Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sports Day

Last weekend, Dania and Dina had their school's Sports Day. Unfortunately for them, they both were unable to qualify for any individual events.

"Memula Kakngah masuk 70m, dapat #4, lepas tu 100m, dapat #5."

"Berapa orang lari sesama?"


Alahai...nevermind la my girls. I was never much of a runner myself (still not!). I was more into team sports like netball, basketball, badminton and volleyball (though I sucked at that...heehe).

The Sports Day was held on a Saturday for those in Std. 1 - 3 and on Sunday for those in Std. 4 -6. I think it made sense to break up the classes like that because, really none of the parents wanted to stay beyond 12pm.

Initially, I had planned to just drop off the girls at school then head back to catch up on my sleep. In the end, I ended up staying until the whole thing finished, which was around 1130am.

I missed seeing Dina participate in her event because the teachers had initially set up the games near the student tents, instead of the parents' tents. Plus, Dina had told me she was in the beanbag event, when actually she was in the drag-the-ball-using-hulahoop event. I had only realized she had finished when later on she came up to me, showing the medal she got.

"Wah, you got a medal! For what place?"


Alahai...nevermind. At least you had fun.

Dania participated in the "big shoes" event (terompah besar). Luckily I was able to spot her out from among the crowd. She was just about to start when I saw her and sprinted across the field to take her picture.
Her team was the first to go. I think there were like 3 teams of 3 and the last person had to run to the finish line with the ball. Dania's team showed great teamwork and they were the first team to reach the 1st checkpoint.

Excuse the excited voice in the foreground. Just another mom being in the moment for her child.

Unfortunately, they fumbled on the transition part and fell behind. In the end, they got fourth by a slight margin.

Eventhough they didn't get first place (or second or third..hehe), the important thing is they learned the concept of teamwork and had fun in the process.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Introducing Shayen Iman

At my in-laws right now (2nd time this month!). What better reason than to use the time to update my blog...hehehe.

My brother is a father!! Wuuhuu!! The fact that I still see my brothers as the irritating, little snots they were when they were younger, just ads to the wowness of the situation.

I remember I was in Melaka for a briefing session when my SIL called with updates. She had gone for her checkup and the doctor had told her, she had opened 4cm.

"Long, camne yer? Nak buat apa?"

Buat apa? Heheehe...get ready je laa.

I asked her whether her water had broke or she had started spotted. Both negative. So I said, go home first, get your hospital bags ready and go eat whatever you're craving.

"Ya...we're on our way to Star.bucks now."

Early the next morning, my brother sms'ed me. "Alhamdullilah Zaiti dah selamat melahirkan anak lelaki jam 419am. Berat 3kg. Mother sedang rehat. Father layan baby main blinking blinking."

I immediately called my mom. Of course, she was already in the know and mighty ecstatic. Initially I wanted to go see the little dude in the hospital but time did not permit. So the whole family went to see them after my SIL had been discharged and was resting at home.

Here's the picture of the little dude that was mms'ed to me by my brother. Mata sepet!!

And here he is, sleeping in his crib at home.
Dania posing with Shayen.
Dina and Daria posing with Shayen. My mom was standing by behind them because Daria kept shaking the crib, trying to wake the little dude! sleep je!
Mohawk style!
7th July 2011, welcome to the family, baby Shayen!! We love you so much!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Lot To Write About

1. My new nephew, Shayen Iman.
2. The girls' sports day.
3. Outing to i-City.

I shall find the time....soon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

AlFatihah Untuk Keluarga Arwah Dr. Lo' Lo'

Rasanya semua mungkin dah dengar berita. Dr. Lo' Lo' meninggal dunia malam semalam akibat kanser. Berita yang sedih, bukan sahaja bagi penyokong politik beliau tapi juga saudara mara dan sahabat handai.

Aku kenal arwah sebab rumah dia betul2 sebelah rumah arwah atok aku kat Keramat. Selama kitaorang kena dia, memang beliau seorang yang baik hati dan peramah. Tak kedekut dengan senyuman. Masa atok aku sakit dulu, dia selalu datang menjenguk, bagi ubat, bagi nasihat. Memang baik orangnya.

Aku tak tau pun dia sakit. Maybe dia tak bagitau orang kot. Or maybe aku je yang tak tau. Apa2 pun, aku harap dia pergi dengan aman. Harap keluarganya pun dapat hadapi dugaan ini dengan tabah.

Semoga roh Arwah Dr. Lo' Lo' ditempatkan disisi mereka yang diredhai oleh Allah.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Terlanjur perahu boleh undurkan....

Kata2 diluahkan dalam keadaan badan tengah mengelegak.

Yang mendengar tidak mengerti.

Yang mengadu terasa diabaikan.

End result, hearts are hurting...tears are being shed.

If only people would listen and try to understand.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Report Cards

Today En Rashid and I went to pick up the girls' report cards at the Kafa school. Luckily Dania reminded me, if not we would have both forgotten.

We headed there around 1030am. In the newsletter, it said to be at the school from 800 - 1100. always, last minute.

We met up with Dina's teacher first. Alhamdulillah, my not-so-little girl is doing well. She got 100 for a few subjects while the rest were over 90. Overall, she got #3 in class. Her teacher said her quran recital was fine, just needed to practise more.

It was, unfortunately, a different story with Dania. If during her 1st semester, she got #1, this time she got #6. The worst part is, her marks for all her subjects had declined dramatically. Some from 100 to 75! Even her teacher mentioned, that Dania liked to play around in class nowadays and at times failed to pay attention.

I'm disappointed. Only because I know my daughter can do better. Even her Sek. Keb. results had declined (from #3 to #11).

I don't blame her 100% though. As a parent, I know I can play a bigger role when it comes to my children's education. It's not just enough sending them to school and making sure they do their homework. I should take advantage of the fact I have no classes until September and sit down with them as they do their work. Make sure they really understand. Make sure they do enough exercises.

I know some moms out there will tell me to chill out. Getting a B is not the end of the work. That's not the point. If I know Dania had worked really hard but still got a B, I would have been proud of her. The fact of the matter is, she hasn't been studying much and it has shown. She's been watching way too much TV, spending way too much time reading story books instead revision.

Their next exams are in August. I hope Dania works harder (and I hope I can be there for her more) and gets better results.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Results Are Out!

Ok..ok..Noresh especially, don't roll your eyes.


Yes..thank you..thank you. Hehehee. But seriously, Law was unexpected. The best grade I was hoping for was an A-. But of course I'll settle for an A too...:D.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Not Guilty?

Like everyone else who has been following the case closely, I must say...I'm speechless.

Casey Anthony has been found NOT GUILTY of first-degree murder, child abuse and manslaughter of her 2 year old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Apparently the prosecution team did not do a good enough job of proving that Casey was the one who placed the duct tape over Caylee's mouth and nose or was the one that buried her.


I'm sad.

Sad for Caylee. That precious little angel. That innocent, beautiful little girl.

Where's the justice for her? This little girl was missing for over a month before her "mother" (I use the term very loosely) reported her gone. Even then, all the lies...all the manipulations....all the "stories"...

I can tell you this. If any of my girls went missing for even a MINUTE, I would be screaming in the streets, calling their name, calling up the police, fire department, the newspapers, the TV stations, the Prime Minister....everyone, and have them out looking for my child.

I would NOT be getting a tattoo, going to parties, blaming stuff on my so-call abusive father, laughing and smiling like there's no worry in the world.

But maybe that's just me.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Biyacth of The Year

Oh please bitch! Stop acting so high and mighty in the meetings. No one thinks you're great except you. There's no need to put people down as if we're stupid.

And don't tell me I'm emotional. You haven't seen me emotional. You WILL KNOW when I'm emotional.