Monday, January 25, 2010

A Short Sweet Weekend with Family and Friends

After more than a month, we headed back to my parents house last weekend. My dad was very happy to know we still knew the directions to his house. Hahahaha...apala, it wasn't our fault (entirely) that we all had the pink eye for a whole month!!

We arrived on Saturday morning eventhough my parents were still at a wedding in Johor at the time. Dania and Dina were very happy as they got to play with their new scooters my mom had bought for them.

I had to leave a few minutes after we arrived since it was my day with the girls, hi-tea at Crowne Plaza courtesy of Lin. Thanks Lin, best giller makan. Post and pictures coming soon.

That very night, I took the girls to visit my grandma in Keramat. Sian wan, we haven't been to visit her since raya!! Unacceptable. As expected, my grandma shed happy tears seeing her grandchildren and great grandchildren. We stayed until 10pm, then headed back with promises to visit again real soon.

Sunday was spent lazing around with the girls since bibik and Enon went out for their own "hi-tea" session. Hehehehe, bagi can la...sian bibik dah lama tak kluar.

So today it's back to work. Good thing I have morning and afternoon meetings in Cyber, no need to drive all the way to HQ. Ahhh...Monday blues minimized slightly.


dillazag said...

Dah balik dari tea session tu, tak tanya diorang pasal bila kiamat?

Along said...

Hehehe...depa pi karaoke je, tak tengok wayang. My maid x tahan sejuk dalam wayang...hehehehe..