Saturday, May 28, 2011

Along Pi Tengok Wayang Cite Melayu?

Yer...akhirnya. Walaupun aku memang pernah keluarkan statement "ko bayar aku pun, aku tak hingin tengok wayang cite melayu"...tapi akhirnya aku pasrah.

Demi ibu tersayang. Dah berapa kali orang tua tu dok call aku bagi hint "agak2 kat mana yer cite Nur Kasih tu tunjuk?" " agak2 arini ada ke cite wayang Nur Kasih tu?"

Alaa..cakap je la direct nak aku belikan tiket wayang tu, nak bawakkan pi tengok cite tu. Buat statement agak2 plak.

So in the end, aku belikan ibu aku tiket wayang cite Nur Kasih. Aku tanya, "ibu nak pi tengok ngan sapa?"

"Ntah yer..sapa nak ikut ibu ni?"

Sekali lagi dia bagi hint. Ok la, aku beli satu tiket jugak...follow sekali.Sekali ibu aku bagitau, eh Ayah pun nak ikut la.

Aaaa...kalau dah kluar dating, takyah la heret aku. Tapi aku nak jugak aku ikut. Dia kata, ayah tak paham cite tu..nanti penat dia nak explainkan backstory cite tu kat ayah aku.

OK, fine..kita bertiga pi tengok wayang (tak pernah buat keje macam ni). Tapi sebab nak heret aku, maka wajib datang ambik aku kat rumah and pergi tengok kat wayang dekat. la, mana lagi.

Kali ni, takmo ambik changes. Beli siap2 tiket online. Dulu dah kena masa nak pi tengok cite Rio...sampai kaunter, tiket tinggal sekeping. Muncung sedepa muka si Kaklong sebab tak dapat tengok wayang. Kakngah ok, dengan syarat popcorn tetap beli. Heee..

Sampai mall, around 4pm..cite start 510pm. Sempat ibu aku nak pi pekena bihun sup kejap kat food court dia. Saja je kan, padahal kat rumah aku ada makanan. Bihun sup jugak aku masak tadi. Takpe..layan.

Camne cite dia? OK la...pada aku cite dia 10% bercakap, 90% menangis. Itu je le keje pelakon dia...menangis..syahdu..menangis lagi. Tapi serious ko, memang ramai yang menangis dalam panggung tu...termasuk la ibu tersayang aku tu. Sok sek sok sek kat sebelah. Nak je aku gelakkan tapi aku tertido kejap. Heee. Awal cite dia macam melompat2 sket, sampai aku pun future ke, current status ke, flashback ke. Isy. Aku bleh puji dia punya special effects sket la..kira takde la nampak cheap. Quite ok. Ending dia unexpected. Yang aku suka...ending dia menghilangkan sebarang kemungkinan ada Nur Kasih 2. Hehehehe...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Updates on The Tank

So remember I told you I had scraped the side of the Tank a few weeks back? It was hideous, what with the plastic border also gone and all the nuts and bolts showing. Urgh...tak menyelerakan nak bawak Tank lepas tu (banyak cantik muka ko, padahal ko yang pi cium tiang sapa suruh!!).

So last weekend, En Rashid finally took the Tank to the repair shop. After negotiating with the apek, he gave us a reasonable price of a few hundred to fix the door and the missing border.

Today, En Rashid took me to the repair shop because 1) He left one set of the house keys in the glove compartment 2) He wanted me to pick a new color for the Tank.

Walawei, macam banyak duit nak cat Tank la plak. Nevermind, let's pick a color first then negotiate with the apek again.

First I picked this color, Voltage Blue Metallic.
En Rashid said it looked too light. It might look funny on a big vehicle like the Tank.

So then I picked this color, New Bright Blue Met.
See how I'm sticking to my favorite color, blue. Since I'm paying for the repairs, I figured it might as well reflect my personal choices (padahal dah pandai punahkan, pandai la betulkan balik, ye tak?). The amoi at the shop was not of much help. When she found out I wanted blue,s he pulled out all her color schemes and showed them to me..."Ini biru banyak cantik, ini jugak, ini pun ok jugak, yang ni pun lawa...blah, blah, blah." Hello amoi, you think I have 10 cars to paint, is it? Buat pening kepala aku je.

En Rashid was ok with my final color choice so we called the apek to negotiate. Whole car, around RM2000+. With the repairs and all, around RM3180.

Uwaaaaa...lepas ni gua asyik makan roti aje lorrrr.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Birthday Note to Daria Syazmin - Two Years Old

My Dearest Daria,

Last week you turned two years old. Two!! Where has all the time gone? How is it possible that I can still remember the day you came into our lives in vivid color and yet here you are in front of me, no longer a baby.

What can I say about you turning two? The fact that you still speak baby talk is one thing. I love the fact you can ramble off long sentences, assuming people actually understand you. The animated look on your face as you describe what you did during the day never fails to lift my spirits. Your hand gestures, and funny laugh at the end of the story amuses me to no end.
You use the fact that you're the baby of the family to your full advantage. But seriously, who can stay mad at you long when you make that funny face with your hands over your eyes and then laugh and hug us tight.
You're still mad about Upin Ipin and Mickey Mouse, you're constantly chanting "betul, betul, betul" or "Ishka, ushka, iki oush!!" You've learned to use the TV remote like a pro, changing channels and looking at the TV guide menu, as if you understand. Ever since you learned how to maneuver the Tablet, no one else has been able to use it. You play Angry Birds with that constant frown on your face, looking cutely serious at the pigs that wouldn't die. Utube is your permanent website to go to, with abundances of Upin Ipin videos and princess songs.
My little baby elephant,

As much as I'm amazed at the rate you are growing, it also fills me with fret. What I wouldn't give to keep you like this for just a little while longer. You're already so independent; climbing the stairs like a pro, rummaging through the kitchen drawers looking for items to "cook" with, sitting down with your books beside your sisters as they do their homework. You still want to sit on my lap when we watch TV together, you still want me to carry you when we enter an elevator, you still want me to hold you tight whenever there's a thunderstorm; I fear those days will not be around for long.
My beautiful Syazmin,

Everytime I look at you, I think of all the suffering and frustrations your father and I went through before you came along. I look at you and I see a miracle baby. Someone who came along when hope for another baby was lost. Someone who came along when we least expected. Someone who came along when we needed it the most.

And for that, I am eternally grateful and blessed.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Comel.

Love, Ibu.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

POTC: On Stranger Tides Review

Last Friday, I got free tickets to see the fourth installment of the Pirates: On Stranger Tides. 3D some more. Heee. Initially I only got 1 ticket but as things worked out, some of my office mates were unable to go, so I managed to snag an extra ticket for En Rashid.

Tengok, aku nak enjoy, mesti nak ingat kat dia punya. Isteri mithali sungguh!

Anyway, the movie was at MV and started at 9pm, so while waiting for the cinema attendees to let us in, En Rashid took me for dinner at Burger King. Dah lama tak pekena mushroom grill burger. Initially we wanted to eat at Carl's Jr but the place was packed. 2nd choice BK also can la.

Anyway, back to the movie. Seeing it in 3D was a new experience for me. Sadly, it also made it a bit difficult for me since I already wear glasses, so my 3D glasses kept sliding off my face. An excuse to get contacts again?

The storyline was kind of cool. Not to spoil it too much for those who have yet to see the movie, here are some keywords:

Jack, funnier than ever
Barbossa in a wig
Evil Blackbeard with voodoo magic
Zombies (eeekkk!!)
Mermaids (double have to watch to know why)
Hot priest
Fountain of Youth

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves. The scenes were amazing, the stunts and special effects too. Plus did you know, Blackbearda.k.a Edward Teach and his ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge actually existed?

Friday, May 20, 2011

To Update


Daria's 2nd birthday note. I can't believe my baby is two already!! Where has the time gone? She's so talkative and so bossy..typical 2 year old. Her terrible-two tantrum can be oscar-worthy sometimes but I wouldn't exchange that for anything. Sayaaaaaaannnnggg sangat adik!!

My brother and my SIL moved from their apartment into my parent's house in Subang recently. We went by last weekend so the kids could have a last swimming session in the pool; alas it rained so we had to cancel that, much to the disappointment of the girls. In the end, we helped (a bit!) with the packing as my brother has so much junk to haul over to the SJ house.

My parents came back from a week long golf vacation in Perth. I have yet to see any of the chocolate my mom so called bulk purchased there. Hmmm...

Oya, received my results for MM and MIS mid term. MM did ok...62/75. I lost marks for not putting in enough examples to support my theories. Peh, cakap la nak soh merepek panjang lebar. For MIS, I got highest marks!! Yeah. But only for the MCQ, for the essay questions, we have yet to get our marks. We have yet to receive our law papers not looking forward to that. I need to start cracking on my final projects thought...only 5 weeks until finals. Eekkkk!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Surprise...

..indeed it was. Everyone has been so busy lately at work, that even I didn't think much about my birthday. Plus since it actually fell on a Sunday, by the time Monday came about, the thought of celebrating had passed.

I had a meeting in Cyber in the morning. My staff sms'ed me to ask when I would be coming back to the office; the ruse was to have a preliminary discussion before our 230pm meeting. Hah...rupanya nak tau bila bleh makan?! My boss and my staff bought tons of pizza and a BIG cake as a surprise. Alahai...terharu beta!

Picture time!

See? Siap tulis jawi tu. I don't know what the hidden message behind that is...that I'm so old that I read in jawi. Hehehehe..Plus, initially there was one additional candle on the cake. Uwaaaa...tapi takpe..janji cake sodap...ko letak la 100 candle pun takpe. Hee.
My staff, Asrol, presenting me with the cake.
Gigih memotong kek. Sebelah tu plastic beg penuh ngan pizza. Wuuhuu!!

*note: pix courtesy from Hajar a.k.a Ofis Diva. Heee...tq dik.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy 35th Birthday.... me.

ps: Also happy birthday to my friends Rina and Amani who share the month of May with me. Babes, we may be getter older, but it doesn't mean we're getting any less hotter. Hahahahaha...!! Also happy birthday to all May babies...may Allah bless all of you.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Could Blame Everything From Work to Studies to Pippa

It's been slow in Along's Blog world. I know, sorry for that. It's not that things have not been happening, it's just that too many things have been happening that I haven't been able to catch a breather to write it all down.

First, there was my mid terms which was kind of ok and kind of not ok. MIS was a mess. Thank god for the MCQ questions which was somewhat like the questions we studied before. I have no idea what crap I wrote for the essay questions. Plus the fact the lecturer came up to and asked my line of work and then frowned when I told him I was in the telecommunications line, like he was thinking "then you should know this already". Law WTH? OK, I would really love it if the papers just got lost or destroyed somehow. Marketing was better, in the sense the hints that the prof gave really helped. Eventhough I forgot some points and just gave random examples in the end, at least I'm 80% sure most of what I wrote made sense.

OK, enough about my exams. After that whole fiesta, I was still away from the office to attend a two-day forum in K.L.C.C. It was really interesting and I'm glad I got to do some networking with big shots from local and regional companies. Too bad I didn't think ahead to print out my resume and pass that around, instead of just my name card...haha. It was amazing to find out that even with the many years I've been doing this product, there's just so much I still don't know and have yet to learn.

Some opportunities at a big change has also come about. Now I'm undergoing some soul searching exercises to figure out if I should take that leap of faith.

I've been so busy that I haven't even had time to read the news. Now I find out about Arnie Governator separating, Pippa Middleton's indecent photos and that really bad local case of bullying that got uploaded on Utube. Urghh...maybe I should continue to be ignorant of the news, life seems so much simpler. 

Sidenote: talking about Pippa Middleton, did you guys catch the royal wedding 2 weeks back? I know, I know, old news now...but I just have to state how much I LOVE Catherine's wedding gown and how the whole shenanigan was classy, simple (in royal terms) and just marvelous. William looks handsome despite the bald spot (heh!) and both Best Man and Maid of Honor looked divine. Even the Queen looked chippy!!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

It's Mother's Day!

And I received a homemade card and lots of hugs and kisses from the girls. Because really, do I need anything more than that?

OK, I could ask for smaller thighs or smoother skin or a more defined tummy...but I choose to wear those "defects" proudly because they are my "mommy" scars.

The card Dina gave me. Apparently she can't like me too much because it isn't my birthday yet. Heeee.

I sms'ed my mom to wish her since she's in Perth with my dad right now. She replied back with a fierce "I love you forever too". I called up my MIL, which delighted her coz I never call (isy..bad DIL!) and then sms'ed my SILs to wish also.

All in all, it was a quite Mother's Day celebration but hey, who says you can only celebrate mother's once a year. Here's until my exams are over then it's time to parrrrtttyyyy!!

ps: Happy Mother's Day to all moms, and moms-to-be out there!!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Ye La..Ye La....

.....aku bukak balik blog aku. Dah, jangan marah aku lagi. Joe, sori, takde gambar bogel. Nanti aku carik gambar mana2 playboy bunny letak sini untuk ko. Takpun..ala, ko belek je la majalah2 yang dulu ko dok langgan kat US tu. Muahahahaha.

Tengok, aku tak update pun apa2...hehehe...takde masa giller mid terms. Semalam aku ada paper Law...mampos aku nak jawab. Nak sangat open book, open internet kan? Hambik ko..sekali kluar soklan, mamat Law & Order tu pun blum tentu bleh jawab!

Ari Selasa lepas, paper MIS. Itu lagi satu palat. Apa aku baca, takde pun kluar. Cet! Seperti biasa, sessi menggoreng bermula. Dok angkat tangan tanya explanation from lecturer berapa kali dah....sampai prof pun cakap, takde betul or bagi justification for answer je. Hmm..bleh ke camtu?

Monday depan paper Marketing lak. 14 chapters nak kena baca? Bila nak start tu?!! Uwaaaa....sekali lagi, padan muka aku, sapa soh gatal pi buat MBA.

Pengumuman: Blog ini hanya untuk tatapan mereka yang sudi terima seadanya sahaja. Yang tak sudi, sila jangan tatap. Besar dunia Internet ni, banyak lagi website yang berfaedah untuk dilayari. Sekian.