Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wishing Him All the Best

I found his wedding photos online. I wanted to be happy seeing him happy.

Instead I felt hurt.

I know that's not right. I'm soooooooo over him. And I love hubby so much.

But a small part of me wishes he was unhappily single, as a result of dumping me in the past.

But honestly, if he's experiencing just a fraction of happiness that I'm feeling being married, then he has a great life.

And a bigger part of me truly wishes that for him.


Raggedyanne said...

barang yg lepas, usahlah dikenang...

what has he done to you ah? sampai melankolik mcm gini?

nway, you're tagged. drop by my blog k?

Along said...

Raggedyanne: Bukan mengenang, cuma...terkenang. Hehehehe. Yg penting bukan menyesal. What he did to me? Nothing actually. Hehehe...long story.
BTW, thanks for the tag. Will drop by soon.

Anonymous said...

but we're still friends right? you've moved on, and so did i. but thanx for the wishes.


weh blogkan la kisah lama kau tu..

Along said...

Joe: Helllooooo!!!! It's not you ok. Hahahaa...I know you just can't get over me.

Blogkan kisah? Eeeee...takmolah. Nanti hubby baca, dia ingat aku dok nostalgia kisah lama.


oiittt... dah la tu. eh, would i be rubbing salt to your wound if i were to say that we went to his wedding?? huhuu... and nak dijadikan citer, his wife was my junior kat high school.
small world indeed!

aku siap cakap kat bard lagi, "i'll be very surprise if along datang". tu je la. nak ke nombor dia? boleh wish belated congratulatory on his wedding.

Along said...

Oit!! Takpe, no wound left. Hang pi? Aku kot dapat invite pun, tak pi le rasanya. Dah so long, nothing in common anymore.

Takmo contact no. Apa nak cakap? takpelah..barang yg sudah, tak terkenang pun. Hahahaha..