Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When Work is Both Easy and Hard

The vendor associated with my Project is organizing a trip to China for the team to visit their other Project site there. Naturally, since I'm such a prominent figure in the team (ewahh!!), my name's in the group going.


So far the visit is scheduled for 6 days. 6 days!! Lamanya!! I don't know what or where exactly we'll be visiting but I doubt it will require us 6 days. To be away from my babies for that long...especially Daria...urgghh, I just can't imagine.

Hubby is like, what's the big deal..go..have fun..blah, blah, blah. Yeah right, he says that now. What about the 6 nights he's alone with the baby and she's acting up and won't sleep and wants to breastfeed..what about then, huh?!!

I'm trying to get the vendor to split the itinerary; all major sites and visits within the first 2 days. The rest of the days can be for shopping or other "fun" activities. Those who want to stay, can stay. Just put me on the red eye so I can get to my babies ASAP.

Good news though, I will be able to renew my passport for free. RM300. Now if only I can find the time to actually go and renew it...hmmm..


nadya.s said...

have fun Along!!.. :D

Anonymous said...

go go!

aku kena gi jepun for 5 days. wanna share cab to the airport? apa kaitan? takde pun haha


yeah long. GO!

and for once, just leave everything to ayam and let him handle it. bukannya ko takde maid.

you owe it to yourself to have a getaway albeit it's work related. trust me, you'll come back to a more appreciating husband and kids (not that i'm saying they don't. they'll appreciate you more and realized that ibu is their everything!) hehehhe... how about that for an ego booster?

J.A.D said...

know what u mean... hate to leave the baby especially at night. i would be in the same dilemma if i were u. thank god i'm not!

ZMJ said...

camna kau dptrenew passport for free? zai