Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Harry Potter Journey is Complete

I've read it. It took me 15 hours. Right after I finished the last page, I went brain dead for while. I think part of me was mourning the fact there won't be anymore Harry Potter books after this.
What did I think of it? "Amazing" does not even come close. I don't want to giveaway any spoilers, just in case anyone who hasn't read the book reads this, but just let me tell you, every single question Book 6 left us is answered in Book 7. I found myself crying, sighing, gasping and cheering throughout my read.

J.K. Rowling....I salute you!! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful world of magic to escape to.

I also just want to comment on the price war that had been going on with regards to the latest HP book. Boo to MPH, Popular, Harris and Times bookstore for being such spoil sports and boycotting the sale of the book. High five to Tesco and Carrefore for keeping the consumer in mind and for selling the book at 40% discount!! I saw this ad in the papers yesterday and thought, yeah, so what...too bad. Every one's buying the book at T & C now.

I'm waiting for my friends who are loyal fans of HP to finish reading the book so we can discuss and dissect it further. Sigh..maybe I should have a second read. And take my time reading it this time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Transformers The Movie: My Review

Sorry I've been away for so long; I know, work is such a lame excuse to give for not updating my blog, but it's true!! Weirder still, I don't mind!!

Yes, work is now fun. Sure, I still get stressed by the humongous amount of it all but it's exciting and challenging. No longer do I feel like counting down the minutes until lunchtime or 5.30pm. Hehehe, most of the time it's like "Arghh...4pm already?!!"

Last weekend I did however find time to unwind. 1st thing first, TRANSFORMERS!! We finally watched it, thanks to the free tickets provided by Puteri. After getting "unavailable seats" from all the other cinemas, hubby and I finally dragged ourselves to GSC Klang a.k.a the Dead Zone. Dania was supposed to follow us but she backed out at the last minute. She did however, demand that we take her to see Surf's Up. Puteri, takde tiket free yg tu ke? :D.What did I think of the movie? In one word, EH! It was alright but let's be honest here, it was a typically made-for-boys movie. Big action guns? Check! Fast cars? Check! Hot babes with supermodel-like bods? Check! The US Army? Check! If one of the main characters in the movie is the Secretary of Defence, you can be sure you're not going to be watching a chick flick.

Not that I'm complaining though. The movie had its moments; the scene where the Autobots were trying to hide in the backyard cracked me up but I must say it was Shia LaBeouf who totally carried the movie on his shoulders. He was funny, goofy in a cute kind of way and kind of good looking. He reminded me of Liev Schreiber, the younger version. I would say, watch out Hollywood, Shia is going to be your next leading man. And to think he used to be that goofy brother from Even Stevens. Heeeee...

So did the movie meet my expectations, seeing how I spent much of my childhood watching the cartoons? Yes, it did. Sure, I would have expected a little bit more on character building especially on the Autobots and the Deceptacons but seriously, how many of us were even paying attention to all that Cube crap anyway. Like I said, this was an action movie, all guns blazing. I got a little confused during the final showdown, it got blurry, I couldn't figure out who was fighting who.

All in all, 3 1/2 stars out of 5 for Transformers.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yet Another Thing I Miss From The USA

I used to be hooked on this drink. I would buy bottles and bottles of it, and the best thing about one else liked the drink but me!!

Hahahaha...more for me. No need to share.

Then I saw this billboard ad (dunno if real or not) and I got slightly offended.

Hey! It may taste like cough syrup but it don't taste THAT BAD!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Blow Me Down, This Ship's A Sinkin'

Yesterday night, hubby and I saw the most stupid reality show to ever hit the screen.


Goddamn it, Mark Burnett has really crossed the line this time. How stupid can one get? I mean, come on...16 people pretending to be pirates, looking for buried treasure. It's like a long-winded version of Cutthroat Island, which I need to remind you, was a box office flop, but without the long legs and good looks of Gena Davis on board.

Just how stupid was the show? OK, you would think before they signed up for the show, the contestants would have been briefed, "OK, you're on a pirate ship, you're all fighting for treasure, here are some sailing skills, the rest is up to you." 10 minutes into the show, one of the contestant is heaving her guts out over the side of the ship because she's SEASICK!! Bloody hell!!

The challenges weren't all that great either (row a boat here, look under a few skeletons, find a key, row some more, find the treasure chest..blah, blah, blah). One team, in their enthusiasm to row to shore, forgot to use the boat's rudder!! Hahahaha, and found themselves rowing off course for like 400 feet. Dumb asses!!

The "highlight" of the show was when the winning team had to select their Captain. Instead of selecting the guy that had won the challenge for them, they choose this loser named Joe Don a.k.a JD. as their Captain. As a result, JD found himself the owner of 1/2 of the treasure, some cool USD20K!! Hahahahahaha...suckers!!! Best of all, JD turned out to be an arrogant S.O.B. that had none of the swagger or the charm of Captain Jack Sparrow, boasting "Oooo, look at my Captain's cabin. I have a plush queen sized bed." Sigh...

I dunno if I should risk losing a few more brain cells watching this show next week but making fun of the contestants is such a blast. Hubby and I were rolling on the floor laughing. Hehehehe..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye

Rotten Tomatoes gave Transformers a Rotten Grade - 57%

"An uneven, overlong and at times overbearing flick"

"Whatever chance Transformers might have been a decent movie disappeared the moment Bay was hired to direct"

"Flat, loud, flashy spectacle that's been fine-tuned and sanded down to appeal to the widest audience possible. All in all, pretty generic".

But you know what? I DON'T CARE!!!

Because I got me some free tickets to watch the movie and I'm going to have a blast! Hehe.

Thanks to Puteri for the tickets. Muah!!

Yummy, Frozen Yogurt

"You do know you're eating bacteria, right?"

"Yeah, but it's cultured bacteria."

"Meaning, what?"

"Meaning it's bacteria that's......well-behaved"

Monday, July 09, 2007

If I had Superpowers, It Would Be The Ability To Stop Time

Last Friday: Havoc (Dina's TT class and Dania's music class. Kids famished, ate at McDee (forgot to tell Enon to give the kids dinner before 6). Send Enon back to ibu's house. Go to Makngah's house for document signing. Reach home at 11.30pm (poor kids). Too tired to bath or "layan" hubby. Hah!! Oya, MIL in the (messy) house.

Saturday: Havoc (in-laws and cousin-in-laws came to house for dinner)

Sunday: Created own havoc but now pleased with state of the house (no more dust bunnies under the sofa). Spring cleaned house from 6.30am until 8.30am. Ironed most of the clothes that needed ironing (hate this!!).

Monday: Still tired but looking forward to Friday because I"m TAKING LEAVE!! (To take care of the kids coz MIL has to go back to M'ka so its not actually a holiday-yeah-go-for-facial type of holiday but still)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

This Is So Not Worth The 10 Minutes It Took For Me To Write But Still...

Nicole Ritchie is pregnant.

Yes, I know a lot of you are probably rolling your eyes at the sentence.

What is up with the Universe?

Speculation 1: The father is her current boyfriend, that dude from Good Charlotte, who sings that irritating Aaaa-Ha, Aaaaa-Ha song, who dumped Hilary Duff, the goody-two-shoes total opposite of NR.

Speculation 2: NR got pregnant to get out of a possible jail sentence for a DUI charge (she was driving intoxicated ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE STREET)

I duuno. I guess God works in mysterious way but to think a skank like that gets to have a baby when a lot of my fabulous, much more deserving friends have been trying for years, just gets me.

If this story is true (and I have that sinking feeling that it is) here's hoping the baby gets all the love and care that he/she truly needs.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Meme For Charity

Was tagged by both Raggedyanne and TheOtherAJ for this meme.

For more info, visit Bakpo's blog.

Okay, this is the rule. If you are tagged, you need to write an entry related to the meme. At the end of your entry you just need to tag as many person as you like. You will then leave a comment in their blog to let them know they have been tagged. And to include this message, "By doing this meme you are contributing RM127 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage". Then please copy and paste this rule somewhere in your entry.

The meme is about completing at least seventeen out of the following twenty seven sentences.

1. A person is only as good as his/her actions.

2. Friendship is always developing.

3. To love is to sacrifice.

4. Money makes me feel secure.

5. I miss my Uni years, especially during the holidays.

6. My way of saying I care is by helping without being asked to help.

7. I try to spread love and happiness by telling people how much they mean to me.

8. Pick the flowers when they are in bloom and look nice in my daughters' hair.

9. To love someone is to think about them every second of the day.

10. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was my mega crush on Jordan Knight.

12. When I was twenty one, I remember being scared that I could love a man as much as I loved my future hubby.

13. I am most happy when everything I plan goes fine without a hitch.

14. Nothing makes me happier than a kiss and a hug from my loved ones.

15. If I can change one thing, I will change the current President of the United States.

16. If smiles were worth a penny then I would be rich by the end of the year.

17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could eat and not get fat.

18. If you want to be able to rant about people then you have to make sure they don't know your blog address.

19. Money is not everything but it sure makes life much easier.

20. The most touching moments I have experienced is seeing my two daughters cuddled up together in bed.

21. I smile when someone smiles at me.

22. When I am happy, I feel like dancing.

23. If only I don't have to work here, then I would feel more in control of my life.

24. The best thing I did yesterday was dance in the living room with my girls.

25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title, "Motherhood..It's Not All That Cracked Up To Be!"

26. One thing I must do before I die is make sure my kids will be taken care of.

27. Doing this meme, I feel like it's way to soon in the morning to start thinking deep.

I'm now tagging:

1. Alia Taekwando

2. Sity

3. Halwafy

4. Anyone else who wants to do this meme.

5. Who ever else who wants to contribute to charity.

Have fun!!

Wishing Him All the Best

I found his wedding photos online. I wanted to be happy seeing him happy.

Instead I felt hurt.

I know that's not right. I'm soooooooo over him. And I love hubby so much.

But a small part of me wishes he was unhappily single, as a result of dumping me in the past.

But honestly, if he's experiencing just a fraction of happiness that I'm feeling being married, then he has a great life.

And a bigger part of me truly wishes that for him.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

True Confessions

I've found these great new sites...

I've read through a few of the confessions and found myself nodding my head to some of them.

Some of my favorite quotes:

"There's a load of laundry sitting in the dryer. Since Friday. Maybe I'll get it out tomorrow." - from

I can relate becoz See Previous Post. I'm gong to have nightmares of dirty laundry chasing me around the house soon.

"I worked at an advertising agency for 8 years- and each year we were required to write our own "self evaluations". After the first two years of "self evaluations" that nobody paid attention to, I would just cut and paste the text year to year on the form! So for 6 years nobody caught on to the SAME exact self evaluation. morons." - from

I can relate becoz...well, I can relate. Truth of the matter is, those at the top don't really give a damn. They already have their company car, and offices with a view and who cares about a mangly employee who "wishes to exert her utmost potential to bring more revenue to the company". Bleahhh...

"My hubby is in Iraq. I wish more women would realize how great it is to have your hubby around than to complain about the littlest of things." - from

I need to remind myself no matter how badly hubby messes up sometimes (and its not that often), I'm lucky he's around and there when I need him.

I added in a few of my own confessions to the site. See if you can spot them.

My Headache For July



The problem that I faced a year ago has presented itself again. That bloody agent lied to us...again!! I have no patience for this kind of crap.

To cut a long story short, my maid is currently being held by the immigration. She was supposed to go back home today but they held her anyway. It's not her fault all this happened, she was just as naive and trusting like we were. I feel so bad for her, I just hope the immigration people are treating her right. I hope they send her back soon.

Yesterday, hubby and I went to see my aunt to get a new maid. We've settled on one, so now it's a matter of waiting for the paperwork to all clear. Hopefully she's as efficient, if not more, than Nisa (my previous maid). The kids have been asking for Nisa and/or replacement. Dania is scared no one will be at home waiting for her when she comes back from school. Dina is worried no one will be there to make her milk or help her to the toilet. Hmmmm....makes me wish I could take leave to care for the kids but all my annual leaves are gone (due to the hospital incident).

Fortunately my SIL is around to help out for a couple of days. And my mom has agreed to loan her maid to us for a week or so. Plus my MIL also has promised to come down (up?) from Melaka next week to watch over the kids. Thank god for family!!!

Ahh...the headaches of having a maid. Or rather in my case, of NOT having a maid. But seriously, if I didn't have one, WHO IS GOING TO DO THE IRONING?? Coz right now, that's #1 on my hate list of things to do.