Monday, May 31, 2010

One Hell Of a Weekend

Yep, that's what we had when we went back to Melaka for my SIL's wedding. For starters, both Hubby and I got violently sick therefore we missed the entire ceremony. I mean we were there, but while everyone was celebrating downstairs, we were upstairs in our room, rolling around in bed in pain. We missed the akad ceremony and only dragged ourselves down for a quick family photo session. Then it was back upstairs to suffer some more. I think we caught some virus or something; whatever, our joints were so sore and our temperature was so high, we first thought we had denggi.

After the ceremony was over, I followed my parents to my aunt’s house. Her husband is a doctor, who gave me a lookover and a jab, which caused me to go numb all over and sweat bullets the rest of the day. However, most importantly, it cured my fever unlike hubby, who thinks he’s so macho and didn’t want the jab, so now he’s texting me moaning the fact that he wants to go back early from work coz his head hurts but can’t because he needs to present to his boss several things. Sheesh!

I need to blog about the ceremony and the fact that the caterer was such a DISASTER and caused my in-laws shame and anxiety. My poor MIL was beside herself. However, seeing that it’s going to be a rant, and a huge one at that, I’ll do it in another post. Oh, and in Bahasa Ibunda too. Yes…sessi maki memaki bakal bermula!!

Anyway, here’s to the happy couple, Suhaili and Wan. Make your journey as husband and wife be a happy, exciting and prosperous one. Semoga bahagia dan kekal ke anak cucu, cicit, etc.

ps: Oya, it's Dania's 8th Birthday today which means I owe her a Birthday Note. Eight? My baby is eight?!!!


啟定 said...

keep update, please..bless you!!........................................

Anonymous said...

rilek ah..

last thursday night baru le proper celebration of amir's birthday, nearly a week after. pizza party + birthday cake. friday night, bawak pi dinner kat friday's. sunday petang, baru pi beli presents kat toys'r'us.. hahaha

Aunt Juicebox said...

Happy birthday to Dania!! I hope you are both feeling better soon and that none of the girls get sick.