Thursday, September 30, 2004

Another week goes by...

Another week at home, with nothing to show for. Been having mental memo exchanges with baby.

Baby: Dear ibu, have decided to take up permenant residance in here. Feels nice and safe, eventhough getting a little cramped. Been getting regular doses of something sweet, I heard you call it chocolate. Very nice. Have feeling if I get out, won't be having any chocolate for a while.

Me: Dear baby. You cannot stay in there forever. Sooner or later you must come out. Be a good girl and come out today!!

Baby: Dear ibu. Doesn't feel like it's time for me to come out yet. Tommorow's another doctor's checkup, right? Tell her not to scan when I'm sleeping..the light disturbs me.

Me: Dear baby. Ibu is at the end of her wits. Apesal degil sangat? Nak kena bab?!!

Baby: yang lagi takut nak keluar ni? I hear Kak Long Dania always kena bab.

Me: Ok..ok. Ibu won't bab you. Just come out...pleeeezzeeee!!!

Baby: Sorry...getting sleepy. I'll get back to you when I get up.


Anothai is in jail!! Argh...the drama continues...


Have done calculations in my head. Pantang takes 44 days. If I deliver on my due date, then 1st raya will still be during my pantang period. ARGH!! Tak dapat nak bergaya baju baru. Today's actually the cut off date. If I deliver today, then last day of fasting will be the last day of pantang also. Maybe I should walk up and down the stairs some more....


Hubby was fasting today..forgetting it's Nifsu Syaaban. Sheesh...sib baik sekerat hari jer.