Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm not fat...I'm big boned!!

For the past week, people have been commenting on two things regarding my appearance.

1. Eh, long..apesal mata ko merah? You got eye infection, is it? ARGH..get away..get away!!! (backing away, while making the sign of the cross with their I’m a vampire or something).
2. Eh..ko bile due ni? Aku tengok sarat je..macam tak larat.

Ahh. Why can’t people greet me with more exciting topics? What happened to lame topics such as the weather...or intelligent ones, such as the upcoming Bajet 2005? To answer these questions once and for all.

1. Yes, I have an eye infection. No, it’s not contagious. I’m already taking eye drips for the redness. You can all start looking me in the eye when you talk to me, instead of my bulging stomach.
2. My estimated due date is 6 October, but I may come early. Dania was 3 weeks early. Let’s all pray that I do come early...for my sake and the sake of mankind.


Because of my eye infection, I spent an hour at the doctor’s and missed Kingdom’s Hospital. But AXN being AXN, I’m sure there’ll be a rerun this weekend. So no worries.


costing said...

wei....hahha..bran works ka?..blum try byoung lagik..u'll be satisfied for life...hahahha

Anonymous said...

Oooo... kau pun tgk Kingdom Hospital ke? aku nak follow jugak tgk tapi selalu miss. tapi dapat jugak tgk final episode. Too nice and tidy (I mean the conclusion not the story), nothing amazing. Aku pun cek for reruns tapi x jumpa. Inform me if u know anything. In the meantime, I recommend u watch Carnivale at HBO. U just don't know who you're rooting for - who's the bad guy? who's the good guy? after season 1 pun still conpius lagi.