Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Birthday Note to Daria Syazmin - One Year Old

My dearest Daria,

Last Sunday you turned 1 year old. In a way it seems like you just entered our lives but already we cannot imagine our lives without you. You are our miracle baby; the one who came along just when Abah and I were ready to give in, after 3 miscarriages and a lot of grievances.

I can still remember the day we found out I was expecting; the news was unexpected and frightening but at the same time, we felt blessed that God decided to give us another child. As expected, carrying you in my tummy for 9 months was not a walk in the park. Just reading through my posts during that time is enough to make me nauseous.
I can still remember your birth like it was yesterday. The fact you were overdue was something new as your sisters all came several days before their due date. I think your Abah was more anxious that I was; he kept making me walk everywhere, trying to induce you to come out. But being the hard headed little girl you are, you wouldn’t come out until a day after my birthday.

But what an incredible belated birthday present you were! Even the doctor and the nurses couldn’t get over how much hair you had or how cute your little button nose was. Unfortunately your jaundice level was rather high so for the first few days, I saw you strictly during feeding time.

The day we could finally take you home was such a joyous one. Your sisters were so excited, even Bibik was looking forward to seeing you. Your Abah drove us home and when we got there, your Wan had made everything ready for us.

Confinement was tiring but also satisfying because I had to spend every walking minute with you. I was there when you had your first hair cut (or rather hair buzz since your Abah shaved all your beautiful hair off!). I was there when you slept on your tummy for the first time. I was there when you once passed gas so loudly, it took a lot to convince your Abah that I wasn’t the culprit. Even from such an early age, you were showing your cheeky side.

The following months went by like lightning. At 3 months, you were rolling on your tummy by yourself. At 5 ½, you were crawling. At nine months, you were standing without support and at ten, you were walking. Now, you’re running everywhere at an alarming speed. Slow down, little girl, slow down!!

My Beautiful Tumblelina,

Day by day, you never cease to amaze me with your antics. The way you climb the stairs without fear. The way you shout for my attention when you wake up in the morning. The way you smile, such a huge smile, when I come home from work everyday. The way you laugh when your sisters chase you from the kitchen to the living room and back. The way you can sit and play on the swings for hours with a bored look on your face but scream the very minute I try to take you down.

Your appetite is amazing for such a small girl; you'll eat anything put in front of you. In a way, it's a blessing, it doesn't take much to make you happy but sometimes we have to hide food from you coz you just WON'T STOP EATING! You're our little monster, always with biscuit crumbs or a milk mustache on your face. I love that you still want to breastfeed; I cherish those "you & me only" moments even if they come at 2 in the morning.

Compared to your sister, you've been such a resilient baby. You've hardly ever been really sick. The only time you made us worry was when you came down with the measles; even then your appetite was normal and you were smiling with all these reds spot all over you.

My beloved Blossom,

Sorry that your birthday celebration was so low key. Everyone was still recovering from your Pak Ngah's wedding. I hope you loved your birthday cake, I made sure it had your favorite cartton characters, Upin & Ipin. Thanks to Wan for lending her home and also to everyone else who was there to eat up the cake and sing Happy Birthday to you.

My Little Princess,

I can't begin to describe the amount of joy and happiness you've brought into our lives. Your laughter fills the house and makes the day so much brighter. Forgive me if Ibu or Abah have ever been crossed with you or have seemed too busy to play with you. There will come a day when we'll be wishing for the days where you'll take your book and sit on my lap to hear me read it to you. Until that day comes, just come and sit on my lap anytime sayang. I'll be here always to give you a hug and plenty of kisses.

Happy 1st birthday, Syazmin.

Love, ibu.


The Sun Spirit said...

You've got adorable daughters! I've got 2 daughters myself and I know how joyous they can be :) take care, keep on posting! Lo

Aapitz said...

hahahaa.. many birthday notes, until i dunno which one is which..

yer lah...anak along pon dah 3..every year ader birthday notes..hahahaaa

anyway...eppy belated besday to daria

dillazag said...

Awww.... :)
Happy birthday darling Daria! :)

Aunt Juicebox said...

Happy Birthday to Daria! You have the 3 most lovely girls ever, Along. I don't know what you're going to do when they start liking the boys!

Along said...

TSS: Thank you! Yes, they're the love of my life...but sometimes they drive me up the wall! Hah!

Apit: Itu la..Dania's coming up soon, end of this month. But I like writing their birthday notes, it helps me remember what they've achieved each year.

Dilla: TQ Auntie...wish je ke? Hadiahnya? Hehehe..

AJB: Do not scare me like that!! If they're anything like their mother, I'm gonna have to lock them in house until they're 25...oh my!!

Anonymous said...

Happy besday to Ibu kepada Daria (Ina) jgk yang telah menyambut besday pada 15 May. Semoga panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki bersama suami dan anak-anak serta berjaya di dalam segala bidang yang diceburi, insya-Allah. -dpd Azhar-

Along said...

Azhar: Azhar? Azhar? Ni Azhar Melaka ke? Heeeeee.....

Maleen: I published your comment...awat x kluar? Uhuk..anyway, Daria born on the 16th day after my birthday. Ur baby on the 17th ke? Next time bleh sambut sesama..hehehe..mega celebration.

Anonymous said...

Along: Ye lah ni Azhar Melaka.I wish untuk ibu dan anak sekali lah sebab same month. So cute anak-anak you. I tengok anak2 you banyak ikut muka you.

Huda Ahsin said...

Happy Birthday Daria. Love reading birthday notes yg Mak-Mak tulis utk anak-anaknya. Sayu aje gitu...