Monday, May 23, 2011

A Birthday Note to Daria Syazmin - Two Years Old

My Dearest Daria,

Last week you turned two years old. Two!! Where has all the time gone? How is it possible that I can still remember the day you came into our lives in vivid color and yet here you are in front of me, no longer a baby.

What can I say about you turning two? The fact that you still speak baby talk is one thing. I love the fact you can ramble off long sentences, assuming people actually understand you. The animated look on your face as you describe what you did during the day never fails to lift my spirits. Your hand gestures, and funny laugh at the end of the story amuses me to no end.
You use the fact that you're the baby of the family to your full advantage. But seriously, who can stay mad at you long when you make that funny face with your hands over your eyes and then laugh and hug us tight.
You're still mad about Upin Ipin and Mickey Mouse, you're constantly chanting "betul, betul, betul" or "Ishka, ushka, iki oush!!" You've learned to use the TV remote like a pro, changing channels and looking at the TV guide menu, as if you understand. Ever since you learned how to maneuver the Tablet, no one else has been able to use it. You play Angry Birds with that constant frown on your face, looking cutely serious at the pigs that wouldn't die. Utube is your permanent website to go to, with abundances of Upin Ipin videos and princess songs.
My little baby elephant,

As much as I'm amazed at the rate you are growing, it also fills me with fret. What I wouldn't give to keep you like this for just a little while longer. You're already so independent; climbing the stairs like a pro, rummaging through the kitchen drawers looking for items to "cook" with, sitting down with your books beside your sisters as they do their homework. You still want to sit on my lap when we watch TV together, you still want me to carry you when we enter an elevator, you still want me to hold you tight whenever there's a thunderstorm; I fear those days will not be around for long.
My beautiful Syazmin,

Everytime I look at you, I think of all the suffering and frustrations your father and I went through before you came along. I look at you and I see a miracle baby. Someone who came along when hope for another baby was lost. Someone who came along when we least expected. Someone who came along when we needed it the most.

And for that, I am eternally grateful and blessed.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Comel.

Love, Ibu.


Elf said... sweet n touching...Happy Birthday to u, dear Daria Syazmin!