Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My Headache For July



The problem that I faced a year ago has presented itself again. That bloody agent lied to us...again!! I have no patience for this kind of crap.

To cut a long story short, my maid is currently being held by the immigration. She was supposed to go back home today but they held her anyway. It's not her fault all this happened, she was just as naive and trusting like we were. I feel so bad for her, I just hope the immigration people are treating her right. I hope they send her back soon.

Yesterday, hubby and I went to see my aunt to get a new maid. We've settled on one, so now it's a matter of waiting for the paperwork to all clear. Hopefully she's as efficient, if not more, than Nisa (my previous maid). The kids have been asking for Nisa and/or replacement. Dania is scared no one will be at home waiting for her when she comes back from school. Dina is worried no one will be there to make her milk or help her to the toilet. Hmmmm....makes me wish I could take leave to care for the kids but all my annual leaves are gone (due to the hospital incident).

Fortunately my SIL is around to help out for a couple of days. And my mom has agreed to loan her maid to us for a week or so. Plus my MIL also has promised to come down (up?) from Melaka next week to watch over the kids. Thank god for family!!!

Ahh...the headaches of having a maid. Or rather in my case, of NOT having a maid. But seriously, if I didn't have one, WHO IS GOING TO DO THE IRONING?? Coz right now, that's #1 on my hate list of things to do.