Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebrations Galore!!

Last weekend was full of celebration. We had my brother’s wedding reception on our side; it was hectic, tiring but oh, so much fun. Thanks to all the relatives and friends that came. Your attendance meant so much. I was great to see my cousins and 2nd cousins who I hadn’t seen in ages. Some had new additions to their families!! My arms are still sore from carrying all those cute babies here and there. My mom lost her voice, hah! But most important, she and my dad were smiling from start to finish.

My brother’s ceremony was also held on the same day as my birthday, so double celebration. Hehehehe, being at a certain age, it’s not the gifts or actual celebration that counts, just being with loved ones and having good health to enjoy it all was enough.

The following day was Daria’s birthday. OMG, my baby is one year old already!! How time flies. I had ordered her a special cake, complete with her favorite cartoon characters, Upin and Ipin. Thanks to Aida for making such a sweet cake. I’ll post up pictures and Daria's 1st Birthday Note sometime this week.

We’re all still recovering from the weekend but work calls. Later.


Anonymous said...

did you enjoy the jimmy chew i got ya? hahaha

seriously, the food was yummeh. can they do small functions?

oih.. lupa birthday daria. apsal tak remind aku itu hari?

and thank you for being my temporary date masa makan hahahaha

Along said...

TOAJ: Semua orang dok tanya apahal la ada orang bagi chewwing gum ni? Hmmm...
Yep, everyone enjoyed the food. I'll give you the contact details of the caterer if you're interested.
Oh, hadiah b'day daria can give anytime...she also likes jimmy choo!!
Sian aku tngk ko kusyuk makan sorang2...hehehhe...lagipun aku pun dah penat bwk beg duit ibu aku...berat!!

Anonymous said...

khusyuk melayan lauk daging yg kaw2.

ada gak yg tanya pasal jimmy chew tu hahaha err.. daria's too small for wrigley's though


yeah long! the food was really yummy! aku tambah dua kali hokay with an ice cream intermission in between hehehhe... tun and liza malu nak ngaku aku kawan :P

i especially like the daging, sambal sotong and lemak cili. tangan aku satu hari bau sambal belacan. kawww giler! sayang takde ikan kering. if not, it'll be complete :D

Aunt Juicebox said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. And now that she's a year old, I'm sure she can come visit me. ;)

maleen said...

kak long!! i stumbled upon ur blog :D eh, i didnt know u had a 3rd one! hahahaha..bila tgk pic rasa perasan somebody dok ckp sama besar with my baby masa ur bro's wedding aritu. Anyway, is her birthday 17 May 2009?? if yes, OMG my baby shares the same birth date!!!