Monday, May 31, 2010

One Hell Of a Weekend

Yep, that's what we had when we went back to Melaka for my SIL's wedding. For starters, both Hubby and I got violently sick therefore we missed the entire ceremony. I mean we were there, but while everyone was celebrating downstairs, we were upstairs in our room, rolling around in bed in pain. We missed the akad ceremony and only dragged ourselves down for a quick family photo session. Then it was back upstairs to suffer some more. I think we caught some virus or something; whatever, our joints were so sore and our temperature was so high, we first thought we had denggi.

After the ceremony was over, I followed my parents to my aunt’s house. Her husband is a doctor, who gave me a lookover and a jab, which caused me to go numb all over and sweat bullets the rest of the day. However, most importantly, it cured my fever unlike hubby, who thinks he’s so macho and didn’t want the jab, so now he’s texting me moaning the fact that he wants to go back early from work coz his head hurts but can’t because he needs to present to his boss several things. Sheesh!

I need to blog about the ceremony and the fact that the caterer was such a DISASTER and caused my in-laws shame and anxiety. My poor MIL was beside herself. However, seeing that it’s going to be a rant, and a huge one at that, I’ll do it in another post. Oh, and in Bahasa Ibunda too. Yes…sessi maki memaki bakal bermula!!

Anyway, here’s to the happy couple, Suhaili and Wan. Make your journey as husband and wife be a happy, exciting and prosperous one. Semoga bahagia dan kekal ke anak cucu, cicit, etc.

ps: Oya, it's Dania's 8th Birthday today which means I owe her a Birthday Note. Eight? My baby is eight?!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Haircut and The Lie

Yesterday Dania came back from school with a new haircut. Her fringe had been cut super short, like 4 cm above her eyebrows.

Of course, being the concern parent that I am, I grilled her about her hair. What happened? Who did it? Why? Who else got their hair cut?

According to Dania, her teacher took her for a haircut coz her fringe was too long. I was kind of surprised because Bibik usually cuts the girls’ hair and she always makes sure their fringe is at least 1cm above their eyebrows. I asked Dania, did your teacher tell you your hair was long before she took you for the haircut? Yep, apparently her teacher had given her a warning last week but she forgot to tell me about it.

I sms’ed her teacher to inquire about the incident. I agree if what Dania told me was true, then what happened was her fault. However, I would have appreciated a heads up from the teacher especially since we had signed up for the SMS system (where the teacher would send an sms to the parent about anything regarding their child).

So this morning, Dania’s teacher called me up. I was in a meeting at the time so she sent me an sms instead. Her sms:

Salam Puan. Saya baru dapat tahu cerita pasal gunting rambut ni. Mereka gurau2 and kawan Dania tergunting sket rambut dia. Harap puan x marah, budak2 ni bila bergurau kita x jangka hal yang dibuatnya. Saya harap puan dapat maafkan kwn Dania tu, dia pun x dating arini, mungkin takut saya tanya mengapa buat gitu.

Translation: Salam puan. I just found out about the whole haircut incident. Dania was playing around with her friend and the friend accidently cut her hair. I hope you’ll understand, kids being kids, sometimes when they play together, we can’t expect what they’ll get into. I also hope you’ll forgive Dania’s friend. She didn’t come to school today, maybe she’s scared I’ll ask her about what happened yesterday.

Laaaaaaaaa….!!! Hmmppfftt!

OK, so conclusion? My little angel told me a BIG FAT LIE yesterday. The whole part about the teacher taking them for the haircut, she told her teacher that she had DREAMT that part. DREAMT IT?!!

I plan to slow talk her when I get back this evening. I can forgive the haircut part but this lying and making up stories?!! Unacceptable.

God help me when they all get older and discover boys. What stories will they come up with then? ARGHHHHH!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Family Wedding

This weekend is going to be another busy one for the Rashid clan. My SIL, the baby of the family, is getting married. Since Friday is a public holiday, we'll be heading back to Melaka on Friday morning to help out with the preparations. The ceremony on our side will be held on Saturday while the receiving ceremony on the groom's side will be held the following day (Sunday).

The color theme on our side is black and white but I have no energy (or money) to go buy the girls another flower girls' dress, since I already spent over RM200 on the girls' gowns for my brother's wedding. Wanna ask En Rashid for cash? Fuhget about it. I'm not to concerned though, Dania and Daria already have white gowns. Dina will just have to wear her brown one. I hope she won't mind. For myself, my SIL bought me some cloth, which my other SIL is sewing into a really nice kebaya. Ok, now I feel guilty about the girls. Dammit!

Anyway, sapa2 in the Melaka area this weekend, mai la wedding my SIL on Saturday at Cheng. Makan nasi briyani free...hee.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Birthday Note to Daria Syazmin - One Year Old

My dearest Daria,

Last Sunday you turned 1 year old. In a way it seems like you just entered our lives but already we cannot imagine our lives without you. You are our miracle baby; the one who came along just when Abah and I were ready to give in, after 3 miscarriages and a lot of grievances.

I can still remember the day we found out I was expecting; the news was unexpected and frightening but at the same time, we felt blessed that God decided to give us another child. As expected, carrying you in my tummy for 9 months was not a walk in the park. Just reading through my posts during that time is enough to make me nauseous.
I can still remember your birth like it was yesterday. The fact you were overdue was something new as your sisters all came several days before their due date. I think your Abah was more anxious that I was; he kept making me walk everywhere, trying to induce you to come out. But being the hard headed little girl you are, you wouldn’t come out until a day after my birthday.

But what an incredible belated birthday present you were! Even the doctor and the nurses couldn’t get over how much hair you had or how cute your little button nose was. Unfortunately your jaundice level was rather high so for the first few days, I saw you strictly during feeding time.

The day we could finally take you home was such a joyous one. Your sisters were so excited, even Bibik was looking forward to seeing you. Your Abah drove us home and when we got there, your Wan had made everything ready for us.

Confinement was tiring but also satisfying because I had to spend every walking minute with you. I was there when you had your first hair cut (or rather hair buzz since your Abah shaved all your beautiful hair off!). I was there when you slept on your tummy for the first time. I was there when you once passed gas so loudly, it took a lot to convince your Abah that I wasn’t the culprit. Even from such an early age, you were showing your cheeky side.

The following months went by like lightning. At 3 months, you were rolling on your tummy by yourself. At 5 ½, you were crawling. At nine months, you were standing without support and at ten, you were walking. Now, you’re running everywhere at an alarming speed. Slow down, little girl, slow down!!

My Beautiful Tumblelina,

Day by day, you never cease to amaze me with your antics. The way you climb the stairs without fear. The way you shout for my attention when you wake up in the morning. The way you smile, such a huge smile, when I come home from work everyday. The way you laugh when your sisters chase you from the kitchen to the living room and back. The way you can sit and play on the swings for hours with a bored look on your face but scream the very minute I try to take you down.

Your appetite is amazing for such a small girl; you'll eat anything put in front of you. In a way, it's a blessing, it doesn't take much to make you happy but sometimes we have to hide food from you coz you just WON'T STOP EATING! You're our little monster, always with biscuit crumbs or a milk mustache on your face. I love that you still want to breastfeed; I cherish those "you & me only" moments even if they come at 2 in the morning.

Compared to your sister, you've been such a resilient baby. You've hardly ever been really sick. The only time you made us worry was when you came down with the measles; even then your appetite was normal and you were smiling with all these reds spot all over you.

My beloved Blossom,

Sorry that your birthday celebration was so low key. Everyone was still recovering from your Pak Ngah's wedding. I hope you loved your birthday cake, I made sure it had your favorite cartton characters, Upin & Ipin. Thanks to Wan for lending her home and also to everyone else who was there to eat up the cake and sing Happy Birthday to you.

My Little Princess,

I can't begin to describe the amount of joy and happiness you've brought into our lives. Your laughter fills the house and makes the day so much brighter. Forgive me if Ibu or Abah have ever been crossed with you or have seemed too busy to play with you. There will come a day when we'll be wishing for the days where you'll take your book and sit on my lap to hear me read it to you. Until that day comes, just come and sit on my lap anytime sayang. I'll be here always to give you a hug and plenty of kisses.

Happy 1st birthday, Syazmin.

Love, ibu.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I finally updated Daria's birthday ticker. Ahhh, looking at it also means I'm 5 days late with her Birthday Note. OK, must finish it tonight.

I was surprised to see the new ticker say "Your toddler...". No longer does it say "Your baby". Sob...she's no longer my baby?!!


I also added a new ticker at the bottom. Hehehehe, quite excited about this trip to HK. We've booked the flight tickets and all the hotel rooms. And we're spending one night at Disneyland, thanks to the early booking special they have (25% off if you book 21 days before staying there).

Ok, my meeting's about to start. Later.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Selamat Belated Hari Guru

Aku ni selalu slow la...orang lain dah lama wish, aku baru nak wish. Sempena Hari Guru yang lepas (baru 4 hari terlambat, ok la tu), aku letak satu surat karangan tiptop, power, #1 khas untuk semua cikgu cikgi di Malaysia.

Thank you teacher!! I lap you teacher!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finding Friends For Daria

I'm looking for a playgroup for Daria, anywhere in Bangi. Poor baby is stuck at home with Bibik and no one her age to play with. Even the kids she meets at the playground are much older than she is.

Anyone know of any playgroup that caters for babies 1 year and above in Bangi? Must be open on weekends...weekdays keje maa.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebrations Galore!!

Last weekend was full of celebration. We had my brother’s wedding reception on our side; it was hectic, tiring but oh, so much fun. Thanks to all the relatives and friends that came. Your attendance meant so much. I was great to see my cousins and 2nd cousins who I hadn’t seen in ages. Some had new additions to their families!! My arms are still sore from carrying all those cute babies here and there. My mom lost her voice, hah! But most important, she and my dad were smiling from start to finish.

My brother’s ceremony was also held on the same day as my birthday, so double celebration. Hehehehe, being at a certain age, it’s not the gifts or actual celebration that counts, just being with loved ones and having good health to enjoy it all was enough.

The following day was Daria’s birthday. OMG, my baby is one year old already!! How time flies. I had ordered her a special cake, complete with her favorite cartoon characters, Upin and Ipin. Thanks to Aida for making such a sweet cake. I’ll post up pictures and Daria's 1st Birthday Note sometime this week.

We’re all still recovering from the weekend but work calls. Later.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We're In The Semi Finals!!

Congrats to our Thomas Cup team for reaching the semi finals! Last night was such an exciting game, eventhough I got most of the updates from Joe via sms since I had to attend the team dinner we had at Restaurant Nelayan. I got to see the 1st singles (Dato' LCW...I [heart] you!) and the last singles, Hafiz Hashim. Thank god, Hafiz played much better and more systematic than when we were up against Japan.

I'm trying to score tickets to see the semi finals live. If they still have any. I heard since last night, the tickets have been selling like hot cakes. I wanna bring the girls; especially Dania. It would be such an experience for them since they both love badminton.

OK, I'm off to check out the tickets. Later!

Edited: Argghhh!! Tickets for Lower Tier and Silver Tier all sold out!! The only ones available are those in Upper Tier, which En Rashid said "baik tengok kat TV je la..tak nampak shuttlecock dari atas tu." Sabarrrr je la...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pengumuman: En Rashid Bukan Keje HR So Takyah Nak Soh Dia Buat Keje HR

Aku paling tak suka la, bila orang dah mintak tolong kita, kita dah tolong tapi orang yang kita tolong tu tak appreciate. Tak appreciate satu hal, banyak songel lak. Apa yang kita buat untuk dia tak cukup, tak menepati citarasa dia. Bleh ke macam tu? Kalau orang dah tolong sedaya yang mampu, bleh ke kita balik cakap benda yang tak sedap didengar pasal orang tu?

Ni kes pak sedara hubby. Eh, kejap…blog ni kot adik2 ipar aku baca..korang baca sini je ye, takyah cite balik ngan mak.

OK, sambung balik cite. Ni aku dapat tau pun dek semalam aku dok borak2 ngan cik abg atas katil semalam. Dari nada dia bercerita ngan aku, aku tau dia macam kecewa dan terasa macam hampeh.

It all started bila si pak sedara ni mintak tolong abg carikkan keje kat Kompeni untuk anak dia. Hmmm…aku benda2 buat favor untuk sedara macam ni, memang selalu terasa bersalah tapi setakat nak bagi resume ke HR, ok la. Abg bagitau la, memang Kompeni tengah mencari orang buat keje pemasangan.

Memula tu ok la, dah serahkan semua resume…dah dapat interview pun. Sekali pak sedara tu tanya…keje kat negeri “kampong halaman” takde? Aik, baru interview…dah memilih keje? Abg pun cakap la..kalau kat KL, banyak kosong, kalau tempat lain, maybe 2-3 tahun baru ada.

Ok la…dah settle hal tu. Yang si cousin abg pun dah pi dapat pi training semua. Sekali pak sedara tanya lagi…kalau kat KL, area mana? Nak area S.A bleh x…senang si cousin tu bleh duduk ngan akak dia nanti. Dok KL ni, mahal…nanti mana nak bayar duit kete, duit minyak, duit makan….gaji berapa dia bagi? Kalau x banyak, baik dia keje polis je la. Cuba la tolong…keje Kompeni ni, macam polis, askar semua…kalau ada kroni, mesti bleh punya.

Ahhhhhhhh….part ni yang aku paling pantang sekali!! Dok sebut pasal kroni2. Hello!!! Kalau nak ikut kroni, ingat aku ni setakat manager je ke? Bleh je “tarik tali” masa ayah aku keje dulu. Tapiiiiii….ko nak mampos kena ngata orang?!! Minta maaf..bukan cara begitu aku nak carik rezeki.

Yang aku tak suka, sekarang ni abg dah serba salah. Tapi aku cakap, dah la..takyah layan sangat…dah dapat keje pun cousin tu. Takkan semua benda nak disuap, nak disenangkan. Kalau nak buka cite kitaorg dulu start2 keje, dok naik bas awam…naik lrt…ok je…tak mati pun. Takkan baru start keje nak terus beli kete. Ayah aku dulu, keje…baju shirt ada 2 helai je. 2 helai je, ok!! Satu tu, baju putih seragam sekolah lagi. Sampai tetas2 benang dia ayah aku pakai. Bertampal2 lagi.

Aku rasa cousin abg tu ok je, yang banyak sonegl sket ayah dia kot. Apa2 pun, aku tak suka…tak suka cara dia nak cuba menggunakan abg, tak suka cara dia yang membuat abg rasa serba salah.
Tak suka!!!!!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Congratulations Angah & Zaiti!!

Last weekend was hectic but a very happy occasion for the family. My brother got married!! Woohoo!! I have no energy to write much so I'll just let the pictures tell the story. We'll start with the hantaran (gifts). Shoes for Zaiti. Hambik ko...Jimmy Choo!! I think until the day I die, I won't be able to buy shoes like these. Not that I can wear them anyhow, my feet will only take Scholls...jadi la kan? MAC makeup for Zaiti. Again, kulit aku bleh Olay and Maybelline je. Sib baik for En Rashid.

Handbag...brand? Terforgot...hhehee.. Toiletries. Never heard of the brand but you can bet they cost more than RM10 over the counter. Heh. It's taking too long to upload each and every hantaran picture. Enjoy the wide shot.

The following pictures and videos were taken during the akad nikah ceremony at Zaiti's sister's house. Angah's friends who help carry all the hantaran. Everyone wore black, kira macam Hang Tuah gitu. Eh, Tuah pakai black ke? Apa2 je la. Of course, my two dayangs were part of the entourage. Both were very excited their Pak Ngah was getting married. My cousin and I having our camwhore moment while waiting for the ceremony to start. I like this picture because this was captured when Zaiti first entered the hall. Check out Angah's happy smile!! The Tok Kadi (in the middle, in light green) giving his opening speech. Muda, kelakar lak tu.
Angah during the Akad process. Sorry about the audio, I was at the other end of the hall.
The exchanging of the wedding rings.
1st meal together as husband and wife.
For this couple, it was meal 7,325 as husband and wife. Hehehehe..
The happy couple with friends.

OKla, getting late and I have a morning meeting. More pictures and videos in upcoming posts.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Day Date With Iron Man 2

Yesterday the Company had its Annual General Meeting for the shareholders. As a result, all those who worked at HQ had to take yesterday off, to ensure the parking space was sufficient. Tau pun ada masalah parking kat office ni, time shareholders prihatin plak…time pekerja?!!

Anyway, since both hubby and I had the day off, we decided to go for a day date. What better way to reinforce our love for each other than to go watch Iron Man 2 and the great RDJ. Muahahahaha!!

We decided to head to MV since JJ was also have a JCard sale. Don’t assume it was my idea; hubby was the one with shopping on his mind. Ntah apa nak beli ntah, but he’ll find something to buy just because it’s on sale.

Since it was a weekday, traffic and parking was relatively easy. We arrived at the cinaplex at 11.55am and as luck would have it, there was a show at 12pm. Pergh, timing baik punya!!
I wanted to try out the twin seats (read: romantic) so hubby had to fork out extra for the tickets. Heee. When we went in, we found there were several other couples in the seats beside ours. And all of them were stuffing their faces with hotdogs, and waffles and popcorn. Yeah, seating in twin seats isn’t so romantic when various smells of food are circling around you.

What can I say about the movie? AWESOME!! Of course, it’s RDJ and usually I’m not so into action movies, but this one was great. I didn’t all get the “finding new element” part of the storyline (not a spoiler…not a spoiler!) but who cares? I got to see RDJ bring sexy back again. And Mickey Rourke as the bad guy? Over-the-top Incredible. Gwyneth was better in this movie than the last but surprisingly she was overshadowed by the sexy Scarlett Johansson, who literally kicked butt in this movie. To hubby’s surprise and delight, one of his favorite actor was also present; bad-ass Samuel L. Jackson.

After the movie ended, we headed to Carl’s Jr. to inhale some burgers. Seriously, we were both so famished, we finished those burgers in record time. We went shopping at JJ for Daria’s stuff and groceries and then Cocoa Trees for my weekly dosage of dark chocolate.

All in all, it was a great day date.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Addition To The Family

A friend of hubby introduced us to him. I must admit, my initial reaction was not a positive one. He was, of course, already 9 years old.

I observed him from afar at first but later moved in closer for a formal introduction. Our first meeting was brief, just to get to know each other. He was uncooperative at first but later warmed up.

I could tell hubby was all for him. “It’s meant to be”, he said. “He might not be what we wished for, but he completes us.”

Yeah, quote Jerry McGuire to get me on board. Nice try.

However, after a few more meets, I relented.

It’s going to be tough and it might not always be smooth sailing but at least he’ll be coming into a loving home.

We officially took him home last Friday.

And it’s been great ever since.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


This week is a short week. We have Thursday off due to a "forced" leave by management. Then I'm taking Friday off to help ibu with the last minute preparations. I need to pick up the hantaran cake, send Bibik, Dina and Daria to my mom's house then come back to wait for Dania to finish school. Then we need to shoot over to my mom's house to be guide's to Zaiti's reception. Several relatives from out of town are coming and none of them know the way. It's going to be hectic; here's hoping everything goes smoothly.

I can't believe my brother's getting married. I guess, deep down, I still think of him of this obnoxious smelly kid who always got me in trouble when we were small.

And now he's about to become someone's husband. And then, hopefully, someone's father.

Ngah...all the best getting married. It's not going to be easy but you have family and friends rooting for your happiness.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Why Not Macam En Rashid?

I saw this article in the newspaper a few weeks back. Somehow it made me laugh out loud. Not that I'm making fun of the guy; no...kudos to him for becoming thinner and healthier. It's just sometimes the headlines make me scratch my head...knowing tabloids, I guess someone has to create all these "sensational" headlines.The original Salman Khan.....the same?!!

*Headline translation: Getting A Body Like Salman Khan