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Thursday, May 13, 2010

We're In The Semi Finals!!

Congrats to our Thomas Cup team for reaching the semi finals! Last night was such an exciting game, eventhough I got most of the updates from Joe via sms since I had to attend the team dinner we had at Restaurant Nelayan. I got to see the 1st singles (Dato' LCW...I [heart] you!) and the last singles, Hafiz Hashim. Thank god, Hafiz played much better and more systematic than when we were up against Japan.

I'm trying to score tickets to see the semi finals live. If they still have any. I heard since last night, the tickets have been selling like hot cakes. I wanna bring the girls; especially Dania. It would be such an experience for them since they both love badminton.

OK, I'm off to check out the tickets. Later!

Edited: Argghhh!! Tickets for Lower Tier and Silver Tier all sold out!! The only ones available are those in Upper Tier, which En Rashid said "baik tengok kat TV je la..tak nampak shuttlecock dari atas tu." Sabarrrr je la...


theotheraj said...

no problemo.

and thanks for the cerita mandi dan sabun tu hahaha

Gallivanter said...

Watch all Thomas Cup and Uber Cup LIVE online at! Live updates also available at :-D

sity29 said...

dpt tikets nya long?

Along said...

TOAJ: Ko je yang bikin cite mandi and sabun...cet!


Sity: Tak dapat...yang tinggal Upper Tier je. En Rashid x setuju..uhuk...tengok TV je la.

Aapitz said...

Support tuh yg penting. Dah ader kat stadium tuh...sure lagi semangat nak bersorak kan...boleh jerit2, loncat2 cam org giler...hahahaa

And btw, cara fayyadh nak support..Ummi fayyadh tak nak gie skool harinie.. naper..? Sebab fayyadh nak tgk badminton...

Boleh tak..??

Along said...

Apit: Kat rumah pun Along terlompat2, terjerit2, tak dapat nak bayangkan camne kalau live at the stadium. Maybe itu juga satu sbb Enrashid takmo bwk..buat malu kompeni dia je...muahahahah..

Pandai Fayyadh...hehehehe..auntie Along pun kalau dpt tiket tadi, mau pontengkan kakak dania and dina from school..hehehe..