Friday, May 07, 2010

Day Date With Iron Man 2

Yesterday the Company had its Annual General Meeting for the shareholders. As a result, all those who worked at HQ had to take yesterday off, to ensure the parking space was sufficient. Tau pun ada masalah parking kat office ni, time shareholders prihatin plak…time pekerja?!!

Anyway, since both hubby and I had the day off, we decided to go for a day date. What better way to reinforce our love for each other than to go watch Iron Man 2 and the great RDJ. Muahahahaha!!

We decided to head to MV since JJ was also have a JCard sale. Don’t assume it was my idea; hubby was the one with shopping on his mind. Ntah apa nak beli ntah, but he’ll find something to buy just because it’s on sale.

Since it was a weekday, traffic and parking was relatively easy. We arrived at the cinaplex at 11.55am and as luck would have it, there was a show at 12pm. Pergh, timing baik punya!!
I wanted to try out the twin seats (read: romantic) so hubby had to fork out extra for the tickets. Heee. When we went in, we found there were several other couples in the seats beside ours. And all of them were stuffing their faces with hotdogs, and waffles and popcorn. Yeah, seating in twin seats isn’t so romantic when various smells of food are circling around you.

What can I say about the movie? AWESOME!! Of course, it’s RDJ and usually I’m not so into action movies, but this one was great. I didn’t all get the “finding new element” part of the storyline (not a spoiler…not a spoiler!) but who cares? I got to see RDJ bring sexy back again. And Mickey Rourke as the bad guy? Over-the-top Incredible. Gwyneth was better in this movie than the last but surprisingly she was overshadowed by the sexy Scarlett Johansson, who literally kicked butt in this movie. To hubby’s surprise and delight, one of his favorite actor was also present; bad-ass Samuel L. Jackson.

After the movie ended, we headed to Carl’s Jr. to inhale some burgers. Seriously, we were both so famished, we finished those burgers in record time. We went shopping at JJ for Daria’s stuff and groceries and then Cocoa Trees for my weekly dosage of dark chocolate.

All in all, it was a great day date.


dillazag said...

I love dates - day or night! :)

Anonymous said...

I really wanna see that movie! So glad you got a chance to see it!

Dewi Ratnasari said...
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Aunt Juicebox said...

I can't wait to see this. My brother took my niece today, because she had to have some minor surgery yesterday - tubes in her ears and adenoidectomy. She was so excited. I've got to call her and ask how it was.

Along said...

Dilla: I love dates too...especially the ones we can eat. Hehehhe..

Tiffany: You should go, it's highly entertaining.

AJB: You sure after an ear surgery, going to the movies was a great idea? Hmmm....