Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye

Rotten Tomatoes gave Transformers a Rotten Grade - 57%

"An uneven, overlong and at times overbearing flick"

"Whatever chance Transformers might have been a decent movie disappeared the moment Bay was hired to direct"

"Flat, loud, flashy spectacle that's been fine-tuned and sanded down to appeal to the widest audience possible. All in all, pretty generic".

But you know what? I DON'T CARE!!!

Because I got me some free tickets to watch the movie and I'm going to have a blast! Hehe.

Thanks to Puteri for the tickets. Muah!!


Anonymous said...

you know what, i never give rat's ass about what the critics say about certain movies. if i like it, i'll go and see it and never think so much of it as long as i enjoy it. critics punye opinion lain sikit, they are hard to be impressed. anyway, enjoy the movie. i know i did... :)

Anonymous said...

jarang boleh percaya critics ni. crappy movies pun dia boleh kata best.

berbaloi, worth every single cent and maki hamun kat piramid's and npe's management hahah

tapi kalau ko takde masa nak gi tengok movie2 ni, pass2 kan la ye tiket2 free tu :D

ummi said...

Thank you for the birthday wish Along. Bet you had a blast..i certainly did!! I think it's the best movie ever..and i am in lurve with optimus guys eat your heart out..(hehe like they care)

Raggedyanne said...

i still don't get the hype abt the movie, but hey never mind me, you deserve to have fun :D

J.A.D said...

along, only 1 word can sum up the movie... AWSOME!!! i don't care what the critics said, I would watch it over and over again. We are planning to go for a second round. I know my son enjoyed it sampai tak berkelip mata. popcorn pun lupa nk kunyah...