Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Harry Potter Journey is Complete

I've read it. It took me 15 hours. Right after I finished the last page, I went brain dead for while. I think part of me was mourning the fact there won't be anymore Harry Potter books after this.
What did I think of it? "Amazing" does not even come close. I don't want to giveaway any spoilers, just in case anyone who hasn't read the book reads this, but just let me tell you, every single question Book 6 left us is answered in Book 7. I found myself crying, sighing, gasping and cheering throughout my read.

J.K. Rowling....I salute you!! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful world of magic to escape to.

I also just want to comment on the price war that had been going on with regards to the latest HP book. Boo to MPH, Popular, Harris and Times bookstore for being such spoil sports and boycotting the sale of the book. High five to Tesco and Carrefore for keeping the consumer in mind and for selling the book at 40% discount!! I saw this ad in the papers yesterday and thought, yeah, so what...too bad. Every one's buying the book at T & C now.

I'm waiting for my friends who are loyal fans of HP to finish reading the book so we can discuss and dissect it further. Sigh..maybe I should have a second read. And take my time reading it this time.


Sya said...

Yay! Join the club, along. I read my copy for about 12 hours. The book never left my hand during the day. And yeah, you SHOULD read it for the second time. The first time I read it, it went too fast and I missed some of the subtle points and only realized it when I read some posts on a forum discussing the book.

Waaa... no more book after this... :(

lieawulf said...

hi along,

ive been avoiding ur blog for some time. didn't want any hint on any spoiler before ive finished reading it hehehe.

i do agree with u, the book is superbly fantastic. i mean book six was like, erm, quite dull. but book 7,there's so many unpredictable happenings!the fact that one of my fav characters died, aiyak so sad! SPOILER ALERT HAS BEEN ACTIVATED!! sorry to those who haven't read it or finished it. ngeh3

ha sape dah baca, mai2 cita tang sini ;D