Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To Bring Or Not To Bring

Hubby and I were discussing our upcoming trip yesterday when he raised a question..

"Do we want to bring Daria along?"

Huh. I thought that's was a given. The whole family was going, including the baby.

Then hubby gave his take; Daria was too small to appreciate it, she would get tired easily, I would spend more time caring for her instead of enjoying the vacation...blah, blah, blah.

Truth be told, I can see hubby's POV. But the thought of being away from my baby for a week is enough to make me NOT enjoy the holiday anyhow.

Still, the option to take or leave Daria is still open. If we leave her, she'll be in the care of my bibik and my mom's maid. I'm 100% sure she'll be fine.

My other concern though is the fact that she's still breastfeeding. Granted, this may not be true when the time comes (she's be 1 year 1 month by that time) but still.

For those who have been to HK, is it baby friendly? I'm not worried so much about her food or stuff like that but more whether she'll enjoy the trip or just be irritated the whole way.

Dilemma...dilemma...80% of me wants to bring her, yet 20% of me agrees it would be easier not having to worry about her during the trip. Plus, there are other trips planned for the year that we can bring her too...trips that won't include long plane rides and foreign food.

What you guys think...should bring or not?


dillazag said...

Nanti dia dah besar, kakak2 ada gambar dengan Mickey / Minnie Mouse; she'd go, "How come I don't have a picture with Minnie, Ibu?"
Apa Along nak jawab??

After all, ramai orang pergi kan? Can take turns pegang dia if you wanna go on a more adventurous rides..

We all had a family trip to Phuket when Deyda was abt 7months and though it was a lot more work, it was definitely enjoyable.

Trust me, you would be thinking about her the whole week you guys are away, I tell you..

-an Ibu's POV

Aunt Juicebox said...

Can you bring bibik?

J.A.D said...

bring! Adlan went to Sydney when he was 9 months old. Didn't remember a thing but now bila dia tgk gambar, dia suka banget eventho his memory of everything there was only through what he saw in the pictures and video cam. Now gloating kat adik dia yg dia dah rasa makan rumput sydney.

Anonymous said...

leave it to beaver

Along said...

Dilla: Hmm, my thots exactly. Now I'm leaning 90% to bringing her.

AJB: Not an option, what with extra costs for airline ticket, accomodation, etc. I would normally bring her for domestic trips but not international ones.

JAD: Yeah...Daria will be 1 year plus by then, so hopefully she'll be able to appreciate some part of the trip.

TOAJ: As usual, no help!! Hahha