Friday, July 22, 2011

Introducing Shayen Iman

At my in-laws right now (2nd time this month!). What better reason than to use the time to update my blog...hehehe.

My brother is a father!! Wuuhuu!! The fact that I still see my brothers as the irritating, little snots they were when they were younger, just ads to the wowness of the situation.

I remember I was in Melaka for a briefing session when my SIL called with updates. She had gone for her checkup and the doctor had told her, she had opened 4cm.

"Long, camne yer? Nak buat apa?"

Buat apa? Heheehe...get ready je laa.

I asked her whether her water had broke or she had started spotted. Both negative. So I said, go home first, get your hospital bags ready and go eat whatever you're craving.

"Ya...we're on our way to Star.bucks now."

Early the next morning, my brother sms'ed me. "Alhamdullilah Zaiti dah selamat melahirkan anak lelaki jam 419am. Berat 3kg. Mother sedang rehat. Father layan baby main blinking blinking."

I immediately called my mom. Of course, she was already in the know and mighty ecstatic. Initially I wanted to go see the little dude in the hospital but time did not permit. So the whole family went to see them after my SIL had been discharged and was resting at home.

Here's the picture of the little dude that was mms'ed to me by my brother. Mata sepet!!

And here he is, sleeping in his crib at home.
Dania posing with Shayen.
Dina and Daria posing with Shayen. My mom was standing by behind them because Daria kept shaking the crib, trying to wake the little dude! sleep je!
Mohawk style!
7th July 2011, welcome to the family, baby Shayen!! We love you so much!!


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