Monday, July 16, 2007

Blow Me Down, This Ship's A Sinkin'

Yesterday night, hubby and I saw the most stupid reality show to ever hit the screen.


Goddamn it, Mark Burnett has really crossed the line this time. How stupid can one get? I mean, come on...16 people pretending to be pirates, looking for buried treasure. It's like a long-winded version of Cutthroat Island, which I need to remind you, was a box office flop, but without the long legs and good looks of Gena Davis on board.

Just how stupid was the show? OK, you would think before they signed up for the show, the contestants would have been briefed, "OK, you're on a pirate ship, you're all fighting for treasure, here are some sailing skills, the rest is up to you." 10 minutes into the show, one of the contestant is heaving her guts out over the side of the ship because she's SEASICK!! Bloody hell!!

The challenges weren't all that great either (row a boat here, look under a few skeletons, find a key, row some more, find the treasure chest..blah, blah, blah). One team, in their enthusiasm to row to shore, forgot to use the boat's rudder!! Hahahaha, and found themselves rowing off course for like 400 feet. Dumb asses!!

The "highlight" of the show was when the winning team had to select their Captain. Instead of selecting the guy that had won the challenge for them, they choose this loser named Joe Don a.k.a JD. as their Captain. As a result, JD found himself the owner of 1/2 of the treasure, some cool USD20K!! Hahahahahaha...suckers!!! Best of all, JD turned out to be an arrogant S.O.B. that had none of the swagger or the charm of Captain Jack Sparrow, boasting "Oooo, look at my Captain's cabin. I have a plush queen sized bed." Sigh...

I dunno if I should risk losing a few more brain cells watching this show next week but making fun of the contestants is such a blast. Hubby and I were rolling on the floor laughing. Hehehehe..


moby said...

Mark Burnett has lost it! All his shows are getting boring. Reality TV in general has lost its appeal.

dillazag said...

Along, i can't seem to tear myself away from it either. bodoh sangat sampai kena jugak jugak tengok. heh heh heh .. i think ni strategy baru dia la...

Along said...

Moby: You got that right!! The only "reality" show I watch nowadays are Amazing Race and ANTM. Hehehe, gotta have my Tyra Banks.

Dillazag: I know!! It's too stupid for words, you just want to watch it to see how stupid it can get. Sigh...maybelah, tektik tu.