Saturday, July 09, 2011

Report Cards

Today En Rashid and I went to pick up the girls' report cards at the Kafa school. Luckily Dania reminded me, if not we would have both forgotten.

We headed there around 1030am. In the newsletter, it said to be at the school from 800 - 1100. always, last minute.

We met up with Dina's teacher first. Alhamdulillah, my not-so-little girl is doing well. She got 100 for a few subjects while the rest were over 90. Overall, she got #3 in class. Her teacher said her quran recital was fine, just needed to practise more.

It was, unfortunately, a different story with Dania. If during her 1st semester, she got #1, this time she got #6. The worst part is, her marks for all her subjects had declined dramatically. Some from 100 to 75! Even her teacher mentioned, that Dania liked to play around in class nowadays and at times failed to pay attention.

I'm disappointed. Only because I know my daughter can do better. Even her Sek. Keb. results had declined (from #3 to #11).

I don't blame her 100% though. As a parent, I know I can play a bigger role when it comes to my children's education. It's not just enough sending them to school and making sure they do their homework. I should take advantage of the fact I have no classes until September and sit down with them as they do their work. Make sure they really understand. Make sure they do enough exercises.

I know some moms out there will tell me to chill out. Getting a B is not the end of the work. That's not the point. If I know Dania had worked really hard but still got a B, I would have been proud of her. The fact of the matter is, she hasn't been studying much and it has shown. She's been watching way too much TV, spending way too much time reading story books instead revision.

Their next exams are in August. I hope Dania works harder (and I hope I can be there for her more) and gets better results.