Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Haircut and The Lie

Yesterday Dania came back from school with a new haircut. Her fringe had been cut super short, like 4 cm above her eyebrows.

Of course, being the concern parent that I am, I grilled her about her hair. What happened? Who did it? Why? Who else got their hair cut?

According to Dania, her teacher took her for a haircut coz her fringe was too long. I was kind of surprised because Bibik usually cuts the girls’ hair and she always makes sure their fringe is at least 1cm above their eyebrows. I asked Dania, did your teacher tell you your hair was long before she took you for the haircut? Yep, apparently her teacher had given her a warning last week but she forgot to tell me about it.

I sms’ed her teacher to inquire about the incident. I agree if what Dania told me was true, then what happened was her fault. However, I would have appreciated a heads up from the teacher especially since we had signed up for the SMS system (where the teacher would send an sms to the parent about anything regarding their child).

So this morning, Dania’s teacher called me up. I was in a meeting at the time so she sent me an sms instead. Her sms:

Salam Puan. Saya baru dapat tahu cerita pasal gunting rambut ni. Mereka gurau2 and kawan Dania tergunting sket rambut dia. Harap puan x marah, budak2 ni bila bergurau kita x jangka hal yang dibuatnya. Saya harap puan dapat maafkan kwn Dania tu, dia pun x dating arini, mungkin takut saya tanya mengapa buat gitu.

Translation: Salam puan. I just found out about the whole haircut incident. Dania was playing around with her friend and the friend accidently cut her hair. I hope you’ll understand, kids being kids, sometimes when they play together, we can’t expect what they’ll get into. I also hope you’ll forgive Dania’s friend. She didn’t come to school today, maybe she’s scared I’ll ask her about what happened yesterday.

Laaaaaaaaa….!!! Hmmppfftt!

OK, so conclusion? My little angel told me a BIG FAT LIE yesterday. The whole part about the teacher taking them for the haircut, she told her teacher that she had DREAMT that part. DREAMT IT?!!

I plan to slow talk her when I get back this evening. I can forgive the haircut part but this lying and making up stories?!! Unacceptable.

God help me when they all get older and discover boys. What stories will they come up with then? ARGHHHHH!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Did she even look like she way lying??

Oh my...youve got your hands full!!

Thanks for the laugh today though!! Made me smile!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Oh boy! I think they all go through a lying stage. Hopefully though she'll learn quickly that the consequences of lying is a worse punishment that whatever she lied about would have been. Or at least, that's my rule. I'm much less angry if I just hear the truth from the beginning, no matter what it might be.

Sal said...

Along, she's not lying..just not telling the truth...Bebudak kekadang cam nie kot....aku pun takleh nak cakap pea nie kecik lagi...dah besar esok baru ler bleh tau....

dillazag said...

Dia takut you marah kawan dia tu kot, babe..

lilinbiru said...

it was not a lie ..just not telling the truth. HAHHAHA.

Along said...

Tiffany: Nope, she was rather convincing, which has me worried coz I can be duped by an 8 year old?!!

AJB: Yep, we had a really long talk that night about lying and consequences and a Mother's fury if this ever happens again. Which it will...I can bet on it.

Sal: Lying...not telling the truth...tak sama? Hehehe...ko tunggu la nanti si Pea tu apa cerita dia bwk balik nanti.

Along said...

Dilla: Maybe..but I'm pretty sure she told the story to save her own ass!

LB: Hahaha...same reason as Sal. Sama je la conclusion angry ibu!