Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sports Day

Last weekend, Dania and Dina had their school's Sports Day. Unfortunately for them, they both were unable to qualify for any individual events.

"Memula Kakngah masuk 70m, dapat #4, lepas tu 100m, dapat #5."

"Berapa orang lari sesama?"


Alahai...nevermind la my girls. I was never much of a runner myself (still not!). I was more into team sports like netball, basketball, badminton and volleyball (though I sucked at that...heehe).

The Sports Day was held on a Saturday for those in Std. 1 - 3 and on Sunday for those in Std. 4 -6. I think it made sense to break up the classes like that because, really none of the parents wanted to stay beyond 12pm.

Initially, I had planned to just drop off the girls at school then head back to catch up on my sleep. In the end, I ended up staying until the whole thing finished, which was around 1130am.

I missed seeing Dina participate in her event because the teachers had initially set up the games near the student tents, instead of the parents' tents. Plus, Dina had told me she was in the beanbag event, when actually she was in the drag-the-ball-using-hulahoop event. I had only realized she had finished when later on she came up to me, showing the medal she got.

"Wah, you got a medal! For what place?"


Alahai...nevermind. At least you had fun.

Dania participated in the "big shoes" event (terompah besar). Luckily I was able to spot her out from among the crowd. She was just about to start when I saw her and sprinted across the field to take her picture.
Her team was the first to go. I think there were like 3 teams of 3 and the last person had to run to the finish line with the ball. Dania's team showed great teamwork and they were the first team to reach the 1st checkpoint.

Excuse the excited voice in the foreground. Just another mom being in the moment for her child.

Unfortunately, they fumbled on the transition part and fell behind. In the end, they got fourth by a slight margin.

Eventhough they didn't get first place (or second or third..hehe), the important thing is they learned the concept of teamwork and had fun in the process.


sybil law said...

I love how kids really don't care if they "win" - it's almost always the parents who care.
Love the photos!!

Sal said...

Teringat aku masa zaman skolah dulu. Mesti beria-ia nak participate psl nak menang medal. Hehehe!! Skrg nie medal2x tu semua berlambak kat umah mak aku. Siap mak aku sound aku..."Na, ko nak lagi tak medal2x ko nie. Klau tak nak, mak nak "sedekah" kat tong sampah...hehehe.

zarina said...

1. dania n dina nampak so kurus...and so grown up!!!
2. anak sedara ko comel...nampak gaya tido sangat bergaya! haha!

Halwafy said...

Serious dah anak dara kan they all?? How time flies!! Well done to the girls for taking part!