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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dating Day...No Go

Today was suppose to be date day for hubby and me. Alas, last night hubby received an sms from his boss asking him to come in for work. Sungguh potong stim!

So, we headed to work. As luck would have it, we got to enter the parking at LG2. And secured a parking spot right next to the lift. Hmmm, maybe karma is being kind. Hehehee..

However, since my mind was already somewhat switched off for work, I forgot I was suppose to head to Cyber for a meeting. Duh!! Fortunately one of my team mates was headed there in the afternoon, so I hitch a ride. Balik nanti pun, hitch a ride jugak. Best betul jadi mem ni..hahaha..

I have a cold. I reallllllyy hope it goes away before my flight to China. I do NOT want to be on a plane with a stuffed up nose. Been there, done that...pure torture!! I chugged down a full liter of orange juice yesterday, only to be told by my officemate that it would only make my cold even worst. Really? Great.