Sunday, May 09, 2010

Congratulations Angah & Zaiti!!

Last weekend was hectic but a very happy occasion for the family. My brother got married!! Woohoo!! I have no energy to write much so I'll just let the pictures tell the story. We'll start with the hantaran (gifts). Shoes for Zaiti. Hambik ko...Jimmy Choo!! I think until the day I die, I won't be able to buy shoes like these. Not that I can wear them anyhow, my feet will only take Scholls...jadi la kan? MAC makeup for Zaiti. Again, kulit aku bleh Olay and Maybelline je. Sib baik for En Rashid.

Handbag...brand? Terforgot...hhehee.. Toiletries. Never heard of the brand but you can bet they cost more than RM10 over the counter. Heh. It's taking too long to upload each and every hantaran picture. Enjoy the wide shot.

The following pictures and videos were taken during the akad nikah ceremony at Zaiti's sister's house. Angah's friends who help carry all the hantaran. Everyone wore black, kira macam Hang Tuah gitu. Eh, Tuah pakai black ke? Apa2 je la. Of course, my two dayangs were part of the entourage. Both were very excited their Pak Ngah was getting married. My cousin and I having our camwhore moment while waiting for the ceremony to start. I like this picture because this was captured when Zaiti first entered the hall. Check out Angah's happy smile!! The Tok Kadi (in the middle, in light green) giving his opening speech. Muda, kelakar lak tu.
Angah during the Akad process. Sorry about the audio, I was at the other end of the hall.
The exchanging of the wedding rings.
1st meal together as husband and wife.
For this couple, it was meal 7,325 as husband and wife. Hehehehe..
The happy couple with friends.

OKla, getting late and I have a morning meeting. More pictures and videos in upcoming posts.


nadya.s said...

congrats to angah & wife!!

J.A.D said...

where do we buy jimmy choo shoes la? (nampak sgt paling up pun beli kasut kat vincci.. hehe)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful ceremony!


the bag is from anya hindmarch daa...

Along said...

Nad: TQ, will make sure he recieves your good wishes.

JAD: KLCC ada maaa...Along pun tengok kedai dari luar je, tak berani nak masuk.

Tiffany: Thank was very special. I have more photos to share in my upcoming posts.

Noresh: Of cos, ko mesti tau punya!! Aku tau handbag JJ sale je..takpun handbag Avon..kuangkuangkuang.

Anonymous said...

itu rupanya kasut jimmy choo and handbag anya hindmarch..

kalau shu mintak macam ni, aku hanya mampu jawab 'you can march your hinies away from the store!'

dillazag said...

Wah!! Kellas , you!
Tu la Noresh, baru nak cakap bag tu macam Anya je. Can't go wrong with that trademark ribbon! :) Appada Along..

BTW, toilettries ka itu? Itu Sothy's - product muka daa... Boleh tahan jugak "murah" dia. hahahahahaha

Adik-adik awak ni ada taste, lah. I loike!

Congratulations, Angah and Zaiti!

Along said...

TOAJ: Aku pun x kenal itu kasut and handbag. Like I said, citarasa aku agak kureng standard sket. Muahahaha...
Sian Shu..sebagai suami mithali, apa salahnya ko belikan dia..tapi aku rasa dia pun taste macam aku, betul x?

Dilla: Anya whatshername...takpe la..paling mahal beg along ada Burberry, itupun beli kat Bandung...itu pun pikir 100 kali sebelum beli. Heee.
Product muka = toiletries, bukan? Heheheh...understandable la tu. Yeah, you and my adiks have the same akaknya di sini hanya mampu menggelengkan kepala..hehehee...

Aunt Juicebox said...

I love it! The bride and groom sitting together, that's so interesting. And of course you look sweet as always!