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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Photos of the Week

This photo was taken when hubby took us to Mines Shopping Center last weekend. No, wait, it was 2 weekends ago. Yep, I was on my Wii quest. Sad to say, I didn't get to buy any Wii because contrary to popular belief, it did NOT drop in price after Christmas. So far, the cheapest price I've surveyed is RM970 for 2 nunchuks, 2 controllers plus 10 games. Ok kah? I'm going to do some more surveying and then buy the damn thing when I get back from China.

Oya, back to the picture. This was taken in one of the furniture shops there. We had a blast looking at the stuff in that shop. They had lots of weird stuff, like enormous champagne glasses. And I'm talking enormous, like something Daria could take a bath in. And huge vases, like the one beside hubby in the photo. Hehehehe...

This chair was awesome!! It was so comfy and huge....and damn expensive!! Kuangkuangkuang. ****************************************************
This photo was taken during the Power Sales seminar I had to attend a few weeks back. Don't ask me what that was about; hmmm...lots of clapping, lots of yeah...lots of clapping. Anyway, this was the chandelier in the hall. Massive!! When things got a little hectic during the seminar, I retreated inside myself and stared up at the chandelier. ******************************************************
This is who greets me every morning. Heeee....yes, this wonderful smushed up face grinning up at me is just the thing I need to start my day.


This is what greets me on the way back from work. Hmmm...yeah, good thing it's not everyday but when it happens, it's pretty bad. This time it was because of a stuck lorry at the side of the road. Hmm...we were stuck for 45 minutes..grrrr


J.A.D said...

comeinya muka penyek ituuuuu!!!