Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Family Wedding

This weekend is going to be another busy one for the Rashid clan. My SIL, the baby of the family, is getting married. Since Friday is a public holiday, we'll be heading back to Melaka on Friday morning to help out with the preparations. The ceremony on our side will be held on Saturday while the receiving ceremony on the groom's side will be held the following day (Sunday).

The color theme on our side is black and white but I have no energy (or money) to go buy the girls another flower girls' dress, since I already spent over RM200 on the girls' gowns for my brother's wedding. Wanna ask En Rashid for cash? Fuhget about it. I'm not to concerned though, Dania and Daria already have white gowns. Dina will just have to wear her brown one. I hope she won't mind. For myself, my SIL bought me some cloth, which my other SIL is sewing into a really nice kebaya. Ok, now I feel guilty about the girls. Dammit!

Anyway, sapa2 in the Melaka area this weekend, mai la wedding my SIL on Saturday at Cheng. Makan nasi briyani free...hee.


Aunt Juicebox said...

Will Dania's dress fit Dina instead, or could it be altered to fit her, and you could spend the money to buy one for Dania instead, that way, it will fit her and also be able to pass it down to the other two eventually, and stretch out the worth. I can't imagine having to clothe 3 girls. You think the idea of them liking boys is scary, so is buying their wardrobe! Just one tries to bankrupt me! LOL

Sal said...

nasi briyani?? Yum yum yum

J.A.D said...

alamak dah dekat dah tu dgn lorong pandan... hehehe... tapi tak balik melaka la pulak minggu ni

Along said...

AJB: Dania's dress is big even for her so on Dina it would look like a sack. Heh. I might stop by Reject Shop to scan for a cheap white gown for Dina after my meeting.

Sal: Ko yum yum, aku ajak takmo mai...hehehehe.

JAD: Ala...melaka sejam setengah je nak mai pun...heheeh.