Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Not Guilty?

Like everyone else who has been following the case closely, I must say...I'm speechless.

Casey Anthony has been found NOT GUILTY of first-degree murder, child abuse and manslaughter of her 2 year old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Apparently the prosecution team did not do a good enough job of proving that Casey was the one who placed the duct tape over Caylee's mouth and nose or was the one that buried her.


I'm sad.

Sad for Caylee. That precious little angel. That innocent, beautiful little girl.

Where's the justice for her? This little girl was missing for over a month before her "mother" (I use the term very loosely) reported her gone. Even then, all the lies...all the manipulations....all the "stories"...

I can tell you this. If any of my girls went missing for even a MINUTE, I would be screaming in the streets, calling their name, calling up the police, fire department, the newspapers, the TV stations, the Prime Minister....everyone, and have them out looking for my child.

I would NOT be getting a tattoo, going to parties, blaming stuff on my so-call abusive father, laughing and smiling like there's no worry in the world.

But maybe that's just me.


Aapitz said...

Errr, i didn't follow this case...until u brought this up along.

Yerr..mmg agak dissapointed laa..Giler laaa mak bole rilek jer anak dah ilang sebulan kann...

But im very interested in the headline " Anthony trial: Lack of evidence or good defense? "

I think both. People may think other way around...but when you are in the room, even a small chances of logic evidence tak jumpa, susah nak prove as guilty....

Teringat cerita CSI macam senang jer cari bukti mana kecanggihan forensic diaorg tuh...?? :P

" Not guilty doesn't means she's innocent "

Maybe Hollywood filmmaker nak buat movie pasal nie ker..?? hahahhaa

Along said...

Apit: I hope they DON'T do a movie on this. Kalau buat pun, tukar nama semua...jangan bagi si "ibu jalang" tu claim royalty. Isy...sedih sangat la hal baby Caylee ni.