Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sick Some More

Today I went to work eventhough yesterday the eye doctor asked me to take leave for one more week. Die la...this eye infection is messing up everything. Poor hubby and Dania had to get their eyes cleaned out by the doctor since their eyes had a thick membrane (or something like that). I got such a shock when their eyes started bleeding!! Luckily my eyes were slightly ok; no membrane but the doctor said the virus had gone into my cornea. That would explain my extra blurred vision. Anyhow, both hubby and Dania are taking leave until this Friday. On Friday we go back for a follow up session. Fingers crossed everything is ok by then.

Planning for our HK trip has just turned up a notch. Now the entourage consists of 10 adults, 3 children and 1 infant. Holy Moly!! This is going to be one great adventure. I don't know whether I should stress on "great" or "adventure". We'll see.

Daria is not well. She got the cough and flu since last Sunday. For 2 nights I had to put her to sleep on my shoulder because she couldn't sleep laying down due to her stuffed up nose. Poor baby. And poor me!! Uwaaaa...I need my beauty sleep. We took her yesterday to see the paed and they gave her some gas to relieve her phlegm. She was ok half way through it, then suddenly she freaked out and started pulling on the mask. We had to wrap her arms in a blanket to stop her from falling all over the place. Fortunately today her cough has subsided much and she'll sleep much better. Which of course would translate into me sleeping better as well. Zzzzzzzzz..

Some pictures of my little princess.

This was taken when bibik was mending Dania's tudung for kafa school. Yes, she is standing by herself already!!
This is Daria with her cousin, Hasif (hubby's nephew). Hasif is 6 months older than Daria and they're nearly the same size. Perghh..
Daria trying to run away from the camera. It's tiring having a mom who's photo obsessed with her kids.
Please, please! No photos, no autographs!!


Aunt Juicebox said...

You poor people. I'm so sorry this eye infection just won't go away. I'm hoping for the best. And I can't believe that baby is standing. Didn't you just have her? LOL And so cute!

Along said...

AJB: I know. Fingers crossed here too. And Daria? Yes, it does seem like yesterday I just gave birth to her. Hehehehe...she's growing up too fast!!