there...hehehehe..

Yesterday I did the unthinkable. Lost my temper at Dania big time. A dialog synopsis of what happened.

Ani (my maid): Dania...pakai baju ni..
Dania: Taknak! Taknak!
Ani: Bangunlah..susah kakak nak pakaikan baju macam ni.
Dania (now kicking Ani in frustration): Taknak! Nak bear! Nak susu!
Myself (sitting on the sofa, tired and feeling a massive headache coming): Nah!! Ambik bear ni. Pakai baju cepat!!

Threw one of her teddy bears at Dania...and it hit her face. Didn't mean to aim at her face..but it did do the trick of shutting her up. In fact she kept the surprised look on her face for a full 30 minutes. Felt mighty guilty afterwards. Tried to make up for my outburst by playing with her until bedtime. Hubby pulled me aside before we went to bed and "tegured" my actions. Felt extra worst after that. Cuddled Dania in her sleep and kissed her forehead several times. Sigh....motherhood can bring out the beast in you sometimes!!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Waiting for the time to come...

I agree with Garfield..Mondays suck!! Even after a long weekend's rest (I took Friday off for my check up), I still couldn't get out of bed this morning. Friday's check up confirmed what I had suspected all along...the baby's head is already engaged. Just waiting for some signs of labor...and it will all be over soon. Alas, the last few weeks are most dragging...

Saturday nite took the family, mom, achik and her kids to see the lights and view. Didn't expect to see such a huge crowd at the Masjid Putra...families were there having picnics, kids were playing on their bikes. I didn't know the place was so happening at nite! Alas, the food court was already we rushed to Precinct 16 to eat at the Taman Warisan Pertanian. Fortunately the place closed at 11pm, so we all had a late dinner there. Got back home at nearly, achik and the gang went home around 12.30am. The next day...flat!! Spent most of the day recovering...