Friday, January 29, 2010

Book Sale!!

Yes!! And it's next door to my mom's house. Must go....I haven't indulged myself with any new books since....last month. Hehehe.. I should bring the girls since they have coloring activities for children too. Upin and Ipin will be there!!

Aiseh, budget for Hong Kong kureng sket la camni...hehehehe..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

China Trip....No Go!

What is with all these cancelled plans? Our work trip to China...yep, cancelled!! I just received an sms from my colleague this morning, apparently some one up above decided it was "wrong timing" for all of us to go and visit the R&D center over there.

The thing is....when would be the right time? Everyone is always busy, there's no letdown period.

In a way, I'm a bit relieved. I had been dreading the thought of leaving my babies plus the anxious feeling that my milk supply would dwindle was always there. On the other hand, I was looking forward to being with the team, away from the office, having a somewhat good time in a foreign country. Plus, pity the vendor who had already paid for all our tickets and visas. I wonder if they can get a refund.

Oh well, I guess next time. I just realised one good thing; hubby and I may have our date day after all since I'll be here on the 1st February which is Federal Day. The kids will be at school but we'll have the day off. Heee....time to think what romantic activities we should do.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dating Day...No Go

Today was suppose to be date day for hubby and me. Alas, last night hubby received an sms from his boss asking him to come in for work. Sungguh potong stim!

So, we headed to work. As luck would have it, we got to enter the parking at LG2. And secured a parking spot right next to the lift. Hmmm, maybe karma is being kind. Hehehee..

However, since my mind was already somewhat switched off for work, I forgot I was suppose to head to Cyber for a meeting. Duh!! Fortunately one of my team mates was headed there in the afternoon, so I hitch a ride. Balik nanti pun, hitch a ride jugak. Best betul jadi mem ni..hahaha..

I have a cold. I reallllllyy hope it goes away before my flight to China. I do NOT want to be on a plane with a stuffed up nose. Been there, done that...pure torture!! I chugged down a full liter of orange juice yesterday, only to be told by my officemate that it would only make my cold even worst. Really? Great.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Short Sweet Weekend with Family and Friends

After more than a month, we headed back to my parents house last weekend. My dad was very happy to know we still knew the directions to his house. Hahahaha...apala, it wasn't our fault (entirely) that we all had the pink eye for a whole month!!

We arrived on Saturday morning eventhough my parents were still at a wedding in Johor at the time. Dania and Dina were very happy as they got to play with their new scooters my mom had bought for them.

I had to leave a few minutes after we arrived since it was my day with the girls, hi-tea at Crowne Plaza courtesy of Lin. Thanks Lin, best giller makan. Post and pictures coming soon.

That very night, I took the girls to visit my grandma in Keramat. Sian wan, we haven't been to visit her since raya!! Unacceptable. As expected, my grandma shed happy tears seeing her grandchildren and great grandchildren. We stayed until 10pm, then headed back with promises to visit again real soon.

Sunday was spent lazing around with the girls since bibik and Enon went out for their own "hi-tea" session. Hehehehe, bagi can la...sian bibik dah lama tak kluar.

So today it's back to work. Good thing I have morning and afternoon meetings in Cyber, no need to drive all the way to HQ. Ahhh...Monday blues minimized slightly.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kena Mintak

Kena mintak pelukan.

Kena mintak ciuman.

Kena mintak dibelai.

Kena mintak difahami.


Bila mintak...lain plak jadinya.


Takyah mintak. Dan jangan mengharap.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eating Out At Sungai Duyong

Last weekend, the family went back to my in laws. Biasa la, dah dalam kontrak tak bertulis sejak kawin, mesti balik kg En rashid setiap bulan. Setiap bulan, okaaaayyy. Sib baik dekat je. Keeeee sebab dekat kena balik setiap bulan? Hmmmm...

Anyhow, kali ni kita orang berjaya makan luar. Siap angkut my MIL lagi. Selalunya my MIL memang panyang la hal makan luar ni..membazir kata dia. Baik masak sendiri kat rumah. Tapi since ramai yang angkat tangan nak pi makan ikan bakar kat luar, dia pun pasrah je la..hehehe..ala mak, bukan selalu. Lagipun anak2 bayar...mak nganga je la. Hehehe..

Adik ipar aku cadang pi makan ikan bakar kat Sungai Duyong. Selama ni, kalau nak makan ikan bakar kat Melaka, selalu pi Umbai ke, Serkam ke. Rupanya tempat2 tu dah mahal...dan ramai sangat orang.

Kitaorang bertolak pi Sg Duyong lepas Maghrib. Sebab aku tak bawak bibik balik ke Melaka, terpaksa la angkut si kenit tu sekali. Sukaaanya dia, memalam bawak berjalan. Sabar je la.

Jangan tanya aku camne nak ke Sg Duyong tu. Dah la malam, aku ni kalau tak bawak kereta, fail sket nak cam jalan. Yang aku tau...pi straight, buat u turn, masuk jalan mana ntah...jumpa traffic light, ambik kiri..masuk jalan kecik...ada jambatan, ada sungai..dah sampai.


Tempat tu ok la, ada dua kedai sebenarnya. Kitaorg pi kedai yang kedua sebab kurang sket orangnya. Sebab agak ramai jugak yang nak mecekik darah, kitaorang oder ikan jenak (betul ke?) masak stim, ikan pari bakar, sotong masak tepung, udang masak kunyit, kepah masak sweet sour, sayur, ikan puyuh masak merah, nasi biasa ngan nasi lemak. Ambik ko!!

Tapi habis!! Si Dania punya la suka makan kepah, dok ratah tuuuu je. Si kenit pun makan ikan stim..tersengih2 je semua orang dok suap dia.

All in all, berbaloi jugak la makan situ. Bil around RM140, makan 7 dewasa, 3 kanak2 and 2 babies. Murah la jugak.

Next time, bleh pi lagi.

OK, picture time. Gambar ni Dania ambik. Tengok si kenit stage on the table. Baby chair ada, beria MIL aku letak sebelah dia. Silap la minah tu nak duduk...apa kelas dok kat tepi. Wa mau glamor atas meja....muahahaha.Ni Daria tak puas hati sebab akak ipar aku dok pegang dia tak bagi menyalar satu meja. Yang sebelah dia pakai baju biru, anak adik ipar aku. Yang mamat baju merah tu, anak akak ipar aku. Manjang kena marah ngan aku sebab selalu menjerit. Ye ah...orang duduk sebelah dia pun, menjerit macam kat taman sebelah. Tapi ngan aku je si Naqib ni dengar cite. Takyah aku cakap, aku jegilkan bijik mata pun, dah mencicit duduk elok2. Yang budak dua ekor tu, takyah introduce la. Sah2 tengok muka dah tau anak siapa.
Tengok tu, punya la suka dapat merayau memalam. Makin besar dah minah ni, dukung dah terasa dah. Tapi baik la dia, tak banyak kerenah bawak berjalan. Nanti pi HK nanti, Syazmin baik jugak ok.

Eh, gambar makanan takde? Ha'ah la...hehehe, sori, sibuk sangat melantak, dah habis baru teringat nak ambik gambar. Next time la yer...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Photos of the Week

This photo was taken when hubby took us to Mines Shopping Center last weekend. No, wait, it was 2 weekends ago. Yep, I was on my Wii quest. Sad to say, I didn't get to buy any Wii because contrary to popular belief, it did NOT drop in price after Christmas. So far, the cheapest price I've surveyed is RM970 for 2 nunchuks, 2 controllers plus 10 games. Ok kah? I'm going to do some more surveying and then buy the damn thing when I get back from China.

Oya, back to the picture. This was taken in one of the furniture shops there. We had a blast looking at the stuff in that shop. They had lots of weird stuff, like enormous champagne glasses. And I'm talking enormous, like something Daria could take a bath in. And huge vases, like the one beside hubby in the photo. Hehehehe...

This chair was awesome!! It was so comfy and huge....and damn expensive!! Kuangkuangkuang. ****************************************************
This photo was taken during the Power Sales seminar I had to attend a few weeks back. Don't ask me what that was about; hmmm...lots of clapping, lots of yeah...lots of clapping. Anyway, this was the chandelier in the hall. Massive!! When things got a little hectic during the seminar, I retreated inside myself and stared up at the chandelier. ******************************************************
This is who greets me every morning. Heeee....yes, this wonderful smushed up face grinning up at me is just the thing I need to start my day.


This is what greets me on the way back from work. Hmmm...yeah, good thing it's not everyday but when it happens, it's pretty bad. This time it was because of a stuck lorry at the side of the road. Hmm...we were stuck for 45 minutes..grrrr

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why Women Rule

Quick post; in the midst of a heated discussion with the Vendor...biasa la, time nak dapatkan tender, semua bleh...dah award, time tuuuuu la, semua benda ada conditionnya. Aku sepuk kang..tak raya cina ko dibuatnya kang!!

Received this email from my boss, thought it would be nice to share this lovely Monday morning.

"Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater.
If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby.
If you give her a house, she'll give you a home.
If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.
If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart.
She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So...if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!!"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Work Just Got A Little Easier


The trip to China has been shorten to 3 days instead of 6. Yes!!!

What a relief!! Now, I'm not so dreading the fact I have to go.

I have to remember to take my fenugreek seeds and trusty breast pump to keep my milk levels up. Fingers crossed I don't dry up.

So far the itinerary looks like from 9am until 5pm for visits, meetings, etc. So that leaves the evening and nights free to do whatever. Just sightseeing for shopping. Hehehehe...we'll see.

Oya, must make sure my sim card can make international calls. Hmm..camne yerk?

1 more thing, does anybody know if we are allowed to bring expressed breast milk on board? I know the limitations on bringing liquids, etc is 100ml per container but is there any exceptions for breast milk? Especially when the baby is not coming on board? I don't want to waste any of my breast milk (plus the thought of just dumping it all down the sink makes me wanna cry..penat woo mengepam) but if it's a huge NO-NO, then I guess I have no choice. I checked the MAS online site and they only listed baby milk, sterilised water, baby juice, baby food and wet wipes as items exempt from the measures. Anyone know?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When Work is Both Easy and Hard

The vendor associated with my Project is organizing a trip to China for the team to visit their other Project site there. Naturally, since I'm such a prominent figure in the team (ewahh!!), my name's in the group going.


So far the visit is scheduled for 6 days. 6 days!! Lamanya!! I don't know what or where exactly we'll be visiting but I doubt it will require us 6 days. To be away from my babies for that long...especially Daria...urgghh, I just can't imagine.

Hubby is like, what's the big deal..go..have fun..blah, blah, blah. Yeah right, he says that now. What about the 6 nights he's alone with the baby and she's acting up and won't sleep and wants to breastfeed..what about then, huh?!!

I'm trying to get the vendor to split the itinerary; all major sites and visits within the first 2 days. The rest of the days can be for shopping or other "fun" activities. Those who want to stay, can stay. Just put me on the red eye so I can get to my babies ASAP.

Good news though, I will be able to renew my passport for free. RM300. Now if only I can find the time to actually go and renew it...hmmm..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To Bring Or Not To Bring

Hubby and I were discussing our upcoming trip yesterday when he raised a question..

"Do we want to bring Daria along?"

Huh. I thought that's was a given. The whole family was going, including the baby.

Then hubby gave his take; Daria was too small to appreciate it, she would get tired easily, I would spend more time caring for her instead of enjoying the vacation...blah, blah, blah.

Truth be told, I can see hubby's POV. But the thought of being away from my baby for a week is enough to make me NOT enjoy the holiday anyhow.

Still, the option to take or leave Daria is still open. If we leave her, she'll be in the care of my bibik and my mom's maid. I'm 100% sure she'll be fine.

My other concern though is the fact that she's still breastfeeding. Granted, this may not be true when the time comes (she's be 1 year 1 month by that time) but still.

For those who have been to HK, is it baby friendly? I'm not worried so much about her food or stuff like that but more whether she'll enjoy the trip or just be irritated the whole way.

Dilemma...dilemma...80% of me wants to bring her, yet 20% of me agrees it would be easier not having to worry about her during the trip. Plus, there are other trips planned for the year that we can bring her too...trips that won't include long plane rides and foreign food.

What you guys think...should bring or not?

Monday, January 11, 2010

AJL - Results

Sib baik aku sempat tengok ending/penyampaian hadiah AJL semalam. Sejak dua menjak ni, Daria asyik nangis je memalam. Nangis macam nampak hantu lak tu. Aku pun seriau je dengar dia nangis. Ntah ngigau ke, memang haus ke...dah macam2 cara nak cuba pujuk dia. Maybe sebab selsema ngan batuk dia belum betul2 baik kot, dia macam ni. Mintak2 la lepas ni, dia start ok balik. Aku dah tak larat dah tido dukung dia kat bahu...badan minah tu semangat wei..bleh tercabut bahu aku dibuatnya!!

Oya, balik pada AJL. OK la...aku ok je mamat Aizat tu menang. Tapiiiiiii aku tak puas hati minah Y.u.n.a. tu menang 2nd place. Sebab pada aku, dia tu one hit wonder. And lagu tu pun x sedap sebenarnya. Pada pendapat aku la. Aku rasa actually ramai yang suka maut ngan minah ni ngan lagu dia....sebab tu dia menang.
Faizal usual, persembahan over..tapi best!! Sayang takde Noraniza Idris tahun ni, kalau tak, mesti depa berdua lawan tengok sapa punya bunga api mancut lagi tinggi..hahaha. Lain bunyik je ayat tu. Tapi kira ok la, lagu dia menang 3rd place. Sian, bertongkat mamat tu nak naik pentas ambik hadiah. Tu la..takmo ajak aku pi sekali, bleh aku jadi tukang pimpim naik tangga tu. Tukang pimpim je la..takkan nak jadi tukang dukung lak.
Last2 Aizat ngan kawan2 sekolah dia yang menang best performance. Ok la..maybe sebab lain dari lain...bebudak tu ada yang dari sekolah lama aku...CBN!! Wuhhoo...bebudak CBN memang suka glamor. Kecuali aku, sebab aku kan ala wanita melayu terakhir.

Yerrrr la tuuuuu....

Black....vocal terbaik? Menjerit je aku dengar. Maybe sebab dia bleh menjerit tu, dia menang kot. Ni lagi satu bakal one hit wonder. Kluar la lagu lain, jenuh dah aku dok dengar lagu tu manjang kat radio.

All in all, aku enjoy la AJL semalam. Hosts dia pun best...aku suka kombo Ally, Cheryl ngan Faisal. Kelakar, spontan dan menghiburkan.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Juara Lagu...Layan

Tengah tengok Juara Lagu. Sib baik bibik ingatkan.

Aku tak paham persembahan Bunkface. Maybe sebab aku bukan golongan yang minat indie kot. Hindi ke Indie, sila jawab Faisal Ismail?

Tadi tengok Stacy menyanyi, aku komen "Dasat la minah ni, menyanyi dah la menjerit, joget lagi. Stamina kuat."

Ada lak En Rashid menjawab..."Orang Iban."

Huh? Apa kena mengena?

"Ye ah...orang asli. Memang stamina kuat."

Oi, cik abang sayang. Stacy ni dari Sabah. Orang Iban tu dari Sarawak.

Sah la, sejarah mesti fail time sekolah.

Aizat ni dulu gemuk yer? Sori la, aku tak tengok AF. Kejap aku google kejap....
Ha'ah la. Camne da kurus sekarang? Dasat. Tabik spring kat dia.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Take on the 10 Travel Resolutions for 2010

In the spirit of the new year and my #1 resolution, here is my take on MSN's 10 Travel Resolutions for 2010.

Get a passport, already!
Done...oh wait, mine's expired already. Hehehe...I think only hubby has a working passport. That means I need to save up for passports for the 3 girls and myself. mmm...and find time to go to the immigration office to do them. Maybe some day during the March school holidays. Another thing to put on my To-do list.

Relax. Seriously.
OK, this trip to HK, I'm gonna make it simple and fun. Especially it's going to be such a huge group. With kids. And a baby. I'm not going to expect too much so how I'm going plan this is just one major highlight/to-do activity every day. Plus, I'm going to make it NOT compulsory that everybody has to do everything together. Whoever has the stamina, time, money to do extra activities, please do so. Those who do not, have the option of just relaxing at the hotel.

Learn 10 phrases.
OK, time to google some simple phrases; Good morning, Good night, Thank you, Excuse Me, How much, Too expensive (heeee!), Yes, No, Goodbye.

Travel with a close friend or family member.
Did I tell you guys who I'm going to be travelling with? There's my family, my parents, my aunt and her 6 (yes..six!!) kids. Granted, all of them are considered adults (above 12) except for the youngest but still...with such a big group, there's bound to be a lot of "suggestions" and "opinions". But all in the name of FAMILY!! Plus the memories are just going to be priceless, for sure!!

Give yourself the upgrade, for once.
One of the reason why I'm pushing for us to stay one night at the Disneyland Hotel. I never stayed at one when we visited Disneyland Orlando or LA. I know the hotel is like double the price of a regular hotel but the girls will just love the experience. Plus, it's a little luxury that I think hubby and I really deserve.

Take better photos.
Hmm...I don't wanna splurge for a new camera and I don't want to lug around my brother's "professional" camera either. I guess I better learn to use all the functions of my current camera better and not depend on the auto function all the time.

Dig in to a local delicacy.
OK, maybe HK would be the best place for me to try Dim Sum. Or...I don't know, I'll have to Google and see what food HK is famous for.

Upgrade your travel gear.
The current travelling bags we are using are the ones I bought for when I went to the US to study. That's 1996...14 years ago!!Maybe it's time for an upgrade...maybe a nice, sturdy, striking backpack.

Strike up a conversation.
This might be hard since I'll be controlling the crowd of my own posse most of the time. But I should at least make nice with the receptionist at the hotel counter...and maybe get some insights on what's hot in HK.

Don't overthink it.
This is going to be extremely hard since I'm a freak for planning everything...from where we stay, to where we eat, which attraction to visit. But, like I said, I'm going to keep things simple and just hope that everyone enjoys themselves.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sick Some More

Today I went to work eventhough yesterday the eye doctor asked me to take leave for one more week. Die la...this eye infection is messing up everything. Poor hubby and Dania had to get their eyes cleaned out by the doctor since their eyes had a thick membrane (or something like that). I got such a shock when their eyes started bleeding!! Luckily my eyes were slightly ok; no membrane but the doctor said the virus had gone into my cornea. That would explain my extra blurred vision. Anyhow, both hubby and Dania are taking leave until this Friday. On Friday we go back for a follow up session. Fingers crossed everything is ok by then.

Planning for our HK trip has just turned up a notch. Now the entourage consists of 10 adults, 3 children and 1 infant. Holy Moly!! This is going to be one great adventure. I don't know whether I should stress on "great" or "adventure". We'll see.

Daria is not well. She got the cough and flu since last Sunday. For 2 nights I had to put her to sleep on my shoulder because she couldn't sleep laying down due to her stuffed up nose. Poor baby. And poor me!! Uwaaaa...I need my beauty sleep. We took her yesterday to see the paed and they gave her some gas to relieve her phlegm. She was ok half way through it, then suddenly she freaked out and started pulling on the mask. We had to wrap her arms in a blanket to stop her from falling all over the place. Fortunately today her cough has subsided much and she'll sleep much better. Which of course would translate into me sleeping better as well. Zzzzzzzzz..

Some pictures of my little princess.

This was taken when bibik was mending Dania's tudung for kafa school. Yes, she is standing by herself already!!
This is Daria with her cousin, Hasif (hubby's nephew). Hasif is 6 months older than Daria and they're nearly the same size. Perghh..
Daria trying to run away from the camera. It's tiring having a mom who's photo obsessed with her kids.
Please, please! No photos, no autographs!!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Resolution No1: Travel More

It's only my 1st day back in the office and already I'm planning my leave for the upcoming school holidays.

Talk about work dedication!! Hah!!

March - Genting trip, free thanks to my dad. Bibik is so going to freeze her butt up there but all in the name of fun.

June - Hong Kong, here we come!! My parents may follow and hopefully my aunt and her entourage too. So far, it's 8 adults, 3 children and 1 infant. Mampos!! Hahaha...planning everything has of course been placed on my shoulders but it's something I love to do anyway.

Too bad September's school holiday is smack in fasting month; if not, we could plan to go to Singapore to check out the latest Universal Studio that's opening in April (betul kan Noresh?).

Sigh..bestnya kalau bleh berjalan je, takyah pikir duit.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Another Baby for the Gang

Yesterday I went to visit Akish, who had delivered a baby boy 3 weeks back. She was due to go back to Abu Dabhi the following day (today) so it was a last minute before we would meet again...god knows when.

Noresh buzz me in the morning asking if I was going. Heck yes. 2 weeks of being cooped up at home and I was read to juuussstt about lose it. My eye infection..hmm,'s ok, I guess. I mean, the redness has gone but my eyelids are still slightly swollen. But what the heck, I packed my hand sanitizer with me and promised not to infect anyone...on purpose.

Turns out, I was the first one to arrive at Akish's house. Typical janji melayu, kata kul 10. Aku siap sesat lagi. I had brought the girls with me since they too were itching to get out of the house.

In the end, everyone in the gang was there to say farewell to Akish. Last time we all did that, I was 7 months preggers with Daria.

Some pictures to commemorate the occasion.

Here's the little hero sleeping peacefully, Khalifah Yusof (betul ke aku eja, Kish?). Auntie2 dok memekak keliling dia pun, dia pedulik apa. Tido lagi afdhal. I love babies when they are at this stage, all they do is sleep. But I still can't imagine Akish taking the little fellow on the plane, and being being in flight for 9 hours!! Not counting transit time. Semoga selamat!!
Yang kyusuk bergosip tu, Noresh. Yang dok dengar sambil ditemani anak dara dia, Zai. Yang perasan muka dia terlalu glamor untuk blog aku, Liza. Tapi aku berjaya jugak ambik gambar makcik ni. Sib baik ko tengah senyum Liza, kira cas ayu jugak la. Yang tengah berdiri tayang perut tu, Lin. Dia next in line nak meletop. Bawak kembar tu...hehehehe....tu yang semua tengah kembang semacam. Lin sibuk ambik gambar si hero tu lagi. Tak sabar la tu, tunggu turn dia. Nanti la Lin, dah meletop ko esok, nak cebok berak pun tak sempat. Hehehehe. Liza muka tak puas hati, apesal? Muka si Akish takde sebab dia kata dia tengah tak semenggah. Tu la, aku soh pakai bengkung tak nak. Camne ko nak slim baik macam aku? Muahahaha...dah la kutuk member, puji diri sendiri lak tu. Sabar je la korang.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010

Just heard the fireworks go off, signalling the coming of a new year.

Goodbye 2009!!

Hello 2010!!

May it be a great year for all of us. Insya'allah.

ps: Notice something new on my sidebar? Yep, my wishlist. Things to save up for/look forward to this new year. What's on your wishlist?